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Report on ASEAN-Japan Senior Officials' Meeting on International Cooperation and Disability, 31 August 2015, Tokyo, Japan Revisits ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) blueprint, it goals and strategic measures. Presents a report on public policy and social activities for disabled people in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Covers demographic statistics, government programs for the disabled citizen, living conditions, domestic laws, job opportunities, outcomes, and future plans. Highlights Japan ...Continue Reading English 94271
The 6th Preparedness to ASEAN Community: Thailand and the Center of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community, Academic Conference on 25 April 2014, at Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel Academic Conference on Preparedness to ASEAN Community (6th : 2014 : Bangkok) Summarizes key discussions from the 6th Academic Conference on Preparedness to ASEAN Community: Thailand and the Centre of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC), covering directions for Thailand to be the hub of ASCC, progress and readiness of sectorial bodies to enter ASEAN community. Demonstrate policies, outcomes and ongoing projects relating to 5 aspects, covering human resource development and social welfare for the disabilities, ASEAN educ ...Continue Reading Thai 94230
Myanmar Migrant Health Volunteers in Bangkhunthien-Their Health Literacy Transfer in Ethnic Language Hnin, Oo Mon Introduces how Thailand includes migrant workers in the Universal Health Coverage Scheme in 2015, under the pillar of ASEAN Sociocultural Community (ASCC). Focuses on the Myanmar migrant workers community at Bangkhuntien District, Bangkok which consist of different ethnic groups such as Burmese, Mon, Rakhine, Karen, and Shan. Looks at the role of the BMA's Health Center 42 in providing health care services to 20,000 migrant workers in Bangkhunt ...Continue Reading English 93973
Reporting Development in ASEAN

Analyzes development, social issues and challenges around the work of ASEAN from Southeast Asian journalists' point of view. Describes public perceptions towards ASEAN, such as: being a dispute-settlement body its uniqueness of consensus decision-making and principle of non-interference being institutions that remake themselves on basis of their national interests its multi-facet of 10 bilateral relations within the region and Myanmar's media. ...Continue Reading

English 93871
ASEAN Community and Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Security

Compiles 7 articles with case studies of Southeast and Northeast Asia relations to examine challenges and opportunities of ASEAN integration and implications for Korea, including ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) and non-traditional security, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community aspects. Argues that the APSC differs from previous efforts as it focuses on building rule-based community. Criticizes that the A ...Continue Reading

English 93689
Landscape of Antimicrobial Resistance Situation and Action in Thailand Reports the situation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Thailand and its impact on human, livestock, aquatic animals, and plants. Describes piloting task of antimicrobial resistance at the global level, regarding global and political leaders, global health, Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), Foreign Policy and Global Health (FPGH), and civil society. Covers the regional level in Southeast Asia, ASEAN, and the country level in Thailand. M ...Continue Reading Thai 93466
ASEAN Connectivity Examines the themes of connections within and between countries in Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN). Provides foreground ethnographic details highlighting the process, performances and mechanisms that both facilitate and reproduce connectivity in Southeast Asia. Describes agrarian-related issues, and examines local perspectives towards opium cultivation in Shan State of Myanmar. Analyzes upland rubber farming in ASEAN Economic Com ...Continue Reading English 93382
Labour Rights and Social Protection of Migrant Workers in ASEAN: A Case Study of Thailand's Policy Towards Unskilled Burmese Migrant Workers, Final Report Sutthiluck Sangsuwan Studies the labour rights and social protection in international level and ASEAN level. Considers the measures for social protection and international/ASEAN labour rights which serve as the benchmark and the role model for ASEAN member states. Studies the Thai government's policy towards labour rights and social protection for migrant workers. Analyzes problems and obstacles based on Burmese migrant workers and Thai government's workforce poli ...Continue Reading Thai 93284
The State of Social Protection in ASEAN at the Dawn of Integration Ong, Cheng Boon Provides an overview of the social protection situation in each of ASEAN countries in 2015 from the angle of the four guarantees adopted in 2012 under the ILO's Social Protection Floors (SPF) Recommendation (No. 202). Covers information on key indicators, social protection context, economic and social trends, ongoing reforms, further challenges, and examples of ILO work. Looks at the access to essential health care in ASEAN countries, dealing w ...Continue Reading English 93192
Report of the ASEAN Regional Assessment of MDG Achievement and Post-2015 Development Priorities Presents milestones and annual target of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) among ASEAN members in 8 aspects, namely: to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger to achieve universal primary education to promote gender equality and women empowerment to reduce child mortality to improve maternal health to combat HIV/AIDs, malaria and other diseases to ensure environmental sustainability and to develop a global partnership for development. Out ...Continue Reading English 92710
Guidelines on ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices (ASEAN GAqP) for Food Fish Introduces background, purpose, scope, development and country representatives of ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) for Food Fish. Outlines agreed conducts of ASEAN GAqP (Food Fish) in 4 aspects, namely food safety, animal health and welfare, environmental integrity, and socio-economic aspects. Emphasizes that the aquaculture activities should be conducted in accordance with international food safety standard and regulations by FAO/ WHO, ...Continue Reading English 92700
Thought/Issues Paper on ASEAN Food Security: Towards a more Comprehensive Framework Desker, Barry Notes that food security is fundamental to human security and sustainable development. Argues that as ASEAN moves towards an integrated community of caring societies in 2015 and beyond. Cites that food security should be an integral part of the ASEAN community building agenda and deserves more attention than it has been getting in the AEC Blueprint. Contends that ASEAN needs to be infused with a new thinking on food security that is responsive ...Continue Reading English 87960
Does Increased Per Capita Trade Lead to Human Development? -- A Study of the ASEAN Countries, China, Japan and Korea (ASEAN Plus Three) Deng, Rui Examines the direct relationship between human development and per capita trade. Hypothesizes that the increase in per capita trade is positively correlated with the enhancement of human development, measured by the UNDP Human Development Index. Uses panel data covering the ASEAN Plus Three countries from 1990 to 2011, adopting Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) model with country and year controls for quantitative analysis. Confirms the positive rel ...Continue Reading English 87943
Food Security and the Commons in ASEAN: The Role of Singapore Christ, Melissa Cate Suggests that the steps taken by ASEAN member countries to implement the strategic thrusts laid out in the ASEAN Integrated Food Security (AIFS) Framework contribute to the development of a regional commons which is based on prioritizing the right to food and a healthy life. Presents Singapore as a case study for the increasing importance of taking a commons perspective on food supply and security. Focuses on possible actions to diversify foo ...Continue Reading English 87429
Informal and Illegal Movement in the Upper Greater Mekong Subregion: Costs and Benefits of Informal Networks for Goods and People Thiesmeyer, Lynn Studies labor migration and goods smuggling that impact on the kinds of human trafficking and other forms of illegal cross-border movement in upper Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) which is also a big issue for ASEAN. Identifies existing systems and patterns of networks with the geographic space of the Golden Quadrangle that houses vulnerable communities. Investigates the new border livelihood potentials that are accessed to replace local economi ...Continue Reading English 87275
Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade in the ASEAN Priority Goods Sectors de Dios, Loreli C. Studies the non-tariff measures affecting trade in goods among ASEAN members in the nine priority goods sectors, namely fisheries, agro-based, wood-based, textiles and apparel, healthcare, rubber-based, automotive, electronics, and information and communication technology (ICT). Analyzes data from the ASEAN non-tariff measures (NTMs) database which is based on official notifications by member countries to the ASEAN Secretariat. Presents the fin ...Continue Reading English 86861
Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN: Drivers and Policy Options Compiles six essays by different experts in development economics. Communicates the latest findings on narrowing the development gap that prevails between ASEAN member states and between sub-regions within ASEAN. Includes papers on monitoring progress towards narrowing the gap on the role of ASEAN connectivity in reducing the gap and on regional development cooperation. Summarizes different ASEAN sub-regional groupings including their member ...Continue Reading English 86856
ASEAN Industries and the Challenge from China Investigates the rise of China and its significance for Southeast Asian region, looking at the seismic shift occurring in the power configuration between the great powers. Presents background of Chinese policy and its evolution, and studies the recent development of China's influence in Southeast with the presence of the U.S as a big power. Addresses the rise of Asia's financial centers. Analyzes a review of relations between the selected thre ...Continue Reading English 86747
Data Collection Survey on ASEAN Regional Collaboration in Disaster Management Final report: Country Report: Thailand Presents data collection survey on ASEAN regional collaboration in disaster management for future plans of ASEAN member states, especially Thailand,and in the field of natural disaster management. Provides basic information on disaster management of ASEAN countries and the needs and potential assessment for the development of disaster management in the ASEAN region. Describes an overview of the disaster in ASEAN regions from 1980 to 2011. Pres ...Continue Reading English 86703
Data Collection Survey on ASEAN Regional Collaboration in Disaster Management, Final Report: Main Report Presents data collection survey on ASEAN regional collaboration in disaster management for future plans of each ASEAN Country in the field of natural disaster management. Provides basic information on disaster management of ASEAN countries and the needs and potential assessment for the development of disaster management in the ASEAN region. Provides an overview of the disaster in ASEAN regions for the past 32 years from 1980 to 2011. Outlines ...Continue Reading English 86678
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