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Post-Nargis Joint Assessment Presents an assessment report on the impact of the Cyclone Nargis, conducted in the Ayeyarwady and Yango Divisions of Myanmar during 10-19 June 2008. Estimates humanitarian needs, damage to assets, changes in economic flows, and impacts on social and economic conditions. Identifies financial requirements that will facilitate formulating relief and early recovery actions, medium- and long-term recovery plans, and disaster risk management. Menti ...Continue Reading English 78239
Migrants, Migration and Development in the Great Mekong Subregion: Proceedings of the Workshop on 15-16 July 2008, Vientiane, Lao PDR Workshop on Migrants, Migration and Development in the Great Mekong Subregion (2008 : Vientiane, Lao PDR) Summarizes the presentations and open forums, giving an overview of migration and development discourse. Deals with migration & development and its implication in Mekong, the gender dimensions of international migration & development, and ASEAN's vision on migration and development. Reviews the development policies and projects in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), dealing with ACB support to regional cooperation & integration initiatives in A ...Continue Reading English 78094
Strengthening Social Protection for ASEAN Migrant Workers through Social Security Agreements Tamagno, Edward Examines social security agreements in general, including their objectives and the mechanisms. Discusses the respective advantages and disadvantages of concluding bilateral agreements and multilateral agreements. Describes the key ILO conventions and recommendations regarding the social security rights of migrant workers. Reviews the social security programs of the ASEAN member countries, assessing the extent to which specific provisions of th ...Continue Reading English 77845
Comparative Survey of the Labor Environment in ASEAN, China, India Studies the investment environment concerned with the labor force in the major ASEAN countries, China (South China) and India. Surveys each country's demand and supply situation with regard to its labor force and human resources, wages trends as well as labor-related regulations and systems. Analyzes labor supply and demand in terms of general workers, engineers and other highly skilled personnel, IT personnel, and Japanese-speaking personnel. ...Continue Reading English 77501
Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Fisheries: Emerging Policy and Governance Issues in Southeast Asia Compiles articles on priority research areas and policy directions for increasing and sustaining benefits from fish production for the rural poor in Southeast Asia. Gives on overview of the links between fisheries and poverty in developing countries, with a focus on Southeast Asia. Looks at fish and the poor in Cambodia, considering the past trends and future projections of demand and supply structure of fish in Asia. Studies the regional eco ...Continue Reading English 77351
Strategic Currents: Emerging Trends in Southeast Asia Reflects some of the issues during the transition period for ASEAN and for Southeast Asia. Considers ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) towards preventive diplomacy, covering the ASEAN Charter controversy, the ASEAN Community, and prospects for an ASEAN nuclear cooperation. Presents the sections on Myanmar challenge, climate change, political economy and regionalism, Singapore and Southeast Asia, regional security, Southeast Asia and the regional power ...Continue Reading English 77203
HIV/AIDS & Mobility in South-East Asia: Rapid Assessment Presents a key findings and recommendations of a rapid assessments conducted on HIV and mobility issues in the 10 ASEAN Member Countries in 2007-2008. Includes the migration patterns and HIV situation across the region and the challenges and opportunities facing by Southeast Asian countries. Deals with Southeast Asian countries as they work together to develop a comprehensive response to HIV for migrant and mobile population. Shows how the mob ...Continue Reading English 77093
Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2009-2010 Emphasizes on political instability in Southeast Asia in 2008-2009 and beyond. Deals with a set for a new phase in ASEAN's development by providing a new license that is ASEAN Charter. Shows how tensions erupted on the Thai-Cambodian border over land adjacent to the Preah Vihear. Presents the political instability which manifested in other parts of Southeast Asia in 2008, most notably in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Outlines the ev ...Continue Reading English 77067
Campaigning for Change in Developing Countries: The SEATCA Advocacy Fellowship Programme in Tobacco Control Describes the fellowship programme of tobacco control. Outlines cost-effective advocacy principles and relates some experiences of advocates in the ASEAN region. Aims to identify, train and mentor tobacco control advocates and equip them with basic skills to carry out advocacy activities on a specific policy-related tobacco control project at the national level. Presents the content of training programme, including the feedback of advocates fr ...Continue Reading English 77037
Study Project on Impacts of Free Trade Area Upon Business Entrepreneurs and Thai Services, Final Report, Volume 2 Continues the content from Volume 1, studying the impacts of the Free Trade Area (FTA) on Thai trade and service business entrepreneurs. Focuses on the four countries influencing trade in the service sector of the world, namely the US, Japan, China, and Australia in order to estimate the directions and trends of competitiveness in each service sector.Describes the information on advantages and disadvantages of partner countries, dividing into tw ...Continue Reading Thai 76895
Community Market Development for Developing Sustainable Community Economy in Tambon On-Tai, Sankamphaeng district, Chiang Mai National Conference of Economists 2008 on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai) Studies economic and social conditions including local people's opinions toward the community fair management in the past, present, and future to make a strategic plan to form an appropriate fair managing method towards sustainable development of community market. Uses the SWOT and Balance Scorecard analysis, describing the market strategy, i.e., creating an appropriate pattern of market management and structuring, facilitating area factors, dev ...Continue Reading Thai 76795
Government Policies and Imperfect Information in Labor Market Manachaya Uruyos Illustrates government policies and information in labour market by employing representative agent model. Shows how shirking problem occurs due to imperfect monitoring. Deals with the results on involuntary unemployment. Suggests that the government intervention could affect the employment level in the economic system. Recognizes labour incomes (wages and salary) as a significant component of national income in every country. Examines the im ...Continue Reading English 76791
Economic Analysis of Food Away from Home and Food at Home Consumption Chayada Bhadrakom
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Investigates the consumption patterns for food prepared at home, prepared food taken home and food eaten away from home of Thai households. Estimates the income elasticity of demand for food consumption of Thai households. Employs a complete systems approach in terms of the Almost Ideal Demand System model's Engel curves. Reviews the literature on food consumption pattern in China, Jordan, and Thailand, and food away from home consumption on t ...Continue Reading English 76780
The Study of Financial Return in Goat Raising of Agricultural Group's Members in Thungkru Bangkok Wiroaj Ruanpan
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Studies cost analysis, rate of return and feasibility in goat raising, exploring the history of goat raising, goat population, and economic conditions of goat raising in Thailand. Employs 56 Tuangkru Agricultural Group's Members composing of 43 individual raisers and 2 assembly raisers as the population of this study. Collects data for 45 cases by interviewing and analyzes in two ways in terms of descriptive analysis used to explain the populat ...Continue Reading Thai 76779
Thailand's Shrimp Competitiveness Index Watcharin Meerod
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Presents shrimp competitiveness index (SCI) as the national tool for global trade competition. Compares the competitiveness index of Thai shrimp industry in 2006 and 2007 in three groups of advantages namely market capability, productivity, and science and technology capability. Analyzes competitiveness by using the Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and quantitative approach together with comments from the experts. Details the research resu ...Continue Reading Thai 76778
Optimal Crop Plans at Farm Level Under Risk, Mae Chai District, Phayao Province Kamonphun Kerdmun
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Analyzes optimal crop plans at farm level under risk of different farm sizes of farmers in Mae Chai District, Phayao Province of Thailand Collects time series data of prices and yield of different crops from crop year 1998-2007 as secondary data. Uses information about crop production systems in crop year 2005/06. Employs a MOTAD (Minimization of the Total Absolute Deviation) risk programming model as an analytical tool to achieve the objective ...Continue Reading Thai 76777
Economically and Environmentally Optional Highland Crop Production Plans at Firm Level, Mae Suk Watershed, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province Waraporn Chaiwinit
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Studies economical and environmental development of optimal highland crop production plans at farm level in North Thailand. Examines economic and environmental goals to maximize income over cash cost, produce sufficient rice for household consumption, minimize the environment impact of water use for agriculture, minimize the environmental impact of pesticide and insecticide use, and minimize the impact of crop production on soil fertility. Inte ...Continue Reading Thai 76776
Happiness from Social Capital: An Investigation from Kanchanaburi Data Piriya Pholphirul Uses the Kanchanaburi Data to explain the relationship between social capital and individual happiness level. Classifies the social capital into three levels: individual, family, and community. Investigates positive relationship of social capital, which is another force on enhancing individual happiness, especially social capital within the family level. Focuses on the feelings of trust in each other and the feelings of property security. Giv ...Continue Reading Thai 76769
Wealth Distribution in Thailand: Empirical Evidences and the Fiscal Policy to Lessen Inequality Direk Patmasiriwat Constructs the estimate of wealth of the households in Thailand drawn from the survey by the National Statistical Office (SES 2006). Confirms a theoretical conjecture that wealth distribution is far more unequal than income inequality, focusing on the studying and monitoring wealth distribution, and the alternative ways to lessen wealth inequality. Takes a simulated study by calculating the fiscal cost that will be associated with alternative ...Continue Reading Thai 76768
The Development of Border Town Special Economic Zone and Thai and Myanmar Labor Migration Kiriya Kulkolkarn Studies the impact of the development of border town special economic zone on Thai and Myanmar labor migration. Examines the emigration and immigration of Thai labor both men and women to nearby and distant provinces i.e. Chiang Rai, Tak, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Nong Khai, Udon Thani, and Sa Kaeo. Analyzes the determinants of Thai labor migration between provinces and foreign labor migration to border provinces of Thailand. Thai 76766
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