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ASCC: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability


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Adaptation to Climate Change: ASEAN and Comparative Experiences Investigates how ASEAN member states deal with climate change and ecosystems, comparing to other Asia-Pacific islanders' experience, including China, Kenya, Mesoamerica, Taiwan and other developing countries. Deals with coastal warming and sea level rise. Studies legal framework, policies, and governance to handle climate change and ecosystems, such as water management in Mesoamerica, legal and policy reform for ecosystems in Malaysia, new poli ...Continue Reading English 94178
Project on Preparation of Industrial and Business Sector on Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy to Support the Accession to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Final Report

Studies renewable energy and energy efficiency industry in 10 ASEAN countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Investigates demand and supply of the mentioned industry relating to technology, materials, products and services, market competitiveness, each state's policies, rules and regulations, and other ASEAN's agreements in coherent with the industry. Prioritizes f ...Continue Reading

Thai 94070
Southeast Asia Energy Outlook: World Energy Outlook Special report Looks at the situation of energy in Southeast Asia, considering energy demand, energy resources, supply and trade, fossil-fuel subsidies, modern energy access, and future development. Gives an overview of primary energy demand, outlook for end-use sectors, and outlook for the power sector. Mentions energy demand trends in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. Covers fossil fuel resources and supply potential in terms of resources and ...Continue Reading English 93310
Tourism Supply Chains and Natural Disasters: The Vulnerability Challenge and Business Continuity Models for ASEAN Countries Breiling, Meinhard Considers the challenges of tourism development as exemplified by the value and supply chains from local to global level. Looks at types of tourism in the value chain, and leveraging value from touristic and non-touristic business. Describes the development of the global tourism value chain, equality between tourists and hosts as a value factor, resource management and the tourism value chain, and the tourism supply chain. Considers the touris ...Continue Reading English 93304
Linking Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security in ASEAN Discusses on food security in terms of ASEAN Socio-Cultural (ASCC) blueprint and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) blueprint. Revisits the food security under AEC aspect and the climate change impact on food security from socio-cultural perspective. Argues 3 reasons necessarily to address the food security in relation to climate change and disaster risk under the ASCC blueprint. Covers the ASCC scope that mostly includes environment security, cli ...Continue Reading English 92765
Tracking Clean Energy Progress in ASEAN Member States and Analysis of Implementation Deficits Venkatachalam Anbumozhi Discusses on ASEAN clean energy adoption for products and services among low-income households, employees, and business owners. Traces energy issues in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), clean energy target and implementation deficits in ASEAN in terms of economic perspectives. Demonstrates 'polluter pays' as a fiscal policy framework to accelerate the use of clean energy, such as Green incentive, subsidies or tax break for green energy enter ...Continue Reading English 92757
Empowering Communities and Countries to Conserve Biodiversity at the National and ASEAN Levels: Status, Challenges, and Ways Forward Sajise, Percy E. Defines biodiversity, agro-biodiversity and the importance of ASEAN where 3 of 17 mega biodiverse countries of the world located, namely Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. Analyzes status, capacity, opportunity and challenges of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Mentions 10 goals to conserve the biodiversity. Identifies action plans to protect agro-biodiversity, as well as plant genetic reso ...Continue Reading English 92671
Transboundary Haze Pollution Problem in Southeast Asia : Reframing ASEAN's Response Apichai Sunchindah Deals with transboundary haze pollution caused by agricultural burning which leads to catastrophic land and forest fires in 2013 for parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, as well as in 2015 for partial Lao PDR, Myanmar and Thailand. Identifies root causes and impact of land fires and boundary haze which affects health, transportation, tourism and other issues. Emphasizes potential solutions and suggestes ways forward, focusing ...Continue Reading English 92669
Study on Effective Power Infrastructure Investment Through Power Grid Interconnections in East Asia Aims to analyze an optimum power generation mix for Asian countries and discuss existing power development plans. Introduces a study on possibility and benefits of ASEAN's intra-regional power-grid interconnections among Vietnam, Lao PDR, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. Provides feasibility analysis of 3 selected routes namely, Thailand-Lao PDR, Vietnam-Lao PDR-Thailand, and Lao PDR-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore. Identifies institutional and ...Continue Reading English 92663
Thought/Issues Paper on ASEAN Food Security: Towards a more Comprehensive Framework Desker, Barry Notes that food security is fundamental to human security and sustainable development. Argues that as ASEAN moves towards an integrated community of caring societies in 2015 and beyond. Cites that food security should be an integral part of the ASEAN community building agenda and deserves more attention than it has been getting in the AEC Blueprint. Contends that ASEAN needs to be infused with a new thinking on food security that is responsive ...Continue Reading English 87960
Advancing a People's ASEAN Continuing Dialogue 2nd ASEAN People's Forum 5th ASEAN Civil Society Conference (2009 : Phetchaburi) Reports on the 2nd ASEAN People's Forum/5th ASEAN Civil Society Conference held in October 2009 in Cha-am, Thailand. Presents discussions that took place among different groups and individuals of the ASEAN civil society sector as well as with some government representatives, noting that these discussions focused on the four main issues of socio-economic aspects socio-cultural aspects political and security aspects and the environment. Indica ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 87810
Towards a Green Economy: In Search of Sustainable Energy Policies for the Future Outlines the landscape of experiments with energy policies in nine different countries, namely the United States, China, India, Brazil, Malaysia, Laos, France, Germany, and Australia. Compiles a series of essays written by scholars from various continents. Mentions that the transition to clean energy is still at an embryonic stage, adding that as this transition involves hard choices politically, economically, and technologically, and countries ...Continue Reading English 87310
Reconciling Trade and Environmental Protection in ASEAN-China Relations: More than Political Window Dressing? Dosch, Jorn Discusses the growing pro-environment rhetoric within ASEAN, in China and in ASEAN-China relations, whether or not, it has resulted in the effective mainstreaming of environmental issue into trade agreements and multilateral cooperation frameworks. Studies the issue in particular cases of the ASEAN China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) and the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS). Argues that there is no shortage of national and regional policy agendas that v ...Continue Reading English 87263
Networked Knowledge(s)?: Forest Certification and the Politics of Expertise in Malaysia Lewis, Robin Anne Presents conceptual framework for the study related to globalization and the environment, certification geographies, and science and technology studies. Studies project's methodology by adopting a multi-method approach that takes an interactive approach to data collection and analysis, culminating in an institutional ethnography of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) government system. Discusses the evolution and operation of the M ...Continue Reading English 87016
Health and Environmental Impacts from the 1997 ASEAN Haze in Southern Thailand Studies the existing problems of changes in meteorology, air quality, health effects in order to prepare for proper mitigation measure in the future. Introduces background of air pollution and health research in Thailand. Describes the forest fires and forest management from 1997 haze in Southern Thailand. Discusses the national and local attempts to prevent and control forest fires in the context of sound forest management. Compares meteorol ...Continue Reading English 86658
Impact of Production Linkages on Industrial Upgrading in ASEAN, the People's Republic of China, and India: Organizational Evidence of a Global Supply Chain Machikita, Tomohiro Presents a simple model of industrial upgrading as a result of backward and forward information linkages between upstream and downstream relations. Investigates the impact of mutual knowledge exchange on the knowledge production function, using data on customers and suppliers of firms in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Discusses the development of South-South trade within ASEAN. Finds that there are strong spillover effects betwe ...Continue Reading English 86523
Climate Change and Price Volatility: Can We Count on the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve? Deals with the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR), which was created by the ASEAN Plus Three to meet food relief requirements resulting from natural disasters and other emergency situations. Evaluates the effectiveness of the APTERR as a mechanism for addressing food security by conducting econometric analysis of the impact of monthly trade flows on domestic prices. Focuses on China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietn ...Continue Reading English 86505
ASEAN Framework Action Plan on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (2011-2015) Outlines the priorities, plan of action, and operational strategies of ASEAN in its poverty eradication efforts during 2011-2015. Aims to support the sustainable development of rural areas and the eradication of food insecurity in the ASEAN region. Notes that 70% of the poor in Southeast Asia live in rural areas and are active in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Adds that the growing urban poverty is rooted out of rural poverty. Outlines r ...Continue Reading English 86495
Multi-Level Governance the ASEAN Way Schreurs, Miranda A Notes that regional cooperation in Southeast Asia has been strongly influenced by its history. Explains that independence was slow to come to many Southeast Asian states, and often followed by bloody internal strife, dictatorships and military rule. Reviews the creation of an ASEAN Community from 1967 until 2010, including the adoption of the community blueprints in 2009. Comments on the pressures ASEAN has felt for the development of more regi ...Continue Reading English 86469
Public Administration and Public Affairs: Challenges and Prospects in ASEAN and Beyond, Thailand International Conference on August 30-31, 2012, Bangkok, Thailand Thailand International Conference on (2012 : Bangkok) Provides an executive summary in Thai as well as the program of the conference held in Bangkok on 30-31 August 2012. Compiles 23 full papers and 10 abstracts of presentations made during the conference. Deals with the major themes of public reform in Japan women, gender and civil rights disaster and resources management public sector reform and government in the Philippines policy and social policy public policy in Indonesia local adminis ...Continue Reading English 86307
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