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A Perfect Depection: Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in ASEAN Considers how the tobacco companies use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to improve their images from smoking restriction, advertising bans, public education campaigns and other anti-smoking measures. Provides a summary of CSR activities conducted by the tobacco companies in six ASEAN countries, regarding contract farmer assistance and reforestation programs in Cambodia, student scholarships and cultural and sport events in Indon ...Continue Reading English 76678
Market Liberalization and Its Relationship with Market Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Food Processing Industry in ASEAN Economies Gives definitions and concepts of market structure-conduct-performance (S-C-P), following with the conceptual framework for S-C-P paradigm. Studies the status of ASEAN food processing industry, emphasizing trade liberalization and its relationship with S-C-P of the food processing industries. Deals with Brunei's beef industry, broiler and broiler processing industry Indonesia's wheat flour based, crude palm oil, soybean based, fish based, and ...Continue Reading English 76652
Tobacco Tax in ASEAN Countries: Report Card Reviews tobacco price and tax measures in ASEAN countries, citing the recognition that the raising tobacco prices will reduce tobacco consumption. Narrates common tobacco industry myths and facts about raising taxes on tobacco, including best practice recommendations for all governments. Provides country reports on all types of taxes for cigarette/tobacco products, covering excise tax, value added tax, specific tax, and tax exemption. English 76566
Benefits Granted to the Thai Business from JTEPA Agreement Examines the benefits granted under Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA), which has been effective since November 2007. Identifies obstacles that prevent them from being fully utilized. Provides case studies of eight manufacturing industries in Thailand i.e. jewelry and ornaments, processed foods, leather products, textile and garments, electrical and electronics appliances, furniture, automotives and auto parts, and iron and s ...Continue Reading Thai 76537
Security and Migration in Asia: The Dynamics of Securitisation Discusses the different levels of analysis in the way in which migration is posed as a security issue in Asia. Develops a range of proposals to provide an approach to the example of securitization of illegal migration and, in particular, migrant smuggling. Presents an overview of the way that human rights and criminal law intersect as crucial to the way that migration and security have been connected in the region. Deals with case studies whic ...Continue Reading English 76424
Thailand and FTA Strategy Describes Thailand and Free Trade Area (FTA), dealing with Thailand's free trade agreement (FTA) with each country, namely: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, India, United States, and Bahrain. Covers Thailand's FTA with European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). Provides suggestions for Thailand-US FTA, and Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement ...Continue Reading Thai 76246
Evaluation of UNDP's Second Regional Cooperation Framework for Asia and the Pacific 2002-2006 Folke, Steen Assesses the performance, achievements and results of UNDP's Regional Cooperation Framework (RCF) in the Asia-Pacific region during 2002-2006. Evaluates the range of strategic partnerships formed and UNDP's strategic positioning in ASEAN and the wider region. Presents a profile of the Asia-Pacific region, including ASEAN, with regards to geography level of development population growth political systems HIV prevalence and Millenium Develop ...Continue Reading English 76054
China's Foreign Policy Toward ASEAN in the 21st Century from 1995-2005 Monrudee Prasertsak Studies Chinese Foreign Policy toward ASEAN, analyzing the national interests and the factors influencing Chinese foreign policy during 1995-2005. Focuses on two dimensions of political and economic relations between China and ASEAN. Employs the concept of national interests, and Jame N.Rosenau's theory of linkage politics as the analytical framework. Shows China's political and economic interests toward ASEAN. Indicates internal and external ...Continue Reading Thai 75993
State of the Environment in Asia and the Pacific 2005: Economic Growth and Sustainability Shows growth rate of production, consumption and trade in Asia and the Pacific, indicating the need for further economic growth for poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability under threat. Emphasizes the relationship between economic growth, consumption and production patterns, resource use and environmental degradation. Reviews the progress on implementing Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 7. Identifies the most critical environmenta ...Continue Reading English 75953
The US. Bilateral Free Trade Agreements in Asia Pascual, Maria Teresa D Provides an overview of US free trade agreements, (FTAs) looking at the strategic global economic and political reasons behind the US bilateral/plurilateral FTAs. Compares provisions in the US FTAs with selected countries primarily where these would have an impact on the agriculture sector in developing countries in Asia. Summarizes the US-ASEAN free trade efforts, reflecting FTAs and US global concerns. Discusses the issues emerging in the Th ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 75862
Social Security in Indonesia: Advancing the Development Agenda Summarizes the recent developments of Indonesian social security. Describes key features of the National Social Security System (SJSN) Law and its implementation, mentioning the reform of Jamsostek, the major social security institution. Considers the extension of social insurance coverage in informal sector, dealing with the analysis of social security needs assessment of workers in informal economy in both urban and rural areas. Mentions the ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 75810
Trafficking and Related Labour Exploitation in the ASEAN Region Presents profile chapters on human trafficking in each of ten ASEAN member countries. Covers Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Employs the definition of trafficking outlined in the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. Presents each country profile in terms of background, migrat ...Continue Reading English 75788
Regional Outlook Forum 2008: Summary Report Compiles opening remarks, keynote speech, and articles presented to the Regional Outlook Forum (ROF) in 2008. Deals with a keynote speech on globalization and the future of EU-East Asia relations, discussing strategic trends in East Asia. Deals with the progress and challenges of ASEAN integration, including the presentation by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan. Presents a luncheon speech on reconciling Islamization with a democratic society in Malaysia. Di ...Continue Reading English 75619
Moving Thailand Forward Kriengsak Charoenwongsak Compiles articles sharing viewpoints on Thai political, economic, and social issues. Deals with Southern Seaboard, considering the topics of internationalization, capital flow, foreign direct investment, and global warming. Looks at the issues on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), regarding Thai politics, constitution, and social entrepreneurship. English 75168
Three Years of Thailand's FTA Presents concept of trade liberalization, reporting the free trade area (FTA) negotiations between Thailand and other countries in terms of strategy and progress. Deals with FTAs of Thailand-Australia, covering Thailand-New Zealand, Thailand-India, ASEAN-China, Thailand-Japan, and Thailand-Peru. Provides opinions on FTAs, including articles on trade and investment opportunities from FTAs. Thai 75045
Ten As One: Challenges & Opportunities for ASEAN Integration Analyzes the main differences between ASEAN countries in the economic, social and environmental fields, in data availability and access, and in governance. Covers the status and trends in disparities since the early 1990s. Identifies areas where ASEAN Cooperation initiatives need to be strengthened and transformed e.g. investment and financial flows, trade integration, control of communicable diseases, energy security, and transport infrastruct ...Continue Reading English 75025
Japan-ASEAN Cooperation for Sustainable Development Contains three proceedings of the seminars under the Japan-ASEAN Cooperation for Sustainable Development Project. Presents the first seminar on Japan-ASEAN for the Development of Great Mekong Subregion (GMS), regarding the roles of the international organizations, Thai government, Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA), and the NGOs in GMS cooperation. Mentions the second seminar on Japan-ASEAN cooperation for economic development, focus ...Continue Reading English 74957
International Labour Cooperation Studies the cooperation between Ministry of Labour in Thailand and international organizations. Examines the labour cooperations with ILO, UN, Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM), International Organization for Migration (IOM), ASEAN, APEC, ASEM, OECD, and Human Security Network (HSN). Highlights the operations of Ministry of Labour in 2006, tabulating negotiations with results, and lists of labour cooperation projects. Summari ...Continue Reading Thai 74497
International Regime-Building in ASEAN: Cooperation against the Illicit Trafficking and Abuse of Drugs Emmers, Ralf Introduces the nation of international regime, giving examples of global cooperation towards drug control. Outlines trends in drug production, trafficking and consumption in Southeast Asia. Discusses efforts made by ASEAN to address the illicit trafficking and abuse of drugs since the 1970s. Discusses why no international regime in drug-related issues has emerged under the umbrella of ASEAN despite years of consultations and active Chinese par ...Continue Reading English 74234
Introduction: ASEAN-Facing the Fifth Decade Chin, Kin Wah Draws observations about ASEAN in over forty years of regional cooperation, regarding successful security and diplomatic community, and economic integration. Considers interconnectedness and interdependence between domestic stability and regional order, examining the process of globalization and democratization at different levels of development. English 74228
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