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ASCC: Narrowing the Development Gap


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ASEAN Regional Integration: Standards & Quality Supachai Describes the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT Agreement), the role of standards and quality, the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and the top three types of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) in ASEAN. Presents the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standard and Quality (ACCSQ), including the regional work programs of ACCSQ, the approach for the elimination of TBT, the harmonization of standards, and priority products. English 56133
AFTA in the Changing International Economy Reviews the rapidly changing international economic environment and raises a range of issues and concerns pertaining to recent developments and the future of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area). Presents the thematic analyses and perspectives dealing with trade, enlarging the ASEAN regional grouping, and relations with the World Trade Organization (WTO). Analyses AFTA in a wider comparative perspective, examining relationships with the major trading p ...Continue Reading English 53191
U.S.-Thai Leadership Council, Conference Report 6-8 March 1993, Bangkok Conference Report on U.S.-Thai Leadership Council (1993 : Bangkok) Introduces the main purposes of the US-Thai Leadership Council, including the objectives of the meeting, information on special guests and delegations, and summary on the areas of mutual interest discussed. Contains seven papers, mentioning US-Thai trade relations, perceptions of President Clinton's foreign policy, impact of NAFTA on ASEAN, foreign investment in Vietnam, and the importance of regional and global changes to Thailand and the Unite ...Continue Reading English 52789
Concepts and Analyses of the Thai Economy Contains various articles on concepts of the Thai economy and applications of quantitative analyses. Describes the impact of world trade management on Thai economics. Reports on investments in the capital market, agricultural productivity and capital formation, Examines the production efficiency of Thai farmers and discusses land reform. Provides a model-based analytical study of the Thai economy. Thai 51415
Integrating Southeast Asia Through an Expanded ASEAN Kusuma Snitwongse Analyzes the changes in SE. Asian security environment and important impetus which are considered to be turning point towards actual realization of ASEAN's vision of a region-wide order. Examines the past performance of ASEAN and keys to its political success in addressing the impact on the working of the Association. Reviews further ASEAN's growing role on regional and international stages, and expresses concerns on the impact of its expansion ...Continue Reading English 50679
ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) Reviews the economic cooperation among the ASEAN countries with special emphasis on ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Traces the organizational development of ASEAN and the AFTA's emergence from the summit in Singapore. Analyzes the effect on Thailand's industrial and agricultural products, the long-term benefits and the adaptation to prevent the disadvantages of Thai industry. Contains the gist of the agreement on Common Effective Preferential Ta ...Continue Reading Thai 48699
Two Decades of ASEAN Evolution 1967-1987 Phitsanu Suwannachot Reviews background of ASEAN formation regarding foreign policy and benefit of members before the formation, and problems and obstacles of regional integration within Southeast Asia. Discusses the formation and development of ASEAN structure, including improvement of ASEAN administrative mechanism, ASEAN Summit and Brunei :New Member of ASEAN. Details information on the development of ASEAN political and economic cooperation, considering its rol ...Continue Reading Thai 47133
The Pacific Basin Is Coming Together Wilson, Dick Reports a growing mood around the Pacific Ocean for greater collaboration taking into account the very important Pacific islands and their societies. Points out that nobody was interested in such a move, to bring all the 3 littoral states of the Pacific Ocean into one overarching organization where their future economic collaboration could be planned, when major disagreements and past experiences of mistrust were still to be overcome. Notes tha ...Continue Reading English 42307
Thai-US Technical and Economic Cooperation Traces the background of Thai-US economic cooperation, noting the US assistance through USOM and USAID in various areas. Divides the cooperation into three cycles mentioning the areas of emphasis such as institution development, technology management and physical infrastructure. Describes USAID assistance programs in terms of agriculture, agricultural technology, health & population, education, transportation, energy, public administration, and ...Continue Reading English 41595
The Next Decade of Thai Exports Conference of Kasetsart University, Economic and Business Administrative Section on the Next Decade of Thai Exports (25th : 1987 : Bangkok) Compiles various papers presented at technical conference of Kasetsart University on the next decade of Thai exports. Deals with an analysis of government's measures to solve the problems of agricultural commodity market potential of marine fishery trade new type of agricultural commodities with exporting potential Brunei's agricultural trade pattern and demand for flat steel products in Thailand. Presents economic factors toward the succes ...Continue Reading Thai 41349
Further Research Areas on Migration and Development in ASEAN Countries Jones, Gavin W Presents a general picture of the patterns of long-term and permanent movement of migration situation as a crucial underpinning for policies to influence population mobility, including migration streams, migration characteristics, and migration decision-making. Studies the consequences of migration because of their clear importance for policy making. Considers migration studies set in a rural development framework, noting the need for village s ...Continue Reading English 40893
Policy Guidelines Selected ASEAN Countries Presents the proceedings of Manila Workshop, April 20-May 4, 1980. Deals with the final volume of studies and findings of rural-urban policies on migration and resettlement. Attempts to outline policy areas for further study and elaboration by countries in the Asian regions where the problem of internal migration is a force to be reckoned with in pursuing development strategies. Focuses on the case of India, the Philippines and Thailand. Cont ...Continue Reading English 34232
The Roles of Socio-economic Participants of Rural Women, Seminar Report Reviews background of the project, including opening addresses on linking rural women's production enterprise to family benefits and the country programs Presents Long-Range Plans on Women's Development and ASEAN Women Development Program. Describes the development of Thai women's roles, focusing on the policies and direction of women development. Reports on the research study of the roles of socio-economic participants of rural women, and giv ...Continue Reading Thai 34067
Report of ASEAN Workshop on Migration in Relation to Rural Development Contains letter of transmittal, proposal of the ASEAN population and rural development program on migration in relation to rural development. Covers annexes giving resume of the ASEAN workshop on migration in relation to rural development, Bangkok, Thailand, 21-25 November 1977 list of participants statements by Mr. Vira Osatananda, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Economic and Social Development Board and Population Programme Head of ...Continue Reading English 33294
Rural Women Development in Thailand Makha Khittasangka Discusses the significance, problem and operational procedures of women development according to the guidelines of UN development program. Considers socio-economic and cultural conditions of women in Thai rural area and ASEAN countries. Reports on level of development of rural women in rural Thailand, citing research result of Participation of Rural Women in Rural Development in Thailand and the Philippines. Summarizes the evaluation of projec ...Continue Reading Thai 30659
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