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Mutual US.-Southeast Asia Cooperation in the Post-Vietnam Period Thanat Khoman Presents a speech given to the Economic Club of Detroit. Outlines conditions in Southeast Asia, contrasting Japan's economic growth to the situation in countries beset with armed struggles. Conjectures on the future role of the United States in the economic development of the area. Discusses the concept of mutual cooperation of the area. Discusses the concept of mutual cooperation through grant aid, credit assistance, technical assistance, in ...Continue Reading English 18736
Malaysia's Communal Problems in the Seventies Tai Kon Chin Comments on the effects of withdrawal of British troops and regional instability on Malaysia's activities. Notes that Malaysia must budget funds for defense which was formerly provided by Great Britain. Comments on internal unrest resulting from the multi-racial nature of the country. Notes need to initiate programs to bolster the economy. Comments on communist exploitation of defense, racial, and economic problems. Outlines solutions to fut ...Continue Reading English 16997
Japan-Southeast Asia Relations Prasert Chittiwatanapong Introduces Professor Okabe Tatsumi of Tokyo Metropolitan University who is interested in Japan-Southeast Asia relations. Mentions his publications concerning Japan's foreign policies toward Southeast Asia, and China's as well. Reviews Okabe's point of view on the criticism against Japan's economic roles, both pro and con. Covers the criticism against the reviving of militarism. Includes conclusions and some recommendations for Japanese govern ...Continue Reading Thai 13645
ASEAN Approves 98-point Development Plan Reports on the ASEAN conference at Cameron Highland, Malaysia and the Philippines was the highlight of the meeting. Contains remarks of the Foreign Ministers of the member countries on the success of the conference. Mentions South Vietnam's and Laos' intentions to join ASEAN. Comments that the 98 recommendations for ASEAN cooperation in economic and cultural fields contains many fixtures that are notations rather than proposals. Points out ...Continue Reading English 13482
Foreign Affairs Bulletin Provides information on foreign affairs concerning interviews, statements and official notes as well as on political, economic and social developments in Thailand English 13197
Economic Review 1976 Contains articles on the economy : gets out of a tight corner, agriculture: farmers fend off problems, cost of living : another round of inflation, banking : public confidence prevails, and securities exchange : ups and downs. Deals with foreign trade : troubled by currency war, investment : the worst seems to be over, labor : calm after the storm, mining : progress on the horizon, petroleum exploration : hope in the future, heavy equipment : qu ...Continue Reading English 12307
Thailand Today: A Visit to Modern Siam Chu, Valentin Presents background information noting Thailand's historic freedom from exploitation. Describes the land and the people with reference to geology, climate, geographical regions, crops and resources. Discusses ethnic minority groups and problems of assimilation. Deals with the history and religion of the region with emphasis on Buddhism. Examines the arts and describes the daily life of the citizens. Deals with Thailand's changing economy wit ...Continue Reading English 09256
Far Eastern Economic Review Reviews ECAFE activities in promoting regional cooperation in development plans, investment, and trade within the developing countries. Growth rates of GNP's are cited. Regional activities are noted in the areas of shipping regulations trade fairs, conferences on industrialization, expansion of industrial production and exports, and promotion of irrigation and flood control projects. Describes ECAFE activities in agriculture production, transp ...Continue Reading English 08643
Asian Survey Grossholtz, Jean Discusses political parties versus powers of the President in the Philippines. Covers progress of Marcos' administration regarding anti-smuggling, increasing rice production, building adequate roads, and combatting crime. Explains Marcos' conflict with the growing nationalist movement. Mentions Sabah issue and ASEAN English 06026
Thai Exports Sullivan, Joseph E Focuses on production, price, and exports of rice, sugar, maize, rubber, tapioca, and tin in 1975. Includes government policies for Thai exports. Points out that world events will affect Thailand's trade position. Concentrates on rice export trade, citing that the government is attempting to build up a rice buffer stock among private rice traders in order to maintain purchases of paddy and encourage farmers to increase rice output. Notes that ...Continue Reading English 03523
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