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Drugs Law and Legal Practice in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam Lindsey, Timothy

Investigates criminal law and practice relevant to drugs regulation in Southeast Asia jurisdictions, namely Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Compares different practices between civil and common law countries, as well as between liberal and authoritarian states. Introduces international and regional frameworks for drug control. Gives an overview of drug trade and consumption in Indonesia, as well as historical and political context of Singap ...Continue Reading

English 94329
Proceedings 6th ASEAN Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, 26-28 May 2016, Lane Xang Hotel, Vientiane, Lao PDR ASEAN Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (6th : 2016 : Vientiane, Lao PDR) Compiles 8 research papers presented to the 6th ASEAN Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences held in Vientiane, Lao PDR, 2016. Covers criminal and legal studies on sexual harassment in police organizations, intellectual property and legal problems in Sports broadcasting, project management and evaluation in local administration, and motorcycle helmet use behavior in Samutprakan. Includes a study on the effects of victimization, vicarious ...Continue Reading English 94241
Issue of Human Rights in ASEAN: Challenges and Opportunities Nandy, Debasish Provides critical reviews of human rights in Myanmar and Indonesia. Describes the concept and emergence of human rights, and human rights in ASEAN. Demonstrates a ethno-religious conflict and violation in Myanmar in case of Rohingya, and freedom of media. Looks at freedom of religion, women's rights, disability rights, and refugees and Asylum seekers in Indonesia. Sheds light on structural aspects of ASEAN human rights body i.e. ASEAN Inter-g ...Continue Reading English 93975
Reporting Development in ASEAN

Analyzes development, social issues and challenges around the work of ASEAN from Southeast Asian journalists' point of view. Describes public perceptions towards ASEAN, such as: being a dispute-settlement body its uniqueness of consensus decision-making and principle of non-interference being institutions that remake themselves on basis of their national interests its multi-facet of 10 bilateral relations within the region and Myanmar's media. ...Continue Reading

English 93871
ASEAN Annual Review Collects articles on ASEAN, Southeast Asia, and Southeast Asian studies. Deals with the politics and dynamic of area studies, cosmopolitanism, biopolitics, ethnicity, Islamic Fundamentalism, civilian control of the military, and people's right in armed conflict. Thai 93525
Social Science Asia Presents 5 research articles studying the current state of cybercrime in Thailand. Looks at the legal, technological, and economic barriers to effective law enforcement. Presents guidelines to end student brawling in the Bangkok Metropolitan region. Studies police reform of the criminal justice process and regulations. Reviews literature on law, criminal justice process and ASEAN cooperation on criminal justice for the preparation toward the ...Continue Reading English 93484
Labour Rights and Social Protection of Migrant Workers in ASEAN: A Case Study of Thailand's Policy Towards Unskilled Burmese Migrant Workers, Final Report Sutthiluck Sangsuwan Studies the labour rights and social protection in international level and ASEAN level. Considers the measures for social protection and international/ASEAN labour rights which serve as the benchmark and the role model for ASEAN member states. Studies the Thai government's policy towards labour rights and social protection for migrant workers. Analyzes problems and obstacles based on Burmese migrant workers and Thai government's workforce poli ...Continue Reading Thai 93284
The 3rd ASEAN Reader Compiles 80 articles on ASEAN community in external engagements. Discusses Southeast Asia and foreign empires, the great power and political, security concerns to regional economic integration. Mentions the political figures and political parties in ASEAN countries. Looks at civil society, urbanization, development and tourism, democracy, and governance. Sheds lights on international development, institutions of ASEAN, ASEAN's internal policy ...Continue Reading English 93101
Empowering Communities and Countries to Conserve Biodiversity at the National and ASEAN Levels: Status, Challenges, and Ways Forward Sajise, Percy E. Defines biodiversity, agro-biodiversity and the importance of ASEAN where 3 of 17 mega biodiverse countries of the world located, namely Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Analyzes status, capacity, opportunity and challenges of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Mentions 10 goals to conserve the biodiversity. Identifies action plans to protect agro-biodiversity, as well as plant genetic reso ...Continue Reading English 92671
Changes in Legal Aspects After Entering the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC): A Study of guidelines for Educational Management in Bilateral System , Seminar on 16 December 2015 at Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok Seminar on Changes in Legal Aspects After Entering the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC): A Study of guidelines for Educational Management in Dual Vocational System (2015 : Bangkok) Assesses current situations, principles and relevant regulations in coherent with labor force development to enter the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC). Presents current issues and suggestion from various stakeholders. Deals with roles and progress of Ministry of Labor for the preparation of ASEAN integration, including its strategic actions, challenges, suggestions, and progress. Emphasizes vocational-labor skills improvement regarding t ...Continue Reading Thai 92670
Proceedings on Health Inequality and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): A Regional Perspective: International Joint Conference between Mahidol University and De La Salle University 19th and 20th August 2013 at SD Avenue Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand International Joint Conference between Mahidol University and De La Salle University (19th and 20th : 2013 : Bangkok) Consists of 13 research articles covering many areas of ASEAN countries. Contains issues related to health care system in various aspects: humanized health care, marginalized populations, migrant workers, health inequity, health care and pharmaceutical management. Deals with law establishment to reduce malpractices and discrimination towards people living with HIV/AIDS in ASEAN and investigation of humanized healthcare teaching in mental illness ...Continue Reading English 88794
Responses of ASEAN to the Global Challenge of Migration Supang Chantavanich Provides international migration in ASEAN countries, including immigration and emigration in East and South East Asia, migration to Europe, and economic recession and its impacts on current transnational migration trends. Describes transnational migration and the challenges to human rights protection, covering existing mechanisms for the protection of migrants' rights and violations of migrant's rights. Contains governments' responses to the gl ...Continue Reading English 88329
Thought/Issues Paper on ASEAN Food Security: Towards a more Comprehensive Framework Desker, Barry Notes that food security is fundamental to human security and sustainable development. Argues that as ASEAN moves towards an integrated community of caring societies in 2015 and beyond. Cites that food security should be an integral part of the ASEAN community building agenda and deserves more attention than it has been getting in the AEC Blueprint. Contends that ASEAN needs to be infused with a new thinking on food security that is responsive ...Continue Reading English 87960
A Proposal to Strengthen the ASEAN's Role in the Fight Against Trafficking in Persons Naparat Kranrattanasuit Explains that the high number of human trafficking victims in ASEAN has raised, considering that counter-trafficking strategies at the national and regional levels are deficient. Notes that ASEAN has failed to create an adequate anti-trafficking law, structure, and human rights bodies, arguing that these have not provided equal protection for all trafficking victims. Studies Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam in order to take a close look at their ...Continue Reading English 87938
Association of Southeast Asian Nations, People's Republic of China, and India Growth and the Rest of the World: The Role of Trade Lawrence, Robert Z. Explores the impact of past and future growth in ASEAN, China, and India (ACI countries) on aggregate welfare, relative wages, and global emissions in the rest of the world. Outlines several analytical frameworks. Considers effects over the past decade and the implications of that growth for the rest of the world in the coming decades. Suggests that more developed Asian countries have benefited from Chinese capital goods demand. Notes that AC ...Continue Reading English 87450
Carrots and Sticks for Democratisation in Burma: Policies of the EU and the ASEAN Zaw Oo Presents a preliminary examination of the issues appertaining to the international mechanisms employed in promoting democratic change in Burma by giving incentive and disincentive policies adopted by two regional organizations: the EU and the ASEAN. Explains the interactions of the EU and the ASEAN towards Burma in socio-cultural, economic, informational and technological spheres. Reviews historical background of Burma after independence until ...Continue Reading English 87279
ASEAN Economic Bulletin Consists of three research articles and two research notes concerning economy in ASEAN. Examines the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on wages paid by domestic private firms in Vietnam. Describes the export tax policy on crude palm oil (CPO) imposed by the Indonesian government and analyzes the effect of the export tax on Indonesian's CPO export competitiveness compared with Malaysia, the main competitor. Studies the existence of a cau ...Continue Reading English 87219
ASEAN and Human Rights Norms: Constructivism, Rational Choice, and the Action-Identity Gap Davies, Mathew Argues that an alternative, rational choice, framework for appraising norms within ASEAN offers greater explanatory insight into how and why human rights emerged into ASEAN after 1997. Examines the history of academic interest about norms within ASEAN and describes when the constructivist perspective came to dominate. Presents the action-identity gap that has emerged surrounding human rights norms, paying attention to the motives of ASEAN in eng ...Continue Reading English 87093
Human Security and the ASEAN Charter: Perspectives and Challenges Kasira Cheeppensook Studies the relevance of the concept of human security in ASEAN within the context of the development of the ASEAN Charter. Discusses the meaning of 'human security' and compares it with the meaning of human security given by the United Nations and its organs. Identifies the role of various sectors and their respective influence on the final outcome of the Charter. Presents responsibilities of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) in drafting the ASEAN ...Continue Reading English 86980
Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Themes from a Six-Country Study Orbeta, Aniceto Jr. C. Presents country studies concerning migrant workers conducted between July 2009 to December 2011 under the project called Different Streams, Different Needs and Impacts: Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN , from three sending countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines) and three receiving countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore). Evaluates the importance of integrating international migration into national and regional developmen ...Continue Reading English 86675
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