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Profiting from Death: Exposing Tobacco Industry Tactics in ASEAN Countries Introduces the activities of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the FCTC Article 13, regarding a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Reviews the status of tobacco industry strategies and their marketing activities in selected ASEAN, countries, namely: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mentions the good public image of the tobacco industry through cor ...Continue Reading English 76680
Security and Migration in Asia: The Dynamics of Securitisation Discusses the different levels of analysis in the way in which migration is posed as a security issue in Asia. Develops a range of proposals to provide an approach to the example of securitization of illegal migration and, in particular, migrant smuggling. Presents an overview of the way that human rights and criminal law intersect as crucial to the way that migration and security have been connected in the region. Deals with case studies whic ...Continue Reading English 76424
Asian-European Relations: Building Blocks for Global Governance? Presents theoretical frameworks surrounding the development of interregionalism in international relations. Focuses empirical issues, analyzing regional trade agreements within Asia and Europe. Considers the extent to which such agreements can contribute to global governance, citing impact of Asian-European economic cooperation on global trade and investment. Notes how material and ideational factors have influenced the outcomes of interregion ...Continue Reading English 76393
Forty Years of ASEAN: A Historical Review Narine, Shaun Assesses the development of ASEAN during its 40 years history (1967-2007). Considers how ASEAN has evolved in response to many external forces and influences and has played a limited role in shaping the political and security environments. Looks at ASEAN's norms and practices, discussing ASEAN's role in Vietnam's invasion of Cambodia, and its role in the post-Cold War era. Mentions the evolution of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF). Reviews East ...Continue Reading English 76321
Indonesia and the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Nationalists and Regional Integration Strategy Chandra, Alexander C Analyzes the dynamics of the relationship between nationalism and regionalism. Proposes the hypothesis that nationalism and regionalism stand in symbiotic relationship to one another. Analyzes theoretical background within the study of regionalism and nationalism. Examines the relationship between the new regionalism approach (NRA) and nationalism. Studies both the historical and contemporary perspectives on Indonesian nationalism and foreign ...Continue Reading English 76198
Japan & China In East Asian Integration Lim, Hua Sing Examines the Japanese perspectives on Malaysia's Look East policy, and reviews Japan-Malaysia economic relationship after the Look East Policy was announced in December 1981. Analyzes trade relationship between Singapore and Japan, potential trade friction between ASEAN and Japan, and Japan's role in ASEAN economic development. Considers Japanese foreign direct investment in Asia, emphasizing Japan's official development assistance (ODA) an ...Continue Reading English 74682
Trade Policy Review of Thailand: The Thai Government Reports, 1995-2007 Comprises trade policy review of the year 1995, 1999, 2003, and 2007, reported to the World Trade Organization by the Thai government. Deals with the overview of the issues related to trade situation, economic environment, trade policy development, and future policy directions. Includes the implementation of Uruguay Round commitments in the 1999 Review progress on economic policy reform, and regional trade arrangement and economic cooperation ...Continue Reading English 74679
Report of the Small and Medium Enterprises Situation in 2004 and Trends in 2005 Summarizes overall economic situation influencing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of Thailand. Presents the structure and status of SMEs in 2004, noting their expansion in each region, their number and types in major provinces, and employment in SMEs. Reports the franchise business and tourism industry condition, including the conditions of iron and steel, automobile spareparts, plastic, textile and clothing, and wood and furniture industry ...Continue Reading Thai 74021
Continent, Coast, Ocean: Dynamics of Regionalism in Eastern Asia Deals with the impact of Japanese modernization since the Meiji restoration (1868-1912) on the European colonial enterprise throughout Eastern Asia, the destruction of the Qing, and the subsequent struggles of China's Republican period. Considers the vital relation between economics and regional integration. Studies the Malaysian case, reviewing issues raised in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98. Analyzes impact on the reg ...Continue Reading English 73167
Myanmar's Economic Relations with Foreign Countries Udom Kerdpibule Gives the overall information of Myanmar's economic conditions, and analyzes various factors affecting its economic relations with foreign countries. Discusses the goals of economic relations with foreign countries, dealing with basic factors of Myanmar's economic power, political limitations in executing international economic policy, and process for and formulating international economic policy. Explores Myanmar's policy for economic developm ...Continue Reading Thai 72752
Summary of the Substance on Comparative Survey of the Labor Environment in ASEAN, China, India Studies factors of labour environment in ASEAN countries, South China, and India. Surveys the current situation on the supply and demand situation of labour, covering general workers, engineers and other highly skilled personnel, IT personnel, and Japanese-speaking personnel. Summarizes the wage trends in 2005-2006, including situation and issues concerning labour-related systems such as strike and labour protection English 72715
TDRI Quarterly Review Concerns with the development of CLMV countries, (Cambodia, Lao PDR), Myanmar and Vietnam) in the context of the broader process of East Asian integration.Sets out the background of East Asian integration, looking at East Asian integration from the perspective of ASEAN as a whole. Concerns trade openness, trade destinations and average growth, average real per capita GDP growth and per capita GDP, official aid as percent of GDP, and domestic cre ...Continue Reading English 72686
Yearbook of Asian Affairs 2006 Gives in-depth information on the rapidly evolving trends in Asia as well as analyses of trends during 2005 in politics, economics, and foreign relations based on field studies and local materials. Provides a comprehensive understanding of the state affairs in Asia, taking up such themes as free trade agreements (FTAs), the first East Asia Summit, the United States and Asia, and the efforts of soaring oil prices. Encompasses 13 major countries, ...Continue Reading English 72597
Global Partnership for Development: Thailand's Contribution to Millennium Development Goal 8 Reports progress toward Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Thailand, dealing with Thailand's contribution to MDGs Goal 8 which aims to develop a global partnership for development by 2015. Mentions regional and sub-regional cooperation for development such as ASEAN, AFTA, The Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). Deals with Thailand's Official Development Assistance (ODA), considering Thailand's reducing barriers to trade with least developed co ...Continue Reading English 69937
ASEAN in Figures 2003 Provides set of development indicators for ASEAN, aiming to provide benchmarks and measure progress of development goals. Covers 63 important socio-economic indicators in the areas of health, education, labour and unemployment, macroeconomics and poverty, environment and sustainable development, access to technology, and population. Includes 41 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) indicators, dealing with adult literacy rates, school enrolment r ...Continue Reading English 69093
Piracy in Southeast Asia: Status, Issues, and Responses Studies the definitions and concerns in contemporary piracy studies, dealing with the magnitude of contemporary piracy, contemporary forms of piracy, and responses to piracy. Examines roots of contemporary maritime piracy in Southeast Asia, overviewing key current issues and trends in piracy. Explores how threat of maritime terrorism can be coupled with piracy within Southeast Asia's maritime security framework. Looks at the similarities and d ...Continue Reading English 68805
Accelerating National Economic Development through Regional Cooperation in the GMS, ASEAN and Border Development Plans Cham Prasidh Provides Cambodia's experiences in the acceleration of its national economic development through regional cooperation in the Greater Mekong Subregion, ASEAN, and the World. Addresses the key factors affecting a fast-changing domestic environment and ways of adapting Cambodia to a faster changing world. Discusses the key to accelerate Cambodia in joining ASEAN. Considers the paramount importance for Cambodia in terms of the cooperation in human ...Continue Reading English 67935
International Production/Distribution Networks and Indonesia Kimura, Fukunari Examines the industrialization performance of Indonesia through a comparative evaluation with other East Asian economies. Discusses the new economic thought that supports the formation of international production/distribution networks in East Asia and the development strategies compatible with this thought. Presents the current situation of Indonesia's industrialization, examining the country's economic preconditions and its political economy. ...Continue Reading English 67780
Is a Social Charter Possible in the ASEAN?: Exploring the Changes of an ASEAN Social Charter in Six ASEAN Members States Serrano, Melisa R Explores the chances of an ASEAN Social Charter (ASC) proposition. Analyzes how certain variables could influence the level of receptiveness or opposition of member states to the ASC proposition. Aims to establish the landscape or context of recognition of workers' rights and adherence to International Core Labor Standards (ICLS) in six selected ASEAN member states, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Fi ...Continue Reading English 67506
Japan-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Asian Perspectives International Conference on Japan-ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Asian Perspectives (2004 : Thammasat University, Thailand) Presents the main theme of the discussion included the Japanese initiatives and its interests, particularly the process of concluding bilateral free trade area (FTA) with ASEAN countries, and the prospects for building an East Asian Community. Consists of four parts, with ten chapters, including papers presented during the conference and comments from the discussion. Discusses Japanese initiatives for Japan-ASEAN comprehensive economic partners ...Continue Reading English 67504
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