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Development of SME in ASEAN with Reference to Indonesia and Thailand Tambunan, Tulus Examines recent development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), their experiences during the 1997/98 Asian financial crisis, and their main constraints in member countries of ASEAN with special reference to Indonesia and Thailand. Looks at the role of SMEs in the economy, dealing with SMEs in ASEAN in terms of performance, impacts from the 1997/98 economic crisis, and constraints. Concludes how SMEs are of importance in ASEAN countries, esp ...Continue Reading English 81873
Economic Development of Cambodia in The ASEAN Context: Policies and Strategies Keat, Chnoy Summarizes key issues underlying the concept and policy of economic integration and its prospects for Cambodia. Presents a comparison of the situation and key economic indicators of Cambodia and ASEAN member countries to identify the common denominators of ASEAN economic structures, the scope and economic strength of Cambodia. Discusses the Cambodian Government's policies and strategies to prepare for entry into the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) ...Continue Reading English 81559
The 17th ASEAN Summit: Getting Closer to a Community Fitriani, Evi Introduces the 17th ASEAN Summit which ten heads of states of ASEAN will meet in Hanoi in 2010 to craft the roadmap for ASEAN community building. Analyzes how Vietnam has been trying to enhance its regional role as a mediator and catalyst of the regional community-building process. Considers realistic action to implement the vision towards the ASEAN community, mentioning the topics of social interaction among the people in ASEAN member countrie ...Continue Reading English 81398
Towards a Political Economy Explanation of Rapid Growth in ASEAN: A Survey and Analysis Hill, Hal Studies the rapid economic development of the four high-growth economies of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand) over the past 30 years until mid 1997. Provides a brief review of the major determinants of international differences in economic performance, drawing on both the economic growth and the East Asian miracle literature. Presents a confirmation that these determining factors have been operative to some extents ...Continue Reading English 81228
Report of the First Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region Introduces that the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint lays out the importance of industrial relations within the ASEAN region. Presents report of the First Regional Seminar on Industrial Relations in the ASEAN Region, aiming to disseminate to a wider audience the good industrial relations practices shared by the tripartite representatives of the ASEAN member states during the seminar held on 26-27 February 2009 in Boyor, Indonesia. ...Continue Reading English 81184
A Selective Approach to Establishing a Human Rights Mechanism in South East Asia: The Case for a Southeast Asian Court of Human Rights Hao Duy Phan Introduces an institutional theory of human rights protection, concerning the role of international institutions in international relations, the protection of human rights, and state behaviour. Examines the legal framework of human rights protection in Southeast Asia, focusing on domestic framework for human rights protection, attitude towards the international human rights system, and ASEAN human rights cooperation. Revisits the process of cre ...Continue Reading English 81174
Thailand Business Legal Handbook Reflects recent changes in Thai political and legal landscapes due to increased awareness of consumers' rights, technological advancement, business diversification, and the need to reorganize the regulation of financial institutions. Gives an overview of Thailand's institutional background, including constitutional monarchy and the court system. Reviews investment promotion in the context of AFTA. Reviews possible forms of business organizatio ...Continue Reading English 81031
Love Local, Love Democracy: Supporting Thai Women into Politics Deals with women's role in politics in Thailand at national, local and central government level, mentioning women's role in politics in ASEAN countries. Describes the reasons why women have to participate in politics. Considers international obligation, constitution of Thailand B.E. 2550, women development plan in the Tenth National Economic and Social Development Plan (B.E. 2550-2554), the benefit, problems/obstacles of women's participation i ...Continue Reading Thai 79986
Opportunities for Seeking Benefits from ASEAN-EU Free Trade Agreement, Final Report Considers trade and investment relations among the European Union (EU), ASEAN and Thailand, including the study on the impact of ASEAN-EU free trade agreement (FTA). Analyzes the EU's partnership cooperation agreement (PCA), focusing on the links between PCA and FTA. Indicates the benefits of the EU's generalized system of preference (GSP) and potential benefits of the Thailand-EU FTA. Provides information on EU's regulations and standards, re ...Continue Reading Thai 79898
ASEAN Community in Figures ACIF 2009 Contains statistical information on key characteristics and trends in ASEAN's general economy, trade, investment, tourism, population, labor force, health, education and poverty. Includes updates on selected indicators in the ASEAN Statistical Yearbook. Divides the tables into nine categories, dealing with ASEAN and the World, ASEAN trade aggregates, ASEAN trade dependency, ASEAN trade liberalization, ASEAN trade in priority integration sectors ...Continue Reading English 79672
Journal of Sahasat Contains articles on self-control theory, studying contemporary theory and research in criminology and criminal justice. Looks at graduate education needs in Eastern region of Thailand, studying drug problem solving with an emphasis on the role of Thailand in its move toward the drug-free ASEAN 2015. Presents researches on an analysis of offending patterns of public fraud cases, studying approaches in protecting individual witnesses in criminal ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 79201
In Solidarity: Proceedings of the Third Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum and the Asia Pacific Regional Consultation on Women Human Rights Defenders, 18-20 January 2009, Windsor Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum and the Asia Pacific Regional Consultation (2009 : Bangkok, Thailand) Reports the Third Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum, making an assessment of the implementation of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in their countries. Discusses what had been achieved since the Declaration's adoption, and what needs to be done for the Declaration's implementation on the ground. Deals with introduction of the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders (HRD), HRDs and freedom of expression, co ...Continue Reading English 78749
Migrants, Migration and Development in the Great Mekong Subregion: Proceedings of the Workshop on 15-16 July 2008, Vientiane, Lao PDR Workshop on Migrants, Migration and Development in the Great Mekong Subregion (2008 : Vientiane, Lao PDR) Summarizes the presentations and open forums, giving an overview of migration and development discourse. Deals with migration & development and its implication in Mekong, the gender dimensions of international migration & development, and ASEAN's vision on migration and development. Reviews the development policies and projects in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), dealing with ACB support to regional cooperation & integration initiatives in A ...Continue Reading English 78094
World Trade in the Period of FTA (Free Trade Area) Chanin Phitayawiwit Presents the evolution of international trade and investment, dealing with types of investment, foreign direct investment, and international business. Considers economic integration in terms of free trade area, customs union, common market, economic union, and political union. Sheds lights on international trade organizations e.g. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), APEC, NAFTA, ASEM, CEFTA. Describes the background of World Trade O ...Continue Reading Thai 77835
Hard Choices: Security, Democracy, and Regionalism in Southeast Asia Compiles conference papers on regionalism in Asia, analyzing how Southeast Asia faces hard choices. Pays major attention to ASEAN's nontraditional security (NTS). Introduces the critical terms of security, democracy, and regionalism. Assesses ASEAN's sovereignty rules and institutional reform. Discusses issues regarding ASEAN i.e. political development and democracy agenda for ASEAN, Myanmar and ASEAN. Looks at environmental problems in ASEA ...Continue Reading English 77227
Tobacco Control and Sustainable Development, Regional Workshop on 7-8 October 2008, Manila, Philippines Regional Workshop on Tobacco Control and Sustainable Development (2008 : Manila, Philippines) Introduces ASEAN declaration of tobacco control and sustainable development. Provides workshop summary, covering presentations of evidence and case studies on the adverse health effects of tobacco use, the plight of tobacco farmers in ASEAN countries, and how tobacco exacerbates poverty of individuals and countries. Examines the economics and supply side of tobacco and alternatives to tobacco farming, including recommendations to alleviate toba ...Continue Reading English 77002
Human Rights and Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities, 7th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights, Budapest, Hungary, 22-23 February 2006 Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights (7th : 2006 : Budapest, Hungary) Compiles reports presented at the seminar of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Foreign Ministers in Singapore in February 1997. Shows how Sweden and France proposed the organization of informal seminars on human rights which to be held within the ASEM framework. Discusses why it is important to have an Asia-Europe Dialogue on Human Rights. Aims to promote better mutual understanding and co-operation on human right issues. Encourages an open and ...Continue Reading English 76993
Community Market Development for Developing Sustainable Community Economy in Tambon On-Tai, Sankamphaeng district, Chiang Mai National Conference of Economists 2008 on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai) Studies economic and social conditions including local people's opinions toward the community fair management in the past, present, and future to make a strategic plan to form an appropriate fair managing method towards sustainable development of community market. Uses the SWOT and Balance Scorecard analysis, describing the market strategy, i.e., creating an appropriate pattern of market management and structuring, facilitating area factors, dev ...Continue Reading Thai 76795
Past, Present, and Prospects for Thailand's Growth: A Labor Market Perspective Sra Chuenchoksan Investigates Thailand's growth developments from 1972 to 2007 by using growth accounting and econometric estimation methodologies. Deals with the projects that forward Thailand's supply-side long term potential growth till 2035. Analyzes labour productivity and labour market developments. Highlights the macroeconomic impact of Thailand's ageing population. Shows how twenty years ago the story of Thailand's growth was remarkable. Presents how ...Continue Reading English 76772
The Development of Border Town Special Economic Zone and Thai and Myanmar Labor Migration Kiriya Kulkolkarn Studies the impact of the development of border town special economic zone on Thai and Myanmar labor migration. Examines the emigration and immigration of Thai labor both men and women to nearby and distant provinces i.e. Chiang Rai, Tak, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Nong Khai, Udon Thani, and Sa Kaeo. Analyzes the determinants of Thai labor migration between provinces and foreign labor migration to border provinces of Thailand. Thai 76766
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