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Country Report of the ASEAN Assessment on the Social Impact of the Global Financial Crisis: Lao PDR Presents the result from a project implemented by World Bank and the ASEAN Secretariat.Deals with the impact of the crisis and the Lao government's response. Summarizes that there has been no substantial impact in Lao PDR. Notes some negative effects on trade and the natural resource sector households' vulnerabilities caused by increasing global market integration negative implications for workers in the garment and jewelry industries and ex ...Continue Reading English 86534
Preparation for Flow of Labor in the ASEAN Community, Final report Provides background information on ASEAN Community, focusing on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Compares organizational structure, administration, and working method between European Union (EU) and ASEAN. Explains preparedness and strategies of Thailand before moving forward to ASEAN, focusing on preparedness under strategies of the 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016), the government policy, and roles of Thai ministri ...Continue Reading Thai 86522
Navigating a Changing World Economy: ASEAN, the People's Republic of China, and India Petri, Peter A. Serves as a background paper to an Asian Development Bank report. Notes that most projections envision continued rapid growth in the ASEAN member states, China, and India (collectively, ACI) over the next two decades. Forecasts that by 2030, ACI could quadruple their output, virtually eliminate extreme poverty, and dramatically transform the lives of their more than 3 billion citizens. Examines the likely effects of ACI's growth on trade, reso ...Continue Reading English 86511
ASEAN Human Rights Declaration and the Phnom Penh Statement on the Adoption of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD) Contains the entire text of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD), adopted at the 21st ASEAN Summit held Phnom Penh in November 2012. Begins by affirming general principles such as non-discrimination rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children, the disabled, and migrants and universality of all human rights. Notes that 'the realization of human rights must be considered in the regional and national context bearing in mind differen ...Continue Reading English 86507
ASEAN Framework Action Plan on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (2011-2015) Outlines the priorities, plan of action, and operational strategies of ASEAN in its poverty eradication efforts during 2011-2015. Aims to support the sustainable development of rural areas and the eradication of food insecurity in the ASEAN region. Notes that 70% of the poor in Southeast Asia live in rural areas and are active in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Adds that the growing urban poverty is rooted out of rural poverty. Outlines r ...Continue Reading English 86495
The Evolution of EU-Asia Relations: 2001-2011 Cameron, Fraser Deals with the European Commission's communication Europe and Asia: A Strategic Framework for Enhanced Partnerships issued in 2001, which set out a comprehensive strategic framework for the grouping's relations with Asia. Reviews the European Union's efforts to implement the six main aims outlined in the communication. Argues that foreign policy decisions, institutional disputes and the eurozone crisis have damaged EU attempts to portray itse ...Continue Reading English 86403
Human Rights Norms and the Evolution of ASEAN: Moving Without Moving in a Changing Regional Environment Narine, Shaun Deals with the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), which has been criticized as lacking the power to enforce state compliance. Argues that AICHR is properly understood as a part of ASEAN's efforts to rejuvenate its international reputation, rather than as a normative shift by ASEAN members towards more interest in human rights. Examines the circumstances around the creation of AICHR, reviewing a process that began in the ...Continue Reading English 86363
Identity and Security: Identity Distance Theory and Regional Affairs in Northeast and Southeast Asia Ryu, Yongwook Tests the effect of identity on international security by analyzing the emergence of mutual threat perception in Sino-Japanese relations increasingly conflictual relations between Korea and Japan after Korea's democratization the establishment of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and the settlement of key territorial disputes by ASEAN countries. Illustrates that Northeast Asia (NEA) has become a region of conflict wit ...Continue Reading English 86319
The Impact Clause by Free Movement of Professionals Under the ASEAN Economic Community on Relevant Provision of Thai Laws Sataporn Sairean Aims to study the impact arising from the movement of natural persons into Thailand as a recipient country, focusing on the enforcement of the immigration law. Provides the free movement of professionals under General Agreement on Trade in Service (GATS), ASEAN Framework Agreement on Service (AFAS), and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Discusses the results after having a free movement of professionals related to economics, social, and culture. ...Continue Reading Thai 86281
Global and Regional Regulatory Changes of Foreign Direct Investment: Challenges and Opportunities for the ASEAN in the Wake of the Recent Turmoil Suthiphand Chirathivat Deals with the background on foreign direct investment (FDI) in the ASEAN. Gives information on the role of FDI in Southeast Asia. Studies financial crisis and trends in FDI. Describes the impact of the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Illustrates the impact of each ASEAN member state experienced during this period. Presents the investment regimes in the ASEAN countries. Discusses the global context and regional responses for FDI. Studies th ...Continue Reading English 86229
Labour Market Integration and Policy Response in East and South-East Asia Suthiphand Chirathivat Deals with an overview of labour market integration and policy in East and South-East Asia (ESEA). Defines the labour market integration within the global context of regional economic integration. Presents a broad conceptual background of labour market integration. Introduces labour market integration as a direct reflection of the extent of factor mobility and trade between two economies. Shows the recent experiences of labour mobility in ESE ...Continue Reading English 86217
ASEAN Environmental Law, Policy and Governance: Selected Documents, Volume 2 Evaluates the compilation of selection of documents, focusing on environmental law which is wide-ranging and straddles the three 'ASEAN pillars', namely, political-security, economic and social-culture communities. Deals with sectoral areas including nature conservation and biodiversity, trans-boundary pollution, water resources managements, animal and human health, and energy and climate change. Mentions that ASEAN has a vital role to play in ...Continue Reading English 85999
On the Road to the AEC...How Can SMEs Adapt and Thrive? Reviews how SMEs in Thailand adapt and thrive before entering to AEC in 2015. Discusses business environment that affects SMEs i.e. minimum wage, labour shortage, and labour productivity. Analyzes direct and indirect effect of increasing minimum wage rate and labour productivity. Explains how SMEs look forward and prepare themselves for competition in AEC. Focuses on trade opportunities on border trade with four neighboring countries, includi ...Continue Reading Thai 85967
EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st Century: Strategic Partnership in the Making Explores the long-neglected EU and ASEAN political relationship, giving an overview of the current state of relations: where do we stand? Compares the impact of the end of the cold war on the integration processes in ASEAN and the EU. Surveys what extent the EU is assisting ASEAN states in responding to various non-traditional security crises in Southeast Asia, including finance, health and environment. Investigates recent concerns about the po ...Continue Reading English 85952
ASEAN Committee on Women (ACW) Work Plan (2011-2015) Describes the Asia-Pacific Human Development Report, which defines gender equality as giving both men and women equal access to capabilities so that they have the freedom to choose opportunities that improve their lives . Outlines the evolution of ASEAN's institutional and legal framework related to gender equality, noting linkages and complementarities with other multilateral bodies such as United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) an ...Continue Reading English 85905
Regional and Country Reports of the ASEAN Assessment on the Social Impact of the Global Financial Crisis Monitors the social impacts of the Global Financial Crisis. Studies on different topics such as the global economic slowdown in ASEAN member states. Analyzes labour market impacts, health outcomes and school enrollment. Discusses poverty and welfare of each ASEAN member state. Deals with social protection policy and responses to the crisis. Introduces the recent evolution of social protection system in ASEAN. Lists all social protection res ...Continue Reading English 85868
When Human Capital Becomes a Commodity: Philippines in Global Economic Changes and the Implications for the Development of Non-State Institutions Goode, Angelo Augustus Salting Examines the export of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as an effect of globalization using the International Political Economy (IPE) approach. Reviews the history of human capital export in the Philippines from the beginning of the Marcos regime in 1965 to the present.Examines domestic factors that fostered the growth of the OFW industry, such as high unemployment, high fertility rate, encouraging government policy, or the outsourcing of private ...Continue Reading English 85714
Developing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Into a Global Services Hub Compiles research papers about global service hub of two sectors. Studies health service and creative service in contributing to the coming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in six countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Gives argument that not only income, employment, foreign exchange earning generation of health service and creative service, but also regional integration is resulted from the two s ...Continue Reading English 85708
Building a People-Oriented Security Community the ASEAN Way Collins, Alan, 1967- Provides the importance of ASEAN's constitutive norm on security communities. Looks at how ASEAN has interpreted people-oriented as empowering civil society organizations to be community stakeholders. Discusses the uncertainty between how ASEAN envisages their roles, and the expected roles. Evaluates civil society actors to determine what interpretation of people-oriented is likely to emerge. Examines functional cooperation through case studi ...Continue Reading English 85654
Model Power or Reference Point? The EU and the ASEAN Charter Wong, Reuben Argues that the European Union (EU) does exert some influence over ASEAN, but merely as a point of reference, not as a model power. Disagrees with scholars who reduce ASEAN's institutionalization to an imitation of the EU form without the substance. Describes the significant steps in ASEAN's growth and evolution to become the primary regional organization in Southeast Asia and the role played by the EU in this process. Briefly provides the ASE ...Continue Reading English 85555
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