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Pattern and Process of Adaptation Towards Urban Way of Life of Isan Migrants: A Case Study of Hawkers in Bangkok Pongswat Swatdipong Studies pattern and process of adaptation to urban way of life of 28 Isan migrants who become hawkers selling Isan food in Bangkok. Employs qualitative study of 'sociology of everyday life' using ethnographic method, naturalistic inquiry, participatory observation, and depth interviews to collect data. Reviews the results in four aspects : pattern and process of migration as hawkers, aspects of the adaptation to urban way of life, the maintenan ...Continue Reading Thai 67400
The ASEAN-China Free Trade Area: Genesis and Implications Cheng, Joseph Yu-Shek Considers how the ASEAN plus 3 approach has been perceived as an important means to strengthen ASEAN's status and relevance. Looks at the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area as a response to the Asian financial crisis and China's WTO membership. Indicates how improvement of China-ASEAN relations assumes increasing significance in China's regional policy, focusing on the enhancement of mutual interests and interdependence as the best way to erode the ...Continue Reading English 65685
White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand 2002 Introduces the overall Thai economy in 2002, and emphasizes current situation and trend of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), covering production, investment, employment and export. Studies productivity of SMEs performance, noting textile and garment, leather and footwear, automotive parts, wholesale and retail, and hotel related to tourism. Reviews the SMEs policy measures, and the government's policy in promoting SMEs. Discusses the intern ...Continue Reading English 65254
Labour Protection Laws in ASEAN: A Collection of Current Laws in the Six ASEAN States Compiles acts, regulations, codes, and announcement regarding labour protection in the six ASEAN states, namely: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Deals with the laws on employment, child and female labour, workplaces, protection of wages, compensation, social welfare and benefits, and occupational health and safety. English 64413
The Financial Crisis and Its Social Impact: Responses of ASEAN Employers' Organizations, Report on the Proceedings of the ACE-NICC Workshop on 21-22 August 1998 Plantation Bay Resort, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines ACE-NICC Workshop on the Financial Crisis and Its Social Impact: Responses of ASEAN Employers' Organization (1998 : Mactan, Cebu) Contain country papers on the financial crisis and its social impact on each ASEAN country. Provides recommendations undertaken by the employers' organizations to address the issues at country level. Includes the synthesis of the economic papers of five ASEAN countries, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Deals with events prior to the ASEAN economic crisis, causes of the economic crisis, socio-economic impact of ...Continue Reading English 64321
Growth Convergence in Southeast Asia and Underground Economy in Indonesia Wibowo, Sasmito H Deals with the growth convergence in Southeast Asia that focuses on the five ASEAN countries, and explores the possibility of measuring the underground economy in Indonesia. Proposes three different topics :growth convergence, overall underground economy, and household underground economy. Examines the growth convergence of several ASEAN members, using nonparametric tests to examine convergence in growth rates. Investigates the size of undergr ...Continue Reading English 63148
Building Closer Ties with ASEAN Yoshihiro, Otsuji Discusses the significant transformation of East Asian regional system, regionalization, and regionalism as a result of the 1997-98 crisis and the rise of China. Focuses on Japan's response to these changes, analyzing how Japan should engage itself in the region's transformation. Explains Japan's support for ASEAN economic integration, covering China's economic development in relation to ASEAN. Mentions the new middle class in East Asia, descr ...Continue Reading English 62077
Towards a Human Rights Regime in Southeast Asia: Charting the Course of State Commitment Mohamad, Maznah Looks at the dynamics of the human rights question by examining the role played by the state in furthering the human rights agenda within Southeast Asia. Assesses whether ASEAN, with its avowed stance on non-interference, has responded favorably and accordingly to the human rights challenge. Discusses the four government-established national human rights institutions in Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, analyzing whether they are s ...Continue Reading English 61925
Future Prospect for Sino-Thai Economic Relations Gives the background information of the Chinese economy, focusing on role and economic potentials of China. Presents China's economic policy and economic strategies, focusing on government's roles in formulating and controlling economic direction, major policy guidelines for 2001-2005 national develoment plan, and China's One Country Two Systems policy. Deals with the role of China in the international economic arena, in particular in the Asi ...Continue Reading Thai 60931
The Politics of Human Rights in Southeast Asia Eldridge, Philip J Seeks to question the current stalemate caused by the divide between the West and Southeast Asia with regards to human rights debates. Argues that full participation in UN human rights treaties by both Western and Southeast Asian countries could be the common ground that bridges the gap. Compares the effectiveness of UN human rights directives on local democracies, using topical case studies and primary research from Malaysia, Indonesia and Aus ...Continue Reading English 60711
Globalization and Trade in the New Millennium Supachai Panitchpakdi Compiles the writings and speeches made at various international fora during the period of 1999-2000, discussing key trade issues of common concern and the multilateral trading system for the future challenges. Deals with the global perspective, globalization and trade liberalization which should be conducive for the growth in international trade and deeper integration of national economies into the world system. Shows the impact of trade liber ...Continue Reading English 60193
Muslim Social Science in ASEAN Reviews the state of social science research in ASEAN against the backdrop of the global phenomenon of resurgent Islam. Shows that efforts are already underway in Muslim scholarly circles within ASEAN to explore new ways of looking at the role of Islam in the region. Represents a collection of articles relating to various issues which are seen to be fundamental to Muslim social science in the region. Looks at the development of Muslim studies ...Continue Reading English 59270
Myanmar's Present Development and Future Options Clark, Allen L Deals with Myanmar's economic conditions and economic development, taking a macroeconomic look at the country, and reviewing key sector performance and foreign trade and investment. Considers the role of energy and mineral resources in Myanmar's economic development. Mentions Myanmar's foreign relations and development, considering the international sanctions and the Asian economic crises, and Myanmar's membership in ASEAN. Explores future pat ...Continue Reading English 57016
ASEAN Investment Cooperation and Arrangements Wee Kee Hwee Describes the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) for economic development, including the FDI flows to the CLMV (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam) countries, the status of ASEAN investment cooperation and arrangements, and prospects of FDI flows to the CLMV countries. Mentions the possible areas of cooperation to support CLMV and in developing an enabling investment environment and in attracting greater levels of FDI flows. English 56131
The Japanese Factor: The ASEAN Connection Highlights the problems of Japan's domestic economy which began in May 1997 when the previous government reduced its budget deficit on the misguided assumption that the economy was recovering and could absorb the negative impact of the fiscal restraint. Points out the ASEAN's concerns over Japanese economic uncertainty, underlining Japan's significant role in an ASEAN recovery. Notes that Japan already knows what ASEAN expects of it, and has ta ...Continue Reading English 55762
Strategies for Asia Pacific: Beyond the Crisis Lasserre, Philippe Overviews Asia Pacific region, discussing the weight of the region in the world economy. Looks at the impact of the crisis on growth prospects and the consequences for companies. Proposes a framework for the formulation of strategy and describes its main components. Analyzes the market characteristics of the three main sub-regions: Japan, ASEAN, and China, focusing on market segmentation and consumer behaviour. Discusses managerial culture an ...Continue Reading English 55644
Laos in ASEAN: Dilemmas of Development and Identity Stuart-Fox, Martin Explains the reason for Laos to join ASEAN in terms of the demands and pressures required for ASEAN membership. Analyzes how the country sees itself with respect to its neighbors in ASEAN, and what form of Lao reservation for the future take, focusing on models of country's development. Provides an excursus into history and an examination of the nexus which links history, culture and identity in order to understand the reasons for Lao reservati ...Continue Reading English 55149
Laos in 1997: Into ASEAN Stuart-Fox, Martin Highlights the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR) as a membership of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) since 1997. Focuses on paces of change in Laos, analyzing the membership effect on the direction of her economic development and foreign relations with other ASEAN countries English 55099
ASEAN Domestic Economic Challenges Ahmad, Mubaniq Discusses the common economic issues faced by all ASEAN countries in 1997, focusing primarily on the Indonesia's situation. Reviews the crisis situation and underlying economic problems in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, addressing the domestic economic challenges of all these countries. Groups the challenges into getting out of the crisis, strengthening the basic economic foundation, and maintaining the sustainability of the resource base ...Continue Reading English 54741
China and ASEAN: Enhancing Cooperation to Meet Economic Challenges Ding Kuisong Touches upon some of the major points of the currency crisis during 1997-1998 and focuses mainly on the enhancement of cooperation between China and Southeast Asian countries to cope with this crisis. Describes the causes behind the crisis from the analysis by many well-known exports and the world financial institutions. Outlines some of the ideas for further cooperation between China and Southeast Asian countries. Points out some corners with ...Continue Reading English 54739
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