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Thai-Chinese Relations: Security and Strategic Partnership Chulacheep Chinwanno Aims to analyze the strategic relations between Thailand and the People's Republic of China in 1975-2007. Notes that changes in the strategic landscape in the 1970s played important roles in pushing Thailand and China towards normalization in 1975. Describes how strategic convergences over the Cambodian crisis in 1980s brought about security cooperation between the two countries. Highlights Thai-Chinese relations in the post-Cold War period. ...Continue Reading English 78309
ASEAN+1, +3, +6Summits: To Boost Confidence & Relieve Economic Impacts Considers the cancellation of the ASEAN+1, ASEAN+3, and ASEAN+6 Summits which were to be held in Pattaya on April 11, 2009. Analyzes how the postponement of the summits and tentative agreements may inhibit trade and investment with the other ASEAN summit attendees, and will lose some export opportunities due to delays in market liberalization and actions. Looks at the effect of the cancellation on Thai economy, due to decelerating exports, inve ...Continue Reading Thai 78277
14th ASEAN Summit: Opportunities and Challenges Considers how the 14th ASEAN summit, during 27 February - 1 March 2009, will affect the prospects for Thailand's trade and investment. Expects the Summit to implement short- and long-term measures to withstand the economic crisis. Analyzes Thailand's benefit in short- and medium-and long terms from the ASEAN agreement. Raises major hindrances to the integration into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Deals with economic inequality and legal ...Continue Reading Thai 77431
Poverty Reduction Through Sustainable Fisheries: Emerging Policy and Governance Issues in Southeast Asia Compiles articles on priority research areas and policy directions for increasing and sustaining benefits from fish production for the rural poor in Southeast Asia. Gives on overview of the links between fisheries and poverty in developing countries, with a focus on Southeast Asia. Looks at fish and the poor in Cambodia, considering the past trends and future projections of demand and supply structure of fish in Asia. Studies the regional eco ...Continue Reading English 77351
Burma VS. Myanmar: What's in a Name? Dittmer, Lowell Reports the State Law and Order Protection Council (SLORC) decided to use the name Myanmar for the country and Yangon for the former capital city. Discusses the use of the lexicographical names Burma and Myanmar . Reviews the country's historical experiences and political trajectories from its independence in February 1947 and more than four decades of military dictatorships. Explains the historic agreement between General Aung San, hea ...Continue Reading English 77252
Strategic Currents: Emerging Trends in Southeast Asia Reflects some of the issues during the transition period for ASEAN and for Southeast Asia. Considers ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) towards preventive diplomacy, covering the ASEAN Charter controversy, the ASEAN Community, and prospects for an ASEAN nuclear cooperation. Presents the sections on Myanmar challenge, climate change, political economy and regionalism, Singapore and Southeast Asia, regional security, Southeast Asia and the regional power ...Continue Reading English 77203
Human Rights and Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Minorities, 7th Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights, Budapest, Hungary, 22-23 February 2006 Informal ASEM Seminar on Human Rights (7th : 2006 : Budapest, Hungary) Compiles reports presented at the seminar of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Foreign Ministers in Singapore in February 1997. Shows how Sweden and France proposed the organization of informal seminars on human rights which to be held within the ASEM framework. Discusses why it is important to have an Asia-Europe Dialogue on Human Rights. Aims to promote better mutual understanding and co-operation on human right issues. Encourages an open and ...Continue Reading English 76993
Study Project on Impacts of Free Trade Area Upon Business Entrepreneurs and Thai Services, Final Report, Volume 2 Continues the content from Volume 1, studying the impacts of the Free Trade Area (FTA) on Thai trade and service business entrepreneurs. Focuses on the four countries influencing trade in the service sector of the world, namely the US, Japan, China, and Australia in order to estimate the directions and trends of competitiveness in each service sector.Describes the information on advantages and disadvantages of partner countries, dividing into tw ...Continue Reading Thai 76895
Study Project on Impacts of Free Trade Area Upon Business Entrepreneurs and Thai Services, Final Report, Volume 1 Studies the impacts of the Free Trade Area (FTA) on Thai trade and service business entrepreneurs, outlining the background of the study project. Provides the in-depth analysis on transport services, travel services, and other commercial services, focusing on the four countries influencing trade in the service sector of the world, namely the US, Japan, China, and Australia in order to estimate the directions and trends of competitiveness in each ...Continue Reading Thai 76894
Competitive Competency of Thai Clothing Industries under Trade Liberalization Nitchanan Saingam Studies the situation of Thai clothing industries, covering its competitive competencies in domestic production conditions domestic demand supporting and related industries, and firm strategies, structure and rivalry. Investigates factors of competitive advantages and disadvantages using both descriptive and quantitative analyses together with competitive advantage frameworks-Diamond Models and Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA). Explains T ...Continue Reading Thai 76792
The Study of Financial Return in Goat Raising of Agricultural Group's Members in Thungkru Bangkok Wiroaj Ruanpan
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Studies cost analysis, rate of return and feasibility in goat raising, exploring the history of goat raising, goat population, and economic conditions of goat raising in Thailand. Employs 56 Tuangkru Agricultural Group's Members composing of 43 individual raisers and 2 assembly raisers as the population of this study. Collects data for 45 cases by interviewing and analyzes in two ways in terms of descriptive analysis used to explain the populat ...Continue Reading Thai 76779
Thailand's Shrimp Competitiveness Index Watcharin Meerod
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Presents shrimp competitiveness index (SCI) as the national tool for global trade competition. Compares the competitiveness index of Thai shrimp industry in 2006 and 2007 in three groups of advantages namely market capability, productivity, and science and technology capability. Analyzes competitiveness by using the Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) and quantitative approach together with comments from the experts. Details the research resu ...Continue Reading Thai 76778
Optimal Crop Plans at Farm Level Under Risk, Mae Chai District, Phayao Province Kamonphun Kerdmun
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Analyzes optimal crop plans at farm level under risk of different farm sizes of farmers in Mae Chai District, Phayao Province of Thailand Collects time series data of prices and yield of different crops from crop year 1998-2007 as secondary data. Uses information about crop production systems in crop year 2005/06. Employs a MOTAD (Minimization of the Total Absolute Deviation) risk programming model as an analytical tool to achieve the objective ...Continue Reading Thai 76777
Economically and Environmentally Optional Highland Crop Production Plans at Firm Level, Mae Suk Watershed, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province Waraporn Chaiwinit
National Conference of Economists on ASEAN Economic Development (4th : 2008 : Chiang Mai)
Studies economical and environmental development of optimal highland crop production plans at farm level in North Thailand. Examines economic and environmental goals to maximize income over cash cost, produce sufficient rice for household consumption, minimize the environment impact of water use for agriculture, minimize the environmental impact of pesticide and insecticide use, and minimize the impact of crop production on soil fertility. Inte ...Continue Reading Thai 76776
Gross Domestic Product and Budget of Thailand Patchree Minrawong Aims to study the relationship between the sector of product line variables i.e. agriculture, industry and service with budget of Thailand. Emphasizes on creation of the model which is the multiple regression to examine the influence of the sector of product line variables toward the changes of the budget of Thailand. Employs the secondary data from 1997-2005. Reveals three variables gained from selection by stepwise regression method, citing ...Continue Reading Thai 76761
Asian-European Relations: Building Blocks for Global Governance? Presents theoretical frameworks surrounding the development of interregionalism in international relations. Focuses empirical issues, analyzing regional trade agreements within Asia and Europe. Considers the extent to which such agreements can contribute to global governance, citing impact of Asian-European economic cooperation on global trade and investment. Notes how material and ideational factors have influenced the outcomes of interregion ...Continue Reading English 76393
Identity and Cultural Diversity of Southeast Asia Preecha Kuwinpant Considers general concepts of identity, related to individual identity, collective identity, group, category, groups identification, social construction, social movement, and social identity. Describes ethnic identity, and nationalism and identity politics. Examines unity in diversity in Southeast Asia, including pluralism in the region, Southeast Asian identity-ASEAN identity/Southeast Asianness and Southeast Asian identity as a socio-cultural ...Continue Reading Thai 76212
A People-Oriented ASEAN: A Door Ajar or Closed for Civil Society Organizations? Collins, Alan Traces the involvement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in ASEAN's community building project. Examines what a people-oriented ASEAN means, and how it could represent a significant change for the Association. Examines which ASEAN members are interested in engaging CSO. Explains why and how CSOs have responded. Concludes with an analysis of why the Solidarity for Asian Peoples' Advocacy (SAPA) views the ASEAN Charter as a disappointment ...Continue Reading English 76014
Islam in Southeast Asia Mutalib, Hussin Explains the geographical origins and sources by which Islam spread to Southeast Asia. Considers factors that helped shape the content and contours of Islamic life amongst the Muslims. Provides a case study analysis of Islam and the Muslims in individual country, covering both Muslim-majority countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) and Muslim-minority countries (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). Conclud ...Continue Reading English 75674
Democracy and American Grand Strategy in Asia: The Realist Principles Behind an Enduring Idealism Green, Michael J Discusses the trends of American policy in Asia, looking at the outlook for greater strategic and diplomatic cooperation among regional democracies and the implication for the region including China and ASEAN. Focuses on the argument that the ideational approach of American policy will diminish particularly in Asia. Shows the emergence of value-based US-Japan alliances in advancing universal norms in Asia. Illustrates the interest of US-India ...Continue Reading English 75235
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