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Amnuay's Call for a Crackdown on Inefficiency Amnuay Viravan Presents the full text of an important recent speech by the Bangkok Bank's chairman of the executive board Dr. Amnuay Wiravan, delivered to the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce. Points out inefficiency in all its various incantations and notes that while we live in a world of growing economic interdependence, Thailand as a nation must strive harder to achieve self-sufficiency. Presents list of problems which the world needs to solve in order ...Continue Reading English 43149
BOI Adopting a New Promotion Strategy for 1986 Comments on investment interest in Thailand. Gives general information on Thailand, focusing on economic development, possibilities of foreign investment, and BOI's emphasis on investment promotion. Recommends the advantages to doing business in Thailand, citing the government policy to encourage foreign investment particularly in areas related to high-technology, engineering, agro-industrial, labor intensive and export oriented industry. Poin ...Continue Reading English 43099
Transnational Corporations in the ASEAN Region: A Survey of Major Issues von Kirchbach, Friedrich Seeks to provide an overview of the quantitative importance and qualitative diversity of TNC activities in the ASEAN countries. Discusses the economic role of TNCs in each country of the region after touching upon the different interests of United States, Japanese and European TNCs in the ASEAN region. Looks into recent sectoral developments of particular interest. Includes discussion on some basic policy issues English 42595
Japanese Management in Southeast Asia: Japanese Management in Indonesia Ichimura, Shinichi Points out the difficulties of Japanese business management in Indonesia, mentioning the conflicts with partners and labor relations, and the causes for trouble with labor unions. Presents some characteristics of Japanese management in Indonesia, showing workers stay with the companies longer than they do in other countries, the internal training of workers or staff rather than recruitment from outside is given much more emphasis than in any oth ...Continue Reading English 42399
Vietnam in 1983: Keeping a Delicate Balance Ng Shui Meng Comments on the economic recovery of Vietnam in 1983 which is still fragile. Reports on domestic development in the country which followed the basic principles laid down by the Fifth Party Congress of March 1982. Deals with a campaign aimed at reorganizing the market at the end of 1982 and the battleground of the market-place (the area of distribution and circulation) for the struggle between the two roads, that of socialism and capitalism. Re ...Continue Reading English 42197
Devaluation: The Expert's View Nashashibi, Karim Examines the underlying factors of developing countries' balance of payments which should lead to an argument for a devaluation. Criticizes that devaluation is often ineffective, in that it can increase inflation without sufficiently improving the external payments positions, which eventually induces another devaluation and plunges the country into an inflation-cum-devaluation spiral. Points out that devaluation, however, is not painless in tha ...Continue Reading English 42167
Living and Working in Indonesia Stemson, I. V Gives a general overall picture of Indonesia, noting general background, geography, population, politics, natural resources, trade, investment opportunities in the ASEAN countries and foreign investment. Describes what is involved in the setting up of a joint venture operation in the country. Covers an entire subjective appreciation of various factors considered to be of importance in living in Indonesia and dealing with Indonesians in both bus ...Continue Reading English 42085
Nature and Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Industrial Sector Under the Investment Promotion in Thailand: The Case Study of Investment from Groups of Developed Countries, New Industrialized Countries, and ASEAN Countries Watchari Ratthakan Aims to investigate the nature and impact of foreign direct investment in those industrial sectors under the investment promotion in Thailand, by focusing on direct investments from the groups of developed countries, newly industrialized countries, and ASEAN countries. Analyzes whether the investments of each investing group of countries with different economic development level will affect similarly or differently towards Thailand's economic si ...Continue Reading Thai 42056
The Challenge of Economic Development Contains the economic portion of Secretary of State Shultz's address to the ASEAN ministers in Jakarta, July 13, 1984. Refers to Foreign Minister Mochtar's address regarding global economic issues. Presents five topics addressed by Foreign Minister Mochtar on behalf of the ASEAN countries : a new trade round and protectionist pressures, commodity agreements, debt and finance, and the North/South dialogue English 42027
Trade Strategies & Employment in Developing Countries Krueger, Anne O Reports the main findings on the relationship between alternative trade regimes and employment in developing countries. Recognizes several levels at which trade regimes could affect employment and its rate of growth. Shows that differences in factor endowments will be a major source of cost differentials between countries and thus will determine the patterns of trade. Generalizes several patterns of employment experience in developing countrie ...Continue Reading English 41606
Asian Financial Development: A Comparative Perspective of Eight Countries Viksnins, George J Points out the fundamentalist dogmas mentioned in the leading economic text, covering also the experience on demonetization of some Third world countries. Discusses the success of the developing market economies in the eight Asian nations, based on the export-led growth, the role of government, and the balanced growth of industry and agriculture. Points out various financial ratios participated in a country's growth and development, describing ...Continue Reading English 41593
Towards An ASEAN Common Market Anand Panyarachun Describes the feeling about ASEAN at the private sector level, the people-to-people level and all in all level in Thailand. Suggests for the involvement of private sector in mapping out the future direction of ASEAN and in enlisting their active participating in future ASEAN economic cooperation. Deals with problems which have contributed to the present unhealthy state of ASEAN economies, noting the plunge in oil price, the slump of commodity p ...Continue Reading English 41568
ASEAN Economics Analyzes economic conditions of ASEAN countries. Deals with production, construction, marketing, tourism, employment, foreign trade, and international monetary conditions. Covers fiscal policy, stock market, government and politics, foreign policy, investment and economic trend in 1986 Thai 41543
Economic Development and the Structural Change of Trade in the Pacific Asian Region Tanaka, Takuo Intends to explain the changes in international trade pattern among the Pacific Asian region as well as to forecast future movements by taking into account the linkage between trade patterns and economic development, especially via industrial structure. Expands the one-sector analysis to a multi-sector analysis, and clarifies the linkage between economic development based mainly on the analysis of the 1975 international input-output table for AS ...Continue Reading English 41507
Thailand's Foreign Policy Towards the Philippines in 1970s Decade Under the ASEAN Sida Sonsri Highlights the foreign relations between Thailand and the Philippines since post W.W. II as being the members of SEATO and ASEAN. Investigates the interests of Thai-Philippines foreign policies, and scrutinizes the treaties, statements and cooperations which demonstrated the relations between the two countries. Analyzes the tendencies of the two countries' relations shown from the official visits of leaders and officers of the two countries. S ...Continue Reading Thai 41493
The USSR and ASIA in 1986: Gorbachev's New Initiatives Lapidus, Gail W Notes that the succession of Mikhail Gorbachev to the leadership of Soviet Union has prompted significant new initiatives in Soviet foreign policy. Deals with Gorbachev's foreign policy strategy, which is a direct outgrowth of his domestic priorities. Describes Gorbachev's Asian strategy, summarizing the key features of Gorbachev's emerging strategy toward Asia in a major speech he delivered on July 28, 1986 during a visit to Vladivostok. Disc ...Continue Reading English 41263
ASEAN Profile Provides some ready facts and up-to-date information on ASEAN countries excluding Thailand. Shows a brief geographical and historical outline of the country. Gives information on its economy with important matters pertaining to investment and taxation. Includes general information on regulations for visas and employment English 41194
Thailand Economic Conditions in 1985 and Outlook for 1986 Bank of Thailand Reviews Thai economy in 1985 in terms of agricultural production, employment and wage rates, income distribution, expenditure and savings, price levels, foreign trade, public finance and monetary conditions. Considers world economy in 1986 which will not change much from 1985. Gives statistical information on Thailand economic forecast for 1986, considering economic growth rate, livestock and fisheries, agriculture, non-agriculture, price level ...Continue Reading English 41124
Modernization in Asia and the Pacific: The Cultural Environment Byung-Kyu Kang Focuses on the exploration and methodical investigation of all avenues and approaches to the future. Studies Asian-Pacific regionalism, analyzing its trend and future prospect. Reviews social and cultural approaches to community-building in Asia and the Pacific. Mentions hopeful prospects and concepts of community. Discusses development in international social welfare. Lists some current issues and principles of community development. Relat ...Continue Reading English 19612
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