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Textile and Clothing Industry in CLMV Countries, Final In-Depth Report Studies the situation of textile and clothing industry both in Thailand and CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam). Reviews economic conditions of CLMV countries, covering trade and investment. Describes Thai textile and clothing industry, presenting the industry in terms of export and import value, production and consumption, and investment condition. Highlights industrial structure and production of textile and clothing indust ...Continue Reading Thai 83695
Kim Jong Il's Leadership of North Korea Jae-Cheon Lim English 83364
Regional Integration in ASEAN: Institutional Design and the ASEAN Way Cockerham, Geoffrey B Investigates regional integration in ASEAN by analyzing the agreements developed within the ASEAN framework since its founding in 1967. Explores the institutional design of ASEAN, evaluating relevant features of these agreements in order to assess the pattern of institutionalization. Considers the specific areas of integration and the design of agreements that have developed from 1967-2007. Reveals that the integration process can be best unde ...Continue Reading English 82697
A Cambodian View on the Status and Functions of GMS in China-ASEAN FTA Chap Sotharith Examines a Cambodian perspective in participating the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) program, considering the link between GMS and China Free Trade Area. Presents historical background of ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (FTA), analyzing GMS in the framework of ASEAN-China FTA. Looks at GMS and the ASEAN-Mekong Basin Development Cooperation (AMBDC), GMS and ASEAN and the Basic Framework of ASEAN-Mekong Basin Development Cooperation (AMBDC), and GMS ...Continue Reading English 82442
Industrialization in Late-developing ASEAN Countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam Examines conditions, problems and possibilities of industrialization in CLMV countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam). Considers the transition to market economies and industrialization of the CLMV countries. Examines the different patterns of industrialization and foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy, looking at the manufacturing industry and its actors in Cambodia. Studies the sub-regionally complementary industrialization strate ...Continue Reading English 81560
Non-traditional Security in Asia: The Many Faces of Securitisation Caballero-Anthony, Mely Introduces securitisation and non-traditional security (NTS) issues. Provides a brief summary of the securitisation framework informed by the Copenhagen School. Discusses the usefulness of applying the Copenhagen framework in identifying what and how issues have been identified as security concerns. Explains how selected NTS issues have been securitised and partially securitised by various actors in the region, focusing on re-securitising pove ...Continue Reading English 80431
Ninth Malaysian Plan 2006-2010 Traces Malaysia's conditions during 1991-2005, considering the economy, human capital, socio-economic equity, quality of life, and institutional strength. Looks at the national mission during 2006-2020. Focuses on the Ninth Malaysia Plan 2006-2010 with the theme of Together Towards Excellence, Glory and Distinction. Deals with macroeconomic stability for growth, agriculture and the agro-based industry, manufacturing and related services, infor ...Continue Reading English 80252
ASEAN: A Chronicle of Shifting Trade Exposure and Regional Integration Kalra, Sanjay Characterizes trade exposure and regional integration in six ASEAN economies during 1997-2008, using the 2000 Asian Input Output Tables. Shows, on the demand side, how the level and geographical nature of external exposure varies across the ASEAN economies and has changed over time. Documents the rise of China into a glory factory and the steady shift in regional production and integration from Japan and the United States to China. English 80038
Love Local, Love Democracy: Supporting Thai Women into Politics Deals with women's role in politics in Thailand at national, local and central government level, mentioning women's role in politics in ASEAN countries. Describes the reasons why women have to participate in politics. Considers international obligation, constitution of Thailand B.E. 2550, women development plan in the Tenth National Economic and Social Development Plan (B.E. 2550-2554), the benefit, problems/obstacles of women's participation i ...Continue Reading Thai 79986
Blueprint for the ASEAN Socio-cultural Community (2009-2015) ASEAN Peoples' Forum-ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC) (5th : 2009 : Petchaburi Province, Thailand) Traces information on the establishment of an ASEAN Community, based on the Declaration of ASEAN Concord II in Bali on 7 October 2003. Develops a blueprint for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC), for 2009-2015, detailing its characteristics and elements. Deals with human development, social welfare and protection, social justice and rights, ensuring environmental sustainability, building of the ASEAN identity, and narrowing the developme ...Continue Reading Thai 79733
Abuse, Poverty and Migration: Investigating Migrants' Motivations to Leave Home in Burma ASEAN Peoples' Forum-ASEAN Civil Society Conference (ACSC) (5th : 2009 : Petchaburi Province, Thailand) Determines the actual causes and motivations of those who leave home in Burma and take on work elsewhere. Assesses whether the relevant international laws and norms accurately reflect these factors and provide effective framework for protection. Employs two sets of data: testimonies from villagers living in the most extensively military – controlled areas of Karen State drawn from 128 interviews, and testimonies from 27 native Burmese individ ...Continue Reading English 79660
Executive Summary of the Assessment-Study: ASEAN Economic Integration and Its Impact on Workers and Trade Unions Mind the Gap--ASEAN Integration, the Workers and Unions Analyzes the efforts to achieve regional integration in ASEAN, considering the impacts of these efforts on labor and the representation of workers' voice through unions in the ASEAN. Studies current state of construction workers and the establishment of the ASEAN Service Employees Trade Union Council (ASETUC). Attempts to chart the path and direction of liberalization of financial services under the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS). ...Continue Reading English 79587
Realizing the ASEAN Economic Community: A Comprehensive Assessment Presents an overview of trends in ASEAN economic integration, dealing with economic performance, the direction and structure of trade in goods and services, changes in commercial policy, and trends in foreign direct investment (FDI). Studies various measures required to complete the task of establishing free flow of goods, services and skilled labour as articulated in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Evaluates the status of competition polic ...Continue Reading English 79563
Investment and Capital Flows: Implications of the ASEAN Economic Community Aldaba, Rafaelita M Introduces composition of capital flows in ASEAN, mentioning the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and free flow of investment, and freer flow of capital. Looks at implications of free investment flows and freer capital flows for ASEAN in terms of benefits of financial integration, benefits of foreign direct investment (FDI), risks related financial integration, FDI and trade nexus, degree of financial integration in ASEAN and East Asia. Deals wit ...Continue Reading English 79437
Mandatory HIV Testing for Employment of Migrant Workers in Eight Countries of South-East Asia: From Discrimination to Social Dialogue Deals with the study undertaken by ILO and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 2006, on the basis of recommendations made by APEC and ASEAN, and guided by the principles of the ILO code of practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work. Aims to promote dialogue amongst tripartite partners i.e. government representatives, workers' and employers' organizations to provide a solid basis on mandatory HIV testing for migrant workers. Co ...Continue Reading English 78770
Outward Foreign Direct Investment from ASEAN: Implications for Regional Integration Pavida Pananond Explores whether and how the rise of outward foreign direct investment (FDI) from Southeast Asia could contribute to the region's further integration. Reviews relevant literature to provide a theoretical background on Southeast Asia's regional integration and on foreign direct investment. Discusses the nature of outward FDI from ASEAN. Addresses the questions as follows: how significant is ASEAN as outward investors?, how important is intra-AS ...Continue Reading English 78296
Globalization and National Autonomy: The Experience of Malaysia Explores the evolution of Malaysia's national policies and strategies in the context of global engagement from 1970 to 2005. Examines the interaction between various aspects of globalization and Malaysian policies in an array of sectors and policy fields. Studies the origins and character of Malaysia as a developmentalist state, in which government plays a crucial role in guiding and promoting industrialization and social policies. Looks at po ...Continue Reading English 78221
The Effects of Bilateral and Regional Investment Agreements on the FDI Inflows into ASEAN Countries Sarasin Booppanon Examines the effects of international investment agreements (IIAs) at bilateral and regional levels on the inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) into ASEAN countries. Emphasizes a set of policies of the host governments that can potentially influence FDI flows, namely international FDI policies. Employs Dunming's ownership-location-internalization (OLI) framework to investigate the extent to which investment agreements play a role in attra ...Continue Reading English 77255
Attitudes and Awareness Towards ASEAN: Findings of a Ten-nation Survey Thompson, Eric C Surveys the attitudes and awareness towards ASEAN among university students from ten ASEAN member nations. Deals with five themes, i.e.: attitudes towards ASEAN as a whole, knowledge about the region and the Association, orientation towards the region and individual countries, sources of information about the region, and aspirations for regional integration and cooperation. Discusses the findings on aspects of integration and action. Summarize ...Continue Reading English 77096
Regional Monetary Arrangements in ASEAN+3 As Insurance through Reserve Accumulation and Swaps Dayaratna-Banda, Og Discusses the emerging monetary system in East Asia as characterized by self-insurance through own reserve accumulation and co-insurance through partial pooling of reserves. Emphasizes the monetary cooperation efforts in ASEAN+3 centered on creating a system of co-insurance through bilateral swaps. Aims at guarding against future financial crises as opposed to self-insurance created through own reserve accumulation. Indicates the incompletenes ...Continue Reading English 76960
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