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The Minerals Industries of Asean and Australia: Problems and Prospects Provides the scope of mineral industries, trade relationships and government policies in the six countries of the ASEAN group, and also in Australia. Gives a detailed description of the industry in each country detailed description of the industry in each country together with a discussion of its government's policies English 47420
Thai Zinc Industry, Alone in ASEAN Deals with Padaeng Industry Company which dominates the zinc industry in Thailand and the rest of ASEAN. States that the company has commissioned a feasibility study for exploration of new zinc deposits and it is planning a second smelting plant which means a reduction of exports (its sales are only 10 percent dependent on exports). Points out that the increased production levels will inevitably make it necessary for the company to expand its i ...Continue Reading English 47157
Social Changes and Problems Emanating from Industrialization in the ASEAN Region Thomas, M. Ladd Examines the social effects of industrialization in the largest metropolitan centers in the five ASEAN countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Notes that their largest urban centers are the metropolitan complexes of Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, and Bangkok, respectively. Focuses on the social effects that manifest themselves in terms of employment and income, housing, social structures, patterns of s ...Continue Reading English 47121
The Kra Canal and the Industrialization of Thailand, International Conference, Vol. II International Conference on The Kra Canal and the Industrialization of Thailand (October 31 - November 1, 1984 : Bangkok) Contains papers presented at the International Conference entitled: conventional methods for canal construction Asia Port--Songkhla nuclear power for industralization: the duplex concept and its relevance for Thailand the Kra Canal and ASEAN development and financing the Kra Canal. Attaches pointers of the statement by Dr. H. Roeslan Abdulgani on The Indonesian National Ideology, Pancasila, as the Spiritual Agent for Economic Development . English 46502
ASEAN and the EC: Labour Costs and Structural Change in the European Community Kaiser, Manfred Deals with concepts, approaches, typologies and pattern of labor costs. Describes a data base used for labor cost analyses in the European Community (EC) countries. Presents a labor cost survey in the EC countries, their trend since 1966, and correlations between basic variables of the total labor cost-concept . Elaborates on the labor cost implications of unemployment on the public budget. Compares the labor costs data and the production da ...Continue Reading English 46350
Presentation on Savings, Investment and Policy Links in Economic Development Amnuay Viravan Discusses domestic savings and factors affecting the rate of such savings. Mentions the association between political stability, appropriate macroeconomic policies and economic growth. Addresses the secrets of the Asian Economic Success Story, noting the need to build up capital base, means of collecting and channeling the savings to make them available to investors, and act of investment by which savings are transformed into productive capital ...Continue Reading English 46150
Economic Developments in ASEAN Countries and Cooperation Among Asia Pacific Regions Yoshikawa, Hisashi Reviews the economic situation for the nations of the Asia-Pacific region and discusses how to further the regional economic developments and how to promote active cooperation among them. Gives a brief observation and study of the present economic conditions in the ASEAN countries which have successfully taken the leadership of the nations of the Asia-Pacific region. Describes a desirable trend of the ASEAN future economy and its framework to b ...Continue Reading English 46070
Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Introduces the recent trends of Asian Pacific economic cooperation, focusing on the progress of the first Ministerial Council in Canberra. Contains outline of the First Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Ministerial Council, covering main points discussed at the council and evaluation. Details six main points of the discussion as follows: continuousness and form of the Council, open local cooperation, cooperation project, promotion of Uruguay R ...Continue Reading English 46057
East and South-East Asia in the 1990s Osada, Hiroshi Reports on emerging economies of the East and South-East Asia in the 1990s and reviews the drastic structural change of the region since 1985. Questions whether the favorable conditions in the 1980s could smoothly be continued. Discusses new international economic environment in the 1990s and the impacts that will influence the future process of the international structural adjustment. Includes discussion on new domestic economic issues in the ...Continue Reading English 46050
Comparative Studies on Development Stages and Structural Changes of Manufacturing Industries in ASEAN Countries (Thailand and the Philippines), (An Intermediate Report) Yamamoto, Kazumi Examines the role of manufacturing industries in economic development. Presents a brief review of ASEAN economics, clarifying the status of Thailand and the Philippines as compared with other ASEAN countries. Points out similarities and differences between Thailand and the Philippines in terms of natural endowments, and newly brought changes. Investigates development stages and structural changes of manufacturing industries in Thailand, noting ...Continue Reading English 45785
Trade and Tourism of ASEAN Economic Ministers, Report of the 25th Meeting of the Committee on 5-7 Oct. 1988, Bangkok Meeting of the Committee on Trade and Tourism of ASEAN Economic Ministers (25th : 1988 : Bangkok) Contains letter of transmittal and report of the twenty-fifth meeting of the Committee on Trade and Tourism (COTT) of ASEAN economic ministers. Points out matters arising from the 24th COTT meeting, status of implementation of trade initiatives endorsed by the third ASEAN summit and matters from the sub-committee on tourism. Covers joint ASEAN approaches to international economic issues and status of ASEAN dialogues with third countries. Inclu ...Continue Reading English 45707
Seafarers in the ASEAN Region Studies the current situation and underlines the need for an integrated and rational approach to the problems facing seafarers in ASEAN. Gives an overview of the ASEAN seafarers, and presents the theme papers from the workshop, namely: organization and management of seafaring and training of seafarers in ASEAN region ESCAP involvement and the impact of technical changes on seafarer training employment and hiring practices from the viewpoint of ...Continue Reading English 45609
Labour Relations and Productivity at the Enterprise Level: Selected Case Studies from Within ASEAN Presents case studies from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand to demonstrate that productivity could be raised through the joint co-operation of workers and management focusing on the enterprise level. Attempts to identify certain conditioning factors which shape or affect the success or failure of efforts to improve productivity at the enterprise level. Examines the companies of the aforementioned countries, respectively: 'Compa ...Continue Reading English 45608
Labour Relations and Development, Report and Technical Papers of the Second ASEAN Tripartite Course, Phuket, November 1988 ASEAN Tripartite Course on Labour Relations and Development (2nd : 1988 : Phuket) Begins with report of the proceedings, following with workshop reports on development in the ASEAN countries, wages and income policy, development and social justice, promotion of collective bargaining, and privatization. Covers national group views on structural change and labor relations. Contains technical papers on the above mentioned issues, including directory of participants English 45586
The Asean-Middle East Connection Aung Pe Latt Traces the establishment and the objectives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Gives information on population, GDP, GNP, economic growth, and trade of each ASEAN country. Focuses on trade connections with Middle East Countries English 45037
Doing Business in Southeast Asia Lim, Linda Y.C Describes economic performance and progress of the ASEAN countries over the past quarter century, noting causes for the development. Points out the opportunities and the competitions in doing business in Southeast Asia English 44900
Japanese Economic Penetration in Asean in the Context of the International Division of Labour Saravanamuttu, Johan Explores both the nature and the extent of the Japanese economic stake and interest in the ASEAN countries in terms of the general and specific features of Japanese direct investment in these countries. Concentrates on two issues, namely: the role of Japanese capital in the integration of the ASEAN economies along the international division of labour and propelling capitalist growth in the region and the modus operandi of Japanese capital and t ...Continue Reading English 44279
Trends and Structural Changes in Pacific Asian Economies Comprises of six articles devoted to exploring the mechanism of selected Pacific Asian countries. Studies the trade & industry of Pacific Asian countries in general manufactured trade in Japan development and structure of trade in the Asian Pacific region exchange rates and industrialization of East and SE Asia trade growth in Pacific countries and trade and promotion in industry of the Philippines. English 44220
Politics of ASEAN Economic Cooperation: The Case of ASEAN Industrial Projects Marjorie L. Suriyamongkol Analyzes the political dynamics of ASEAN economic co-operation. Focuses on the political process by which ASEAN economic co-operation has been shaped over the last twenty years, and seeks to explain how and why ASEAN transformed itself from a body intent on promoting regional political unity, into one intent on securing national and collective economic advances through joint action on large-scale industrial projects. Discusses pre-conditions th ...Continue Reading English 44181
Grain Marketing Measures Noppong Eoh Points out the Prem government's project to help upgrade the living standard of farmers throughout the country and to eliminate poverty. Focuses on the policy to increase the prices of agricultural crops and introduces several methods to stabilize paddy prices. States the new back-up measures, aimed at stimulating rice exports. Presents measures and incentives to encourage rice exporters, noting credit facilities, packing credit, and export pr ...Continue Reading English 43156
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