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The Fourth Meeting of the ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online (AUNILO) Committee: The Business Meeting, 23 November 2007, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online (AUNILO) Committee Meeting (4th : 2007 : Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) Introduces agenda for the business meeting of the fourth meeting of ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online (AUNILO) held in Bangkok. Compiles documents related to the agenda, dealing with proposal for attachment/exchange programme for librarians, and proposal to conduct seminars/workshops for staff of AUNILO member countries. Presents a feasibility study on cross-border database subscriptions among AUNILO members. Deals with a compilati ...Continue Reading English 73953
HIV/AIDS Country Profiles Gives a panorama of the HIV/AIDS situation in Vietnam with different stages of the epidemic. Examines government response to HIV/AIDS in Vietnam in terms of legal framework, prevention and control, and budget. Looks at community response to HIV/AIDS, covering mass organizations, local non-governmental organizations, and private sector. Details international cooperation on AIDS control and prevention efforts, citing the assistance from UNAIDS, ...Continue Reading English 73868
APEC and Infectious Disease: Meeting the Challenge Gilbourd, Joel Narrates the history of health in APEC, the nature of health challenge, and impediments to effective international infectious disease (ID) management. Considers how APEC, given its institutional characteristics, can contribute to the efforts undertaken by the WHO against ID. Discusses how APEC's processes of consensus building and information sharing can help members to overcome these impediments in ways that the WHO cannot. Indicates the degr ...Continue Reading English 73754
Guidelines for Labor Protection to Support Trade Liberalization in Thailand, Research Report Analyzes the impacts of the free trade agreements (FTAs) between Thailand and each of the four countries, i.e.,U.S.A., Australia, China, and India, covering seven industries: leather, jewelry and ornaments, textile and ferments, electrical appliances and electronics, food processing, farm and dairy products, and spa and traditional massage services. Analyzes the effects of FTAs by looking at the implications of labor standards and macro-labor em ...Continue Reading Thai 73172
Poverty and Growth in Southeast Asia Warr, Peter Reviews poverty incidence in Southeast Asia, showing differences in the rate and sectoral composition of economic growth. Describes outcomes on poverty incidence and relates them to the growth of output in the agricultural, industrial, and services sectors. Uses data from the 1970s to 2003 for Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines to analyze the economic determinants of changes in poverty incidence. English 73023
TDRI Quarterly Review Concerns with the development of CLMV countries, (Cambodia, Lao PDR), Myanmar and Vietnam) in the context of the broader process of East Asian integration.Sets out the background of East Asian integration, looking at East Asian integration from the perspective of ASEAN as a whole. Concerns trade openness, trade destinations and average growth, average real per capita GDP growth and per capita GDP, official aid as percent of GDP, and domestic cre ...Continue Reading English 72686
TDRI Quarterly Review Summarizes a survey of consumer protection codes in aviation in ASEAN, dealing with general regulatory environment governing aviation in the ten ASEAN states. Discusses key consumer issues in the aviation-associated industries and examines state regulations or private codes that have been put in place in order to address these concerns. Summarizes the need for codes and proposes a regional aviation code that may be compiled into the Template Re ...Continue Reading English 72682
The Regionalization of Avian Influenza in East Asia: Responding to the Next Pandemic (?) Thomas, Nicholas Reviews East Asian regionalization and public health, focusing on the spread of avian flu in East Asia since 1997. Examines the public policy responses undertaken by different countries in their efforts to contain and eradicate the avian flu. Deals with responses to avian flu at the national and regional levels, raising concerns on the current outbreak of avian flu that may develop into a global pandemic English 72351
New East Asian Regionalism: Causes, Progress and Country Perspectives Explores key issues and possible outcomes arising from the departure from the East Asia region's traditional multilateral approach to trade liberalization. Studies a stock-take of the evolution of preferential trading arrangements in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. Pesents a structural analysis of global supply networks and multilateral trade linkages in the context of the East Asian region. Analyzes the importance of international prod ...Continue Reading English 72178
East Asia Between Regionalism and Globalism Presents Russian perspectives on Asia region, analyzing modern tendencies in the development of regional cooperation in East Asia. Considers efforts to promote regional commercial, investment, and financial cooperation. Examines foreign economic strategy of China, looking at ASEAN and East Asia. Deals with the United States and a new stage of ecnomic cooperation in East Asia, including Russia's national interests and East Asian regional econom ...Continue Reading English 71892
Southeast Asian Perceptions of Australia's Foreign Policy Snyder, Craig A Examines the aspects of the Howard government's management of regional and defense policy that tends to impede Australia's efforts to build effective relationships with Southeast Asia. Describes the evolution of Australia's post-cold war regional security policy, noting cooperative security, Howard doctrine and its discontents, bungling relations in Southeast Asia, especially the ASEAN Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC) and Maritime Security ...Continue Reading English 71607
Appropriate International Trade Policy Guidelines (Technical Survey and Policy Recommendations), Final Report Presents the final report on appropriate international trade policy guidelines, including executive summary. Contains the survey of international trade literature and the impacts of globalization on economic growth, income distribution, and economic stability. Studies the regional economic integration and trade agreements that are crucial to Thailand's policy implementation. Discusses the appropriate trade policy in terms of effects of trade o ...Continue Reading Thai 71434
Appropriate International Trade Policy Guidelines (Technical Survey and Policy Recommendations), Opinion Survey Report Reviews information on international trade, regarding the relations between globalization and economic growth, globalization and income distribution, and globalization and economic stability. Analyzes the impact of international trade on income distribution. Summarizes the international trade agreements and their consequences on foreign trade policy of Thailand, citing those of the World Trade Organization, ASEAN, and APEC. Surveys previous st ...Continue Reading Thai 71433
The First International Halal Science Symposium: Halal Food-Halal Nutrition, 31 August - 2 September 2006 at Bitec Conference Center, Bangkok Thailand Congress of Nutrition (1st : 2006 : Bangkok) Compiles articles presented at the First International Halal Science Symposium, a forum for scientists and interested parties for consumer protection and assist in developing Halal food manufacturing production system in accordance with Islamic law. Presents Thailand's perspective on Halal science for Halal trade, consumer protection, and global network and collaboration. Deals with Indonesian experiences in Halal certification, including stand ...Continue Reading Thai 71263
China's Rise in Southeast Asia: Implications for the United States Economy, Elizabeth Reviews China' foreign policy, noting the active diplomacy, growing trade relations, the signing of numerous cooperative agreements, and high level visits to the region by senior Chinese officials. Considers the contrast between the perceived 'rise of China' and 'decline of the United States', questioning whether the idea is accurate. Addresses the economic and security significance of Southeast Asia to the US and the preeminent role of the US ...Continue Reading English 71042
The Impact of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and ASEAN Investment Area (AIA) on the Palm Oil Industry of Some ASEAN Countries Omar, Ishak Hj English 70749
Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Incomes Distribution: The Case of China Wang, Fei Introduces trade liberalization and regional economic integration in China and ASEAN, providing the data on value of imports, exports and their growth rate for ASEAN and other countries. Emphasizes trends of China's poverty and income distribution, covering the widened gap between urban and rural incomes, and that between urban households. Presents the structure of the global linkage Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model used in this study ...Continue Reading English 70696
HIV and AIDS and the World of Work in ASEAN: Report of ILO-ASEAN Study on Initiatives on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work in the ASEAN Region Reports current situation of HIV in the ASEAN region, dealing with HIV and AIDS morbidity and mortality in ASEAN, trends in AIDS cases in ASEAN countries between 1985 and 2003, and factors contributing to spread of HIV. Presents country reports on epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, prevention and control of HIV, and HIV/AIDS and the world of work. Provides details on initiatives on HIV and AIDS awareness-raising programmes for the workers in Indonesia, ...Continue Reading English 70669
Where Next? Setting the Agenda for Partnerships to 2015 Maxwell, Simon Illustrates the breadth of partnerships in Asia in various domains : infrastructure, finance, trade, environment, private sector, poverty and social exclusion, service delivery and governance. Discusses how to manage the partnership overall in terms of aid, regional and multilateral partnerships, the roles of business and civil society partnerships English 70144
Consumer Protection in E-Commerce in Malaysia: An Overview Kaur, Kiranjit Examines an overview of existing guidelines on e-commerce in ASEAN and in particular the development of such guidelines in Malaysia. Mentions the meetings and working groups involved in organizing e-commerce in ASEAN, the e-ASEAN Initiative transferred from the purview of the ASEAN Economic Ministers to the ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Ministers (TELMIN), and e-ASEAN Working Group (EAWG). Identifies the aim of e-ASEAN, which is a develop a b ...Continue Reading English 69992
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