Thailand Information Center (TIC) provides academic documents and research support unit with an information storage and retrieval facility in the fields of social and behavioral sciences relating to Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. It is presently affiliated with the Office of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University.


TIC was originally a joint project of the Military Research and Development Center (MRDC) of the Ministry of Defense, and of the Research and Development Center-Thailand (RDC-T) of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense. At that time TIC was operated by the Battelle Memorial Institute – Columbus Laboratories under a contract signed with the ARPA in 1968. It was conceived as an information storage and retrieval facility to give information on Thailand, with particular emphasis on the behavioural and social sciences and related disciplines, and was intended for use by the staff and personnel of the MDRC and RDC-T, other Royal Thai and U.S. Government agencies, and independent and affiliated researchers working in the fields of security and development of the country.


In early 1971, the ARPA was preparing to terminate its research projects in Thailand, and as a consequence TIC, which was an ARPA facility, had to cease its operation. Because of its invaluable collection of 20,000 documents which would be of much benefit to the education and research studies in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University thus applied for the rights to operate this center. The decision to transfer the facility to Chulalongkorn University was made by the U.S. Representatives and by the Technical and Economic Co-operation Department. TIC was transferred to Chulalongkorn University on December 30, 1971, and was officially opened on March 26, 1972 at the 1st floor of the Building 3 of Faculty of Political Science. After that, on April 1, 1982, TIC was moved to the Mahathirarachanusorn Building, behind the Office of the President of Chulalongkorn University on Phayathai Road and was open for public use on June 14, 1982.


Important documents concerning the establishment of Thailand Information Center are as follows:


Draft royal decree on the establishment of Office of Academic Resources 

Royal decree on the establishment of Office of Academic Resources 

Signing ceremony of the transfer of the Thailand Information Center 

Statement of understanding between Chulalongkorn University and the Advanced Research Projects Agency. 

Minutes on taking over of the Thailand Information Center. (English) 

Minutes on taking over of the Thailand Information Center. (Thai) 

Press release on the transfer of the Thailand Information Center 

List of participants in the signing ceremony of the agreement on the transfer of the Thailand Information Center 

Introduction to Thailand Information Center 

Letter from the chairman of Chulalongkorn University Council 



The Uniqueness


TIC is unique and different from ordinary libraries because it acquires, classifies, and provides abstracting and indexing of documents especially for research. Most importantly, a new system is implemented so as to effectively support research interest and productivity. At present, TIC documents consist of about 86,000 indexed items. 70 percent of the documents are written in English; 30 percent are written in Thai. TIC's collection includes research reports, surveys, speeches, symposium and conference proceedings, statistical yearbooks, articles from academic journals, monographs, bibliographies, theses, and other comparable items considered as grey literature.




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