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ASEAN Gap: Good Agricultural Practices for Production of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables In the ASEAN Region Presents ASEAN GAP, a standard for good agricultural practice during the production, harvesting and postharvest handling of fresh fruit and vegetables in the ASEAN region, including the purpose and scope of ASEAN GAP. Describes how ASEAN GAP was developed, and outlines the structure ASEAN GAP, consisting of four modules, i.e. food safety, environmental management, worker health, safety and welfare, and produce quality. Gives the detail of each ...Continue Reading English 85182
The European Union, Burma/Myanmar and ASEAN: A Challenge to European Norms and Values or a New Opportunity? Boisseau du Rocher, Sophie Reviews briefly the triangular relationship between the EU, ASEAN and Burma, especially after the November 2010 elections and the subsequent series of reforms, casting doubt on the limits and relevance of European norms when applied not only in a context of enduring misunderstanding with Burma but simultaneously in a context of shared interest with ASEAN. Explains the EU's criticism of Burma since the incidents of 1988 pro-democracy protests, me ...Continue Reading English 85177
Study Report on Trade in Services Liberalization: The Impact on Thai Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Commitments to GATS, ASEAN, and APEC Studies principles of trade in services liberalization for Thai tourism industry under the framework of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), APEC, and ASEAN, looking at economic and legal perspectives. Analyzes obstacles and opportunities for Thai tourism industry liberalization and for Thailand to access tourism industry of other countries, considering the overall capacity of Thai tourism industry and each sector, namely hotel, so ...Continue Reading Thai 85153
3 Years Towards Free ASEAN: How to Prepare People in Psychological Dimension National Conference on 3 Years Towards Free ASEAN: How to Prepare People in Psychological Dimension (11th : 2012 : Bangkok) Presents the proceedings of the 11th national academic seminar and paper presentation of the East-West Psychological Science Research Center, Faculty of Psychology, Chulalongkorn University during 10-11 May 2012. Includes the agenda, opening speeches, a lecture, and seminar discussions on preparation for ASEAN Community. Provides 67 papers of faculty members and students concerning ASEAN and psychology. Adds biographies of the lecturer and dis ...Continue Reading Thai 85136
Roadmap for ASEAN Community 2015 Covers the blueprints of the establishment of the ASEAN's three communities. Presents the ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) Blueprint, including characteristics and elements as a rules-based community of shared values and norms, a cohesive, peaceful and resilient region with shared responsibility for comprehensive security, and a dynamic and outward-looking region in an increasingly integrated and interdependent world and implementation ...Continue Reading Thai 85133
Muslims in ASEAN Community: Challenges in 2015, Annual Muslim World Conference 2011, First Hotel, 25 May 2011 Annual Muslim World Conference 2011 Muslims in ASEAN Community: Challenges in 2015 Contains the agenda of Centre for Muslim World Policies' Annual Muslim World Conference 2011 on Muslims in ASEAN Community: Challenges in 2015, including opening speeches and special lectures by the Chairperson and Director of Centre for Muslim World Policies, the President of Chulalongkorn University, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Thailand, and the Secretary General of ASEAN. Covers the seminars on Muslims in ASEAN Community: Challenges in 20 ...Continue Reading Thai 85121
Towards the ASEAN Community 2015 Describes the ASEAN community, covering the origin, members, Bangkok Declaration, ASEAN summit, establishment of ASEAN community, main purposes, identity, motto, flag, emblem, day, anthem, working language, office of the secretariat, and population. Studies why ASEAN community was established, including Thailand and ASEAN Community, the vision of ASEAN as the Community of Action, Community of Connectivity, and Community of People, and benefits f ...Continue Reading Thai 85093
History of Indonesia: Traditional State on the Archipelago, Colonial Modernity and Republic of Diversity Thawisak Phueaksom Describes the history of Indonesia through time. Starts with the period before colonialism, characteristics of a traditional state on the archipelago, the spread of Islam, the origin of the Demak Sultanate on Java's north coast, and other Islamic towns. Describes the colonial era, the archipelago before the Dutch, the Dutch East Indies, the Dutch East India Company (VOC), the Java War of 1825-1830, the Cultivation System and enforcement plantin ...Continue Reading Thai 85085
History and Art History of Myanmar Phaphopphon Chanwatthanakun Gives a brief description of Republic of the Union of Myanmar in terms of the etymology, location, border, and other geographical information. Describes the government, administration, capital city, and other important cities. Provides the history of the country from prehistory, pre-Burmese period. Pagan empire (1044-1287), after Pagan empire to Toungoo dynasty (1287-1752), Konbaung dynasty (1752-1885), British rule (1885-1948), and after the ...Continue Reading Thai 85084
ASEAN's Identity Crisis Weatherbee, Donald E Studies the notion of ASEAN's identity described as the theme One Vision, One Identity, One Community , exploring some previous ASEAN agreements and instruments, the ASEAN Charter, and the collective will of the ASEAN Community Challenges ASEAN's stability on its identity crisis, questioning how it can reconcile the respect for national identity with a regional identity based on common norms and values which are not part of that national identit ...Continue Reading English 85078
China's Logistics System in the Context of ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA) Kaewta Rohitrattana Reviews the knowledge of Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the essence of ASEAN-China FTA (ACFTA), and observations about goods in the sensitive and Highly Sensitive Lists. Analyzes ACFTA, looking at the structure and characteristic of China's international trade and trade between China and ASEAN. Examines the trade situation between Thailand and China, the time after ACFTA, and provinces or regions as important market for Thailand. Studies the dist ...Continue Reading Thai 85077
Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community 2015: Challenges for Member Countries & Businesses Compiles the papers presented during the ASEAN Roundtable on April 29, 2010 and during a brainstorming session on September 23, 2010 by the ASEAN Studies Centre of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, examining the prospects for achieving an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2015, the target date set by ASEAN, and obstacles in the way of its achievement from the point of view of each of the ASEAN member countries. Covers many thematic issue ...Continue Reading English 85074
Language, Society, and Culture: Common and Different Points of ASEAN Countries Montira Tamuang Provides general knowledge of language and changes in language in terms of the impact on sound systems, meaning and grammar society and social changes in terms of meanings of society, and causes, types and results of social changes and culture and cultural changes in terms of the importance, concept and origin, elements, characteristics, and theories. Gives broad information on ASEAN, covering ASEAN summit meetings, the ASEAN Charter, ASEAN ec ...Continue Reading Thai 85066
ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and Thailand Chuthathip Khlaitubtim Tells the origin of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), giving a brief information on the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and ASEAN community in three pillars. Describes the AEC Blueprint, and the obligation and operation of Thailand according to the blueprint. Examines economic integration in terms of factors, objectives, methods, features, benefits, and types of the integration, explaining the case of ASEAN. Detai ...Continue Reading Thai 85044
Currencies in ASEAN Gives a brief history of money as a medium of exchange, concerning the Southeast Asian region, currencies used among the colonies in the past such as the Malayan dollar and piastre. Provides the information on money and relevant issues, including the central bank of each ASEAN member countries. Describes the currencies of the ten nations, i.e. the rupiah of Indonesia, the ringgit of Malaysia, the Philippines peso, the Singapore dollar, the baht ...Continue Reading Thai 85035
Civilization and Culture as Determinants of Regional Processes in ASEAN and European Union Drelich-Skulska, Boguslawa Addresses cultural and civilizational determinants that shape the regional processes in South East Asia and Europe. Explains globalization and regionalization in international relations. Looks at civilizational and cultural setting of regional process in ASEAN and European Union (EU) groupings. Discusses the idea of cultural integrity in Europe, institutional development of EU, and the ASEAN Way . Mentions that ASEAN adopted an approach base ...Continue Reading English 84992
Economic Regionalism in Southeast Asia: ASEAN@45 Daquila, Teofilo C Examines the ASEAN integration process during the last 45 years (1967-2012). Analyzes the initiatives undertaken by ASEAN to foster closer regional economic cooperation towards integration in the fields of industry, banking and finance, trade and investments. Explains different factors which have affected ASEAN, covering the decision making by consensus, political commitment, institutional structure, regional initiatives, and national versus re ...Continue Reading English 84991
Constructing 'Laoness' in Thai Literary Works: Roy Mai Witaya Wongchantha Describes Thai literature and cinema in terms of social actor. Looks at the process of representation and the construction of Laoness in Roy Mai, a Thai literary work.Analyzes mechanisms for the representation, considering the culture and globalization. Thai 84961
Roymai: The Blueprint of the Globalized Identity Ananya Wareesaard Tells briefly the story of Roymai . Examines the idea of globalization as colonialism of the modern world, analyzing the image of Thailand and Laos in Roymai. Explains the economic and cultural change with the current of globalization, which transforms local communities into urban communities, in Southeast Asian societies, which can be seen from Thailand and Laos. Explores the heroine's belief and identity as a representative of Thai middle-c ...Continue Reading Thai 84960
Male Homosexual Identity: A Comparative Study of Male Homosexual Characters in Contemporary Thai Autobiography and Drama Pogkrong Boon-Long Studies male homosexual characters in contemporary Thai memoirs or autobiography during 1987-2008 and drama during 1977-2008, covering the text or script published in the market, work written by productive authors in that period, and research on male homosexuality. Defines relevant vocabulary, such as male homosexuals, memoir, autobiography, drama, identity, and character, reviewing the literature. Provides a list of work in focus. Analyzes th ...Continue Reading Thai 84959
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