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ASEAN and the Emerging Monetary Regionalism: A Case of Limited Contribution Dieter, Heribert Analyzes the emergence of monetary regionalism since 2000 with special reference to the role of ASEAN, focusing on the rational for monetary and financial cooperation. Observes the shift to regional dialogue on monetary affairs, dealing with the networking of currency swaps under the Chiang Mai Initiative (CMI). Indicates that the initiatives is plagued by the rivalry between China and Japan. Discusses the potential exchange rate regime for th ...Continue Reading English 76325
Towards Coherent Policy Frameworks: Understanding Trade and Investment Linkages Emphasizes investment provisions and regulation through trade agreements in regional trading arrangements in Asia. Concentrates on the issue of rules of origin in those agreements and the need for more coherent and harmonized approaches to the design of the rules. Explores the interactions between foreign direct investment flows and import and export flows by using a gravity model approach. Examines the linkages between trade and investment li ...Continue Reading English 75686
WTO at the Crossroads: The Challenges Ahead 25-26 November 2006, Rama Garden Resort Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand International Conference on WTO at the Crossroads: The Challenges Ahead (2006 : Bangkok, Thailand) Presents information on the Conference, indicating the activities of the Asian WTO research network, topics and purpose of the conference, and objectives of the session. Contains papers presented at the conference, focusing on opening free trade in business and investment in a new dimension. Deals with a broader perspectives on negotiation for sustainable development, trade in services of China and Thailand, current status of regional trade agr ...Continue Reading English 75319
Regional Monetary Integration Kenen, Peter B Surveys the prospects for regional monetary integration in various parts of the world, reviewing and recasting the analytical framework used to weigh the benefits and costs of currency consolidation. Traces the way in which the EU countries moved from less rigorous forms of monetary cooperation to a full-fledged monetary union. Reviews the past and present of other monetary unions, comparing with the specifies of economic performance of the Eu ...Continue Reading English 75193
Closer Trade and Financial Cooperation in ASEAN: Issues at the Regional and National Level with Focus on the Philippines Balboa, Jenny D Gives an overview of trade, investment and financial integration and cooperation in ASEAN. Examines the Philippine experience with economic reform, particularly in its attempt to integrate with ASEAN. Deals with trade reform, financial reform, fiscal reform, additional domestic reform measures and issues. Analyzes ASEAN strategies at the regional level to help member countries address development gaps. Indicates that the Philippines continues ...Continue Reading English 74227
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Their Roles for Narrowing the Development Gaps in Rural and Remote Areas in Thailand Paisal Nanudorn Explores how ICTs can play a role as a capacity building tool to bridge the imbalanced development gap in rural areas of Thailand. Presents a case study of a rural sub district in Thailand by developing a network model for development, and making policy suggestions to stress the importance of participatory governance processes. Provides the results from SWOT analysis, discussing concerns underlying the informants' opinions on ICTs in their loca ...Continue Reading English 73456
Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI): Work Plan for the CLMV Countries, Seminar on 9 March 2007 at Maha Chulalongkorn Bld., Chulalongkorn University Seminar on Regional Integration in ASEAN: A Case Study of the Thai-Lao Bridges (2007 : Chulalongkorn University) Traces historical background of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), focusing on the objectives of the IAI Work Plan for Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV). Describes priority areas of the Plan and progress of work plan projects (as of 31 August 2004). Reports the contribution by dialogue partners and development agencies, citing Japan, Australia, China, UNIDO and UNDP. Includes other on-going IAI activities, regarding ASEAN Int ...Continue Reading English 72504
Regional Economic Integration and Its Impacts on Growth, Poverty and Income Distribution: The Case of Thailand Chaiwoot Chaipan Presents background and political pressure behind the Thai trade policy, particularly Thailand-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Analyzes the development of regional integration in East Asia and the situation of poverty and income distribution in Thailand prior to the FTA policy. Employs a Global Computasle General Equilibrium (CGE) model to discuss the policy simulation analysis, focusing on the removal of tariffs imposed on the merchandise tr ...Continue Reading English 72331
CLMV and East Asian Integration Chalongphob Susangkarn Analyzes the development of CLMV countries, namely Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Presents the background of East Asian integration and Free Trade Agreement (FTA) within the region, looking at East Asian integration from the perspective of ASEAN as a whole. Deals with CLMV and East Asian integration at three leels, i.e. integration into the global economic system, integration into ASEAN,and integration into East Asia. Examines factor ...Continue Reading English 72327
Singaporean Exceptionalism and Its Implications for ASEAN Regionalism Thomson, Eric C Describes the parameters of Singaporean exceptionalism in the university students' minds with regard to Singapore's place in the world and specifically the ASEAN region. Focuses on the students' cognitive maps of ASEAN and the world, examining the results from Singaproe in comparable to surveys carried out in four other ASEAN member states. Deals with the unique sense of Singaporean exceptionalism, covering Singaproe's own unusual characteristi ...Continue Reading English 71650
Towards an ASEAN Economic Community: Vision or Reality? Hew, Denis Examines the concept and rationale for establishing an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), regarding the lessons from the development of European Economic Community (EEC). Assesses the High Level Task Force (HLTF) action plan on the AEC, focusing on economic integration, elimination of barriers to trade, and advice on trade disputes. Examines key issues on ASEAN economic integration, looking at the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN Framework Agre ...Continue Reading English 69737
ASEAN Plus Three & Alternative Institutional Visions of Economic Cooperation: Implications for APEC McKay, John Highlights an emphasis on the precise institutional arrangements within the ASEAN Plus 3 grouping (APT) in the framework of political economy. Traces the origin of APT in searching for regional identity, suggesting strategies for APT to adopt in the future. Focuses on the issues of APT organization and procedure. Looks at the role of China in setting the pace for integration in the region, driving the whole APT process for its own gain in econ ...Continue Reading English 69713
Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar Agriculture: In the Context of New ASEAN (CLMV) Countries Myo, Tint Tun Reviews Foreign direct investment (FDI) in general and agricultural sector in particular among the new ASEAN member countries, namely, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV). Evaluates present policies and other factors related to FDI in CLMV countries. Deals with comparative analysis on macro-level determinants and existing FDI policy environments of CLMV countries. Describes the identification of major constraints and needs for further d ...Continue Reading English 68728
Impact of Economic Policy Reform and Shocks on Trade and Growth in Asia: Econometric Evidence for China Tran, Van Hoan Surveys recent free trade agreement (FTA) developments and its current negotiations within the context of WTO, related to recent developments of new Asian regionalism (NAR). Introduces the generalised gravity theory to construct a simple flexible simultaneous-equation econometric model of growth and trade of China and its five major trading country or blocs, noting Japan, ASEAN-6, the European Union, the US and Australia. Reports efficient empi ...Continue Reading English 68397
ASEAN Into the Next Millennium: ASEAN Vision 2020 Hanoi Plan of Action Presents the ASEAN Vision 2020 adopted by the ASEAN heads of state and government in Kuala Lumpur on 15 December 1997. Identifies strategic goals and direction of ASEAN, dealing with living in peace, stability and prosperity, bonded together in partnership in dynamic development and in community of caring society. Introduces Hanoi Plan of Action (HPA), the plan for long-term vision implementation, covering macroeconomic and financial cooperatio ...Continue Reading English 68376
Singapore and ASEAN in the Global Economy: The Case of Free Trade Agreements Daquila, Teofilo C Explains Singapore's pursuit of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and its prospect of being a catalyst for regional integration schemes like ASEAN and the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Describes Singapore's FTAs, in two categories, namely, completed FTAs and ongoing FTAs. Analyzes the pros and cons of Singapore's FTAs, looking at the Agreement between New Zealand and Singapore on a Closer Economic Partnership (ANZSCEP), the Japan-Singapore Economic ...Continue Reading English 65193
The ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement and East Asian Regional Grouping Cai, Kevin G Explores how the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has emerged, assessing its impact on the process of East Asian regional integration. Reviews the regional grouping in East Asia in recent years, looking at efforts to move toward a region-wide grouping and major obstacles confronting such an endeavour. Regards the emergence of the ASEAN-China FTA as the most favoured free trade scheme ahead of the ASEAN-Japan, ASEAN-South Korea, or East As ...Continue Reading English 64805
Significant Others: ASEAN and Nation-States Portrays ASEAN's relations with individual nation-states, illustrating how nation-states are important actors on the international stage. Studies ASEAN's engagement with the United States, considering the politics and American's Asian policy. Discusses bilateral relations between ASEAN and China, focusing on ASEAN's role in the Chinese foreign policy, free trade and investment relations. Includes Australia's regional policy, the role of Japan' ...Continue Reading English 64710
Widening and Deepening of ASEAN: Lessons from the European Experience Owen, Robert F Presents an empirical comparison of economic performance in the European Union (EU) and ASEAN countries. Compares the size, economic growth, and the evolution of relative standards of living in EU and ASEAN countries. Considers the aspects of the role of government, international trade, and foreign direct investment (FDI) and its interrelation with trade. Suggests how lessons from the EU's experience with integration need to be adapted to the ...Continue Reading English 64418
ASEAN and the EU in Relation to the WTO: A Comparative Study of Regional Integration and Its Implications for the World Trading System Piyapat Bunnag Provides details of comparative regional integration agreements: ASEAN and the European Union. Presents a comparative study on external economic policies: the European Community's and ASEAN's experience. Considers machinery for external economic relations: the cases of the European union and ASEAN. Discusses external trade policy in practice: the experience of the European Community and ASEAN in the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiat ...Continue Reading English 56321
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