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East Asian Development Experience: Economic System Approach and Its Applicability Compiles research papers on East Asian development and its applicability, covering economic system, strategic management capability, financial sector development, and development experiences of Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Mexico. Deals with research papers on present conditions and challenges of Latin American development, and the applicability of the East Asian development experience to African countries. Covers country reports of Thailand, ...Continue Reading English 53373
Natural Resource, Production and Environmental Linkages in ASEAN, With Emphasis on Thailand Vute Wangwacharakul Examines the relationship between resources, production activities and the environment. Gives a more consistent planning for resource utilization and environmental consideration to achieve a sustainable long-term socio-economic development. Analyzes the environmental repercussions of economic development in many developed countries. Attempts to incorporate resource and environmental issues into the production structure of the economic system f ...Continue Reading English 53340
Opening Statement by H.E. Kasem S. Kasemsri Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand at the Twenty-Eighth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, 29 July 1995 Presents the opening statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand at the 28th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. Discusses the past history and future prospects for ASEAN. Examines the global role of ASEAN and describes those security issues to be taken up by the ASEAN regional forum. Looks at competitiveness with ASEAN, focusing on global liberalization trends as well as wider and deeper intra-ASEAN cooperation. Concludes with an overvie ...Continue Reading English 51357
The Prospect of Trade and Investment Between Thailand and Southern China, International Conference on 26-27 February 1993 at the Imperial Hotel, Bangkok International Conference on The Prospect of Trade and Investment Between Thailand and Southern China (1993 : Bangkok) Compiles articles presented at the International Conference on The Prospect of Trade and Investment Between Thailand and Southern China . Discusses economic cooperation between Thailand and Southern China as well as ASEAN and Indochina. Examines the route connecting the Thai economy and Southern China. Deals with general discussion on economic cooperation among China, ASEAN, and Indochina. Includes appendices on investment in China and Indoc ...Continue Reading Thai 51301
Privatisation-Its Impact on Labour Relations in ASEAN Presents an overview of privatisation and its conceptual linkage with labour relations. Discusses the origin of and points out some critical issues about public enterprises. Deals with the experiences of privatisation on labour relations, focusing on the government view, the employers' and employees' view from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. English 51265
Thai-U.S. Investment Trends & Trade Relations, International Conference on 17-19 Apr. 1995 at Los Angeles, California International Conference on Thai-U.S. Investment Trends & Trade Relations (1995 : California) Presents Thailand's background notes and describes Thailand's economic trends and outlook in terms of economic development in 1994, monetary conditions, outlook for 1995, and major trends. Presents information on trade watch, focusing on U.S. automakers seek a new road into a lively Thai market, U.S. goods exports imports, and trade balance, U.S. economy, GSP tariff review, Thai copyright law, and trade preferences boost access for developing co ...Continue Reading English 51053
ASEAN-EC Relations: From the Bangkok Declaration (1967) to the Maastricht Treaty (1992) Vimolvan Phatharodom Presents an historical assessment of relations between ASEAN and the European Community since the establishment of ASEAN up to the signature of the Maastricht Treaty. Discusses the implications of the single European Market and the future perspectives on their relations through perceptions from Thailand. English 50779
Impact of EC Integration on Asian Industrializing Region Presents the results of the project, Projections for Asian Industrializing Region (PAIR), which aims at making projections on the economic development of the Asian industrializing region in the beginning of the 21st century. Details two different views on the EC integration. Reports on the empirical analyses of the impact of the EC market integration on the Pacific Rim economies. Discusses the analyses of the impact of the EC market integrat ...Continue Reading English 50738
Chinese Foreign Policy Toward ASEAN During the Socialist Modernization Under Deng Xiaoping (1978-Present) Surachai Sirikrai Examines the roles and policies of Deng Xiaoping in formulating national development policy. Details concepts of China in economic development after revolution, covering definition and goal of economic development, and foreign policy implementation in accordance with Four Modernization policy. Describes relations between China and ASEAN countries in terms of trade, investment and Four Modernization as well as their cooperation to solve Cambodia ...Continue Reading Thai 50617
The Morbidity and Mortality Differentials, ASEAN Population Programme Phase III, Thailand: Country Study Report Provides estimates of morbidity and mortality levels and trends, establishing the determinants of these conditions. Includes secondary data analysis in order to conduct an in-depth analysis on morbidity and mortality patterns. Uses field surveys to examine health behaviors and causes of death or illness of the Thai population. English 49344
Restructuring, Employment and Industrial Relations: Adjustment Issues in Asian Industries Compiles essays which approach the problems arising from employment adjustment within the enterprise. Defines the issues and gives an idea of how workers and employees interact to facilitate or delay structural change. English 49328
Vietnam's Dilemmas and Options: The Challenge of Economic Transition in the 1990 Identifies the major issues concerning the role of the state and economic management in Vietnam. Deals with the Vietnamese economy in terms of economic transition, the role of state and economic development in the reconstruction of the country, and present phase of transition to market economy. Discusses her industrial restructuring, industrial policy and industrial renovation during 1986-1991. Elaborates on agricultural, human resource, and s ...Continue Reading English 49262
ASEAN Economic Co-operation Agenda for the 1990s Zainuddin, Daim Identifies the need for ASEAN to re-orientate its strategy for the 1990s. Examines how government adjusts and orientates themselves to meet the demands of their peoples for development and growth. Discusses the critical issues in the 1990s, noting the changing economic system in Eastern Europe, and the further blurring of national economic boundaries. Analyzes what direction of economic cooperation ASEAN should assume and pursue in the 1990s, ...Continue Reading English 48810
Conflict Over National Resources in South-East Asia and the Pacific Compiles papers at the regional, national and local level, focusing on land-based resources in the ASEAN countries of the Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Identifies some of the major conflicts over forests, agriculture, and minerals that have taken place in the region, and details some of the consequences. Provides an analysis of the strategies employed by Japan over the past twenty years to ensure its access to natural resources ...Continue Reading English 48464
Macroeconomic Structural Issues in the Asia-Pacific Economics James, William E Presents the consistency of the various forecasts as well as selected structural issues including exchange rate realignments, US-Japan economic relations and roles, and the prospects for the emergence of additional newly industrializing economies in the region. Provides a summary of an overall report on structural issues English 48332
Foreign Investment in Thai Development: Special Focus on Japanese Investment Ichikawa, Nobuko Analyzes Japanese investment and impact on Thailand's economy. Presents external factors that have influenced Thai development toward more advanced manufacturing: the growth and character of Japanese overseas investment in manufacturing, in particular to Thailand and Southeast Asia and the larger trend toward economic integration and industrial reorganization in East and Southeast Asia. Examines the internal reactions of Thailand to recent Jap ...Continue Reading English 48172
Thailand's Development Strategies Snoh Unakul Collects articles and speeches delivered by Dr. Snoh Unakul, the Secretary-General of the National Economic and Social Development Board. Deals with the role of Buddhism in relation to socio-economic development, the needs for applying technical solutions to development problems, and some suggestions for the East Asian Institutes new agenda, regarding development and change in ASEAN and Thailand. Focuses on various development issues and strate ...Continue Reading English 47927
Economic Development in East and Southeast Asia: Essays in Honor of Professor Shinichi Ichimura Presents a comprehensive collection of papers covering a wide range of development issues and problems that have faced or are being faced by the countries that have faced or are being faced by the countries of East and Southeast Asia. Contains 21 papers entitled : Structural Change and Economic Development in Developing Asia in the 1990s Explaining the Success of the Four Little Dragons : A Survey Taiwan's Economic Miracle : A Singaporean ...Continue Reading English 47802
International Industrial Linkages and Economic Interdependency in Asia-Pacific Region-International Input-Output Analysis Clarifies the current situation and the change of international industrial structure in Asia-Pacific region and probes into the relationship between the domestic industrial structure of each country and the structure of transnational industrial linkages. Investigates the direction of economic interdependency in that region, so as to give, in reference to the industrial policies of each country, a prospective view on the international industrial ...Continue Reading English 47755
Japan and Thailand: New Dimensions of Dialogue Proceedings of the First Japan Thai Sumposium (Dec. 1979 : Tokyo, Japan) Compiles various papers read and discussed at the symposium on Thai-Japanese relations. Deals with political and economic trends in both countries. Concentrates on political and economic developments in the region, in particular the Kampuchean issue, which affects both Thailand and Japan devoting to the Pacific Community concept. Analyzes the Thai-Japanese relations in the changing environment of the region in terms of problems and prospects i ...Continue Reading English 47667
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