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The Economic Perspective of ASEAN Paterno, Vicente T Focuses on the impact of the economic slow-down in the developed capitalist countries and policies they adopted to fight inflation in the economies of the ASEAN countries. Observes the trade pattern of the ASEAN countries in 1968. Demonstrates ASEAN's value in increasing the region's leverage in negotiating with the rich countries. Considers ASEAN's importance as a supplier and a market for the industrial countries. Notes the attempts of the ...Continue Reading English 26260
Singapore's National Day, August 9, 1972 Gives a message from Mr. Chi Owyang, Singapore's Ambassador to Thailand, for the celebration of Singapore's National Day on August 9, 1972 marking seven years of independence. Reports on the true birth of modern Singapore, its business success, Singapore as a base for an Asian dollar market, its reputation as one of the world's busiest and progressive ports, Singapore's gross national product, its stock market, an efficient telecommunication ser ...Continue Reading English 25763
Singapore Analyzes the politics of Singapore particularly the cost of entering and losing in politics. Discusses two aspects of Singaporean Government's foreign policy: a United States presence in Southeast Asia to counter Russian influence, and the improvement of relations with neighboring countries. Describes the economy of the country, noting trade relations with the EEC and ASEAN. Tabulates statistics of labor and industry, trade, finance, transp ...Continue Reading English 24666
Philippines Considers the Philippines under the martial law promulgated by President Ferdinand Marcos on September 21, 1973 and studies the main motivation behind the promulgation of this martial law. States that social values were also subjected to changes under the law particularly in terms of the Government's land reform program, the national language, labor under the new order, population increase, cultural minorities, press censorship, and the Roman Ca ...Continue Reading English 24665
Indonesia Presents Indonesia in terms of politics, foreign affairs, foreign relations, economics, and infrastructure English 24656
Economic Cooperation Centre for the Asian and Pacific Region (ECOCEN), Annual Report 1972/1973 Focuses on the redirection of the ECOCEN work program for 1972/1973. Reports on the ECOCEN Second Year in terms of its staff status, finance budget, Director's visits, visitors to ECOCEN, ASPAC 7th Ministerial Meeting and the creation of a Sub-Committee, and relations with other organizations. Contains members and meetings of the Executive Board, and the surveys and workshops of the work program 1972-1973. Discusses the progress report of cer ...Continue Reading English 23886
Interview: Dr. Prachoom Chomchai Interviews Dr. Prachoom Chomchai, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University about the implications of the energy crisis on Thailand's development plan. Points out the immediate effects of the oil crisis on the Thai economy particularly on industrial production and on labor forces. Discusses the political implications (noting the separatism in the South) of cutting off a part of Thailand by digging a canal. Asks the following o ...Continue Reading English 23653
Scope of Regional Economic Co-operation in Southeast Asia Ariff, K.A.M Assesses the scope for regional economic cooperation in Southeast Asia and examines what form it should take, especially in reference to Malaysia. Discusses the low intra-regional trade rate of the ASEAN countries and gives reasons for this figure. Gives arguments for a viable base for successful regional economic cooperation and discusses the form of cooperation. Uses the Malaysian situation as a case study. Includes map of Malaysia and tabl ...Continue Reading English 22156
Economic Integration in Asia Shin Joe Kang Calls for integration in Asia, citing as illustration political and economic conditions after W.W. II, the theoretical background of economic integration, and cooperative integration efforts in Asia. Discusses current status of regional cooperation and integration in Asia, noting the cooperation and integration schemes and plans of the 1950's and 1960's. Considers an integration scheme for the Southeast Asian and Pacific region, including condi ...Continue Reading English 21788
The Joint Communique, From ASEAN: the Fourth Ministerial Meeting Presents the communique issued at the end of the Fourth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. Summarizes detail of the meeting, including opening session, opening address of President Marcos of Philippines, and policy statements of ASEAN Minister for Foreign Affairs. Reviews opinions of Foreign Ministers to promote close consultation and co-operation at regional and international forums. Notes the importance of ASEAN activities and proposes new programs ...Continue Reading English 20851
Regionalism Has Gained Acceptance and Recognition Thanat Khoman Presents the speech of Dr. Khoman in the Fourth Ministerial Meeting of ASEAN in Manila. Urges making an attempt to find Asian solutions for Asian problems. Notes willingness of Japan in trying to achieve regional stability with other Asian countries. Points out the increasing acceptance and recognition of ASEAN among various nations and among international organizations, citing the UN and its agencies. Realizes that a sub-regional approach li ...Continue Reading English 20850
Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia: The First Two Years of ASEAN-1967-1969, Study I in the Guam Doctrine: Elements of Implementation Gives background and organization of ASEAN, detailing common objectives of member states, its external support sources-specifically Indonesia's and Thailand's commitment to it. Examines factors weakening ASEAN, citing lack of progress to date on joint projects, external opposition to ASEAN, weak commitment to ASEAN by Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, and bilateral disputes between member countries. Concludes with the opinion that there ...Continue Reading English 20456
Pacificism and the Challenge of Japan Manglapus, Raul S Discusses the theory of pacificism, the Pacific community, in terms of a possible framework for future cooperation and development in Asia. Describes Japan's role of leadership in this Asia community. Examines the Japanese advances in technology and industry. Appraises their trading activities. Evaluates the prosperity of Japanese society and compares their standard of living with other Asian nations. Deals with the concept of economic nat ...Continue Reading English 18948
The Pacific Basin Johnson, U. Alexis Focuses on the Pacific Basin as an economic and political entity, pointing out that its existence is possible because of recent improvements in transportation and communication. Deals with the political climate of the area, noting growing sense of nationalism. Considers economic factors and comments on the Australia-Japan-US-Australia trade triangle. Mentions government-level regional organizations, including the Asian Development Bank, ASPAC, ...Continue Reading English 18746
Far Eastern Economic Review Polsky, Anthony Deals with Singapore's tourist industry. Considers the slogan of Instant Asia and its applicability to Singapore's racial diversity and compactness. Reports on tourist statistics, noting nationalities of visitors. Comments on American tourists's dissatisfaction with Singapore. Notes the boom in hotel building and relaxed government attitudes toward recreation facilities. Considers regional efforts aimed at developing tourism. Mentions pac ...Continue Reading English 11177
The National Administrative Reform Outlines the administration of the National Administrative Reform Council (NARC), citing the need to have a reform, foreign policy, the speech of the Prime Minister Thanin Kraiwixian, and the appointment of Constitution Drafting committee. Contains an announcement of 1976 constitution, the speech of Admiral Sangad Chaloyu-Chief of NARC, policy announcement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and an announcement of government policy. Deals with ...Continue Reading Thai 06470
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deals with the establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its responsibilities, and organization. Outlines early external relations, contact with the West, from extraterritoriality to equality, treaties of friendship, foreign assistance agreements, and Colombo Plan. Covers membership and participation in international organizations citing international organizations of which Thailand is a member, role in UN and related agencies, and tech ...Continue Reading English 03642
The ASEAN: Problems and Prospects in a Changing World Sarasin Viraphol Presents the proceedings of the Conference on the ASEAN: Problems and Prospects in a Changing World held at Chulalongkorn University during December 18-20, 1975. Focuses on the existing obstacles and problems of ASEAN with a view toward contributing to future endeavors in ensuring a degree of integration in the region. Delivers the welcoming statement of Professor. Toermsakdi Krisnamara, Rector of Chulalongkorn University the opening statem ...Continue Reading English 02797
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