Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity

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    Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity
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    80 p. : ill
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    ASEAN, transport infrastructure, planning, physical infrastructure, ASEAN countries, goods, investment, free trade, funding, regional cooperation, logistics, trade facilitation, Southeast Asia
Presents vision, goals and objectives of ASEAN Connectivity. Considers the achievements of, and challenges and impediments to ASEAN Connectivity. Deals with physical connectivity, institutional connectivity, people-to-people connectivity, narrowing the development gaps through the initiative for ASEAN integration, and sub-regional cooperation in Southeast Asia. Details key strategies and key actions for enhanced ASEAN Connectivity, identifying prioritized projects from the list of key actions stipulated under the various strategies. Reviews the potential financing and technical assistance sources, modalities and arrangements, including the public-private partnership (PPP) to help implement the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity.


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