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Models of Educational Institutions on Applied Multicultural Policies for the Promotion of ASEAN Identity Studies school models under the governmental project of 'Spirit of ASEAN' that best fit for multicultural diversity as to promote ASEAN Identity. Revisits research methodology and concepts of ASEAN cultural studies in terms of curriculum structure, curriculum management, and curriculum-community engagement. Explores regional school prototypes of multicultural education in Central, Southern, Northeastern and Northern Thailand. Covers their comm ...Continue Reading Thai 94466
Factors Affecting the Application of Policies to Promote Multicultural in tha Project of Spirit of ASEAN's Schools, Research Report Studies the consequence of multicultural policy implementation in schools under the governmental project 'Spirit of ASEAN', focusing on impact factors effecting the policy implementation. Aims to formulate guidelines and manuals for stakeholders to handle multicultural issues in schools. Revisits research methodology and concepts of multicultural and pluralism management in terms of ASEAN environment, social communication, good practices to pro ...Continue Reading Thai 94460
Folk Performing Arts in ASEAN : The SAC International Conference 2015 on 4th-6th September 2015 Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre, Bangkok, Thailand International Conference Folk Performing Arts in ASEAN (2015 : Bangkok) Studies an anthropology of ASEAN's folk performances. Compiles research papers and discussion on folk performing arts in terms of education and knowledge transferring, economics, politics, adaptation to pop culture, gender plurality, cultural identity, cultural networking, crisis and protection. Demonstrates promotion of folk performances in Lao PDR and Cambodia. Explicates touristic performing arts in Bali, Siam Niramit's, and in the Philippi ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 94411
ASEAN & Asian Conference on Literature & Culture (AACLC) Compiles photographs, speeches and viewpoints on the role of literature in ASEAN and Asia of 24 writers from 12 countries, covering Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Gives an overview of contemporary and current transition of ASEAN and Asian literature from views of Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand along with their examples. Explicates literature that conveys ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 94327
Music and Dance of ASEAN Covers information and photographs of music, music score, musical instruments, music bands, dances and other performing arts from 10 ASEAN countries, namely Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Traces common influences beyond music and art performance of this region, such as religion, beliefs, Indian and Chinese civilization. Discusses on evaluation of music inst ...Continue Reading Thai 94325
50 Years of the Chinese Community in Singapore Compiles 16 articles relating to Chinese communities in Singapore and their contributions to economic, cultural and social aspects as a memorial of the 50th Anniversary of Singapore Independence. Examines major Chinese organizations, covering Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) and its economic contributions Singapore Federal of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA) and its promotion on Chinese language, heritage, and culture i ...Continue Reading English 94174
From Bangkok to ASEAN: Handbook for ASEAN Languages Provides general background and common characteristics of ASEAN, covering culture and history, the Western influence, and the process of nationalism and independence. Highlights cultural dimension in term of languages in ASEAN. Presents conversation lessons in 10 languages used in ASEAN i.e. English, Chinese, Khmer, Tagalog, Brunei, Burmese, Melayu, Laos, Vietnamese, and Indonesian language. Gives basic conversation in each language with Thai ...Continue Reading Thai 93998
Filipino Communication: Addressing the Fallacy of Ambiguity in Hybrid Logical Conversation Bragas, Bernard Moreno Describes how Filipinos in their local conversations always commit the logical fallacy of ambiguity. Gives a sample of a fallacy that Filipinos always commit. Covers Filipinos' casual conversations and the way Filipinos communicate. Compares the high context cultures and the low context cultures in terms of acquaintances, authority, actions, and assumptions. English 93976
Reporting ASEAN: A Media Forum Lists the programme of Reporting ASEAN: A Media Forum , held on 31 March-2 April 2015 in Bangkok. Covers topics on the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), migrant workers in ASEAN, civil society, and freer movement of selected professionals. Includes biographies of speakers and reactors. English 93870
ASEAN and International Folktales Wajuppa Tossa Compiles varieties of folktales and storytelling from The Third International Storytelling Festival in Thailand 2015 under the theme Connecting ASEAN through Travels, Food Ways, Cultural Heritage, Religion and Arts . Covers folktales narrated by 36 ASEAN and international storytellers, from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Romania, South Korea, T ...Continue Reading English 93721
Southeast Asia, Past & Present SarDesai, D. R. Outlines chronologies of Southeast Asia from ancient to modern periods, evolving from diverse ethnic units, civilized states, to western colonial regimes, and finally to the 11 independent countries, namely Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PRD. Describes cultural heritage, covering lands and people, early kingdoms in mainland as well as in islands. Mentions ...Continue Reading English 93663
Towards the ASEAN Community Thanakit Provides general background and common characteristics of ASEAN, including Thailand's preparedness for entering ASEAN Community. Compiles information on 10 ASEAN countries in terms of history, culture, political system, tradition, local food, language, economy, and natural resources. Covers geography, education system, and vocabulary of ASEAN languages. Thai 93436
ASEAN + 3: Volume Three Travel Horton, Chris Provides information on ASEAN+3 travel. Highlights the country profiles of ASEAN countries and China, Japan, South Korea. Covers topics on travel preparation, visa issues, embassies, airports and transportation, daytrips and excursions, food and entertainment, rules and regulations for foreigners, and key business organizations. English 92895
ASEAN Insight Compiles articles from a documentary program on ASEAN culture, historical sites, and ways of live. Narrates Cambodian historical sites and tourist spots, namely Siem Reap, Angkor civilization, Landmine museum, Tonle Sap, and Cambodian nightlife. Visits Thailand regional civilization in Chiang Mai, Lampang, Kanchanaburi and Thai-Laos community on the bank of Mekong river. Wanders in Singapore through its urbanization, food culture, and Peranaka ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 92824
Engendering ASEAN Identity: the Role of Film Rosa, Jose Miguel R. de la Discusses on the role of film as a tool to convey sense of ASEAN community as well as to reflect cultural lives, heritage, value and traditions. Reviews film development status in ASEAN member states. Focuses on the FILM ASEAN concept, proposed mechanism, and recommendation for the working group in accordance with ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint. English 92816
History of Wound in ASEAN and Problem of Nation-State Boundary: Remainder from the Delivering of 4 Malay States to England in 1909 Tanonrat Naktang Narrates history and problematic legacy of 4 Malay states in current Malaysia's territory, covering Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu. Outlines state occupation from Siamese governance from Sukhothai Period to British colonialization in 1909 and became a part of Malaysia in 1963. Traces the embedded political, ethnical, and territorial conflicts due to previous negotiations with England. Mentions Thai diaspora in Malaysia, social benefit ...Continue Reading Thai 92787
Shared Cultures and Shared Geography: Can There Ever Be a Sense of Common ASEAN Identity and Awareness? Noor, Farish A. Discusses on national histories and national identities of post-colonial Southeast Asian countries. Investigates construction of sense of Southeast Asia in response to geopolitics, geostrategic, and modernity aspects. Argues perception traps in national history written by pioneer historian during1950s-1960s. Proposes different ways to understand Southeast Asian identity which is full of complexity and pluralism. English 92748
Growing Up With the Nation Jaafar, Ahmad Kamil Offers a treatise on Malaysian foreign policy as seen through the eyes of Tan Sri Kamil, a Malaysian diplomat well known within ASEAN for his role as negotiator and mediator. Traces the formulation and implementation of Malaysia's foreign policy since its independence in 1957. Reviews the author's formative years from childhood until he joined the foreign service, a childhood spent in a multinational setting. Describes how Malaysia met internal ...Continue Reading English 87953
India-Thailand Relations Through Ages: Historical Links to Contemporary Convergences Ghosh, Lipi Explains that India and Thailand both have age-old histories of ancient civilization and reciprocal contacts. Begins with a review of Indo-Thai relations and the events of theof Bengal. Points out that reconstruction of the trajectory of social change in either mainland or peninsular Southeast Asia - today's ASEAN region - can only be undertaken once the extent and nature of sailing networks have been demarcated. Argues that the acceptance of a ...Continue Reading English 87941
ASEAN Literature: Identity, Development and Impact on Contemporary Societies: International Conference on 22-23 August 2013 at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand International conference on ASEAN literature : Identity, development and impact on contemporary societies (2013 : Ramkhamhaeng University) Reports the speeches and papers presented at this international conference held in August 2013. Deals with regional identities and shared values seen through the prism of the Ramayana. Comments on Philippine literary works in Spanish. Examines the mixed cultural influences on Philippine history and culture. Looks at the resemblance of Rama stories in different ASEAN literatures and investigates the identity of the Thai Ramakien. Studies women' ...Continue Reading English 87818
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