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Vietnam in 1998: Reform Confronts the Regional Crisis Sidel, Mark Reviews Vietnam's situation in 1998 in its attempt to cope with the widening implications of the Asian financial crisis. Emphasizes stability as the Vietnamese leadership's watchword while the country was buffeted by regional economic crisis. Discusses the country's domestic politics, noting the stable political leadership, mixed picture of religious affairs, localized peasant protests, and release of political prisoners. Observes Vietnam's re ...Continue Reading English 55800
The ASEAN Nation's Economies in 1999: Vietnam Will Be the Winner and Indonesia Will Finish Last Summarizes the ASEAN economics in 1999, predicting recovery of economies of various ASEAN countries from the following supporting factors: investment injections, tax restructuring, interest rate reduction, reform of banking systems, and aid from Japan. Points out that ASEAN nations in 1999 are still be vulnerable on several counts, i.e. sluggish foreign investment, a slowdown in exports, chronic malaise in financial sector, political unrest, and ...Continue Reading Thai 55799
A Macroeconomic Core of Open Economy for Progressive Industrialization and Development of Asian Economies in the New Millennium ACAES International Conference on Asian Economics (22nd : 1998 : Montien Hotel, Bangkok) Compiles a series of papers presented by participants from Asia, Australia, Europe and the US at an international conference held in 1998 in Bangkok. Deals with the Asian Crisis and discusses strategies for industrialization and development in the future. Contains a keynote address given by the Governor of the Bank of Thailand. Includes analyses of the financial and currency crisis in Thailand the impact of APEC trade liberalization Japanese ...Continue Reading English 55774
ASEAN and Japanese Perspectives on Industrial Development and Reforms in Myanmar: A Survey of Selected Firms Provides an overview of industrialization and the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in Myanmar. Examines current issues and the historic trends of Myanmar's industrialization, surveying selected manufacturing firms in Myanmar, investment opportunities in the processing and manufacturing sectors, and citing industrial development and reforms in Myanmar and the industry of Yangon. Focuses on some remarks on the country's industrial devel ...Continue Reading English 55747
ASEAN & EU: Forging New Linkages and Strategic Alliances Examines several themes and issues in ASEAN-EU economic relations from both the ASEAN and European perspectives. Deals with macroeconomic and microeconomic topics concerning the interactions of ASEAN and EU. Discusses ASEAN and EU perspectives on emerging business opportunities from European and ASEAN integration the scope and relevance of strategic alliances from the EU perspective obstacles to closer trade and investment links and what ASE ...Continue Reading English 55483
Currency Instability: How Can We Get Away From the Invisible Hand of Speculators Overviews the Asian currency crisis and its evolution. Presents the Thai crisis after the floatation of the Baht, analyzing the exchange rates of ASEAN currencies. Examines how the crisis requires overhauling of world financial system, arguing what ASEAN and Japan should do together to alleviate the devastating impact of the currency crisis English 55469
ASEAN in the New Asia: Issues & Trends Consists of six substantive articles covering a range of economic and political/security concerns, including ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and intraregional trade liberalization foreign direct investment (FDI) in Southeast Asia EU-ASEAN relations ASEAN and the security of Southeast Asia and ASEAN in the twenty-first century. Covers information on FDI inflows into ASEAN countries during 1984-1995, and tariff lines in AFTA based on the Common E ...Continue Reading English 55075
The Electronics Industry in Thailand: ASP-5 Sub-Programme on Liberalization of Trade and Investment, Final Paper Anupap Tiralap Reviews Thailand's policy framework for industrial development, with special reference to the electronic industry. Examines the development and structure of the electronics industry over the last three and a half decades. Focuses on the trade patterns of electronics industry, covering share and composition, major sources and markets, and intra-ASEAN trade. Analyzes the behaviour and competitiveness of the Thai firms within the consumer, indust ...Continue Reading English 54985
Compendium on Rules of Origin 1997 Develops a guide on Rules of Origin trading arrangements within APEC business community. Defines the term Rules of Origin (ROO) , divided into two types : non-preferential and preferential Rules of Origin. Contains information on economies' Rules of Origin of each APEC country, regarding basis of substantial transformation criteria, legislation and other rules/documents, responsibility for correct determination of origin, other conditions or r ...Continue Reading English 54871
ASEAN and China: Economic Cooperation or Economic Competition? Reside, Renato E Provides a brief summary of Sing-ASEAN economic relations. Presents the recent history of ASEAN-China economic cooperation and dialogue, including Sino-ASEAN Trade and their ties in the context of the regional financial crisis. Examines whether China has in fact affected ASEAN external competitiveness, describing the real effective exchange rate in the Asian region from 1990-1997, trends in cross-country trade patterns, the search for evidence ...Continue Reading English 54746
ASEAN Domestic Economic Challenges Ahmad, Mubaniq Discusses the common economic issues faced by all ASEAN countries in 1997, focusing primarily on the Indonesia's situation. Reviews the crisis situation and underlying economic problems in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, addressing the domestic economic challenges of all these countries. Groups the challenges into getting out of the crisis, strengthening the basic economic foundation, and maintaining the sustainability of the resource base ...Continue Reading English 54741
New ASEAN Deals with the development of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) into the New ASEAN, focusing on geostrategical expansion of the organization and directions of political/security, economic and social cooperations. Discusses the possibility of the association with all ten member countries. Describes the relations between ASEAN and the new member countries: Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, including the impact of the new ASEAN ...Continue Reading Thai 54710
The Roles of Institutions in the Government and Private Sectors Upon the Enhancement of the Thai Industries' Competitive Capabilities (Final Report), Study Report of the Sub-Project No.3 Suthiphand Chirathivat Studies the role of public and private institutions in the increase of the competitiveness of the Thai industry. Covers all major public and private institutions in Thailand and its role in promoting the industrial competitiveness. Identifies major and common issues to promote Thailand's industrial competitiveness, through interviews and documentary research, covering the themes of basic infrastructure, human resources, and technology.Gives the ...Continue Reading Thai 54637
Pacific Growth and Financial Interdependence Compiles papers written for the 14th Pacific Trade and Development (PADTAD) Conference, held in Singapore during June 18-21, 1984. Examines issues of financial development in the less developed countries of the Pacific Basin, dealing with the process of financial development, and the financial experience of Asian-Pacific Nations, notably Thailand and Korea. Focuses on financial interdependence among the countries of the Pacific Basin, and espec ...Continue Reading English 54610
A Strategy for Thailand's Trade Diplomacy Wolfe, Robert Overviews issues that will be likely to arise in trade diplomacy, including the existing and future global trading environment, institutions and laws. Examines the state and state policy that remains important despite the forces of globalization. Discusses the tools of trade diplomacy, covering regionalism, and APEC, as a possible alternative to multilateralism. Analyzes current and future agenda for the WTO, concluding with strategic recommen ...Continue Reading English 54603
ASEAN at 30: The End of the Economic Miracle? Watsaya Limthammahison Marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN which took place in 1997 amidst economic turmoil occurred in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Discusses the account deficit situation pertained particularly in those four countries as the root cause of this economic crisis. Focuses on the large current account deficit as the basic factor leading to the attach on the Thai baht in 1996 -- the similar problem plaguing Mexico in ...Continue Reading English 54459
Reforms for the New Era of Japan and ASEAN for a Broader and Deeper Partnership Hashimoto, Ryutaro Deals with the 15th Singapore Lecture delivered by Mr. Ryutaro Hashimoto, Prime Minister of Japan. Expresses views on Japan-ASEAN relations, indicating how Japan and ASEAN should reform their co-operative relationship in a manner suitable for the 21st century. Mentions challenges of ASEAN and economic relations with Japan. Focuses on co-operative partnership for the era i.e : broader and deeper exchanges between Japan and ASEAN at all levels ...Continue Reading English 54431
The Thai Textile and Clothing Industry and Government's Policy: ASP-5 Sub-Programme on Liberalization of Trade and Investment, Final Paper Suphat Suphachalasai Traces historical background of The Thai textile and clothing industry in relation to government's policy. Considers structure of the Thai textile industry, showing numbers of firms in the textile industry in 1990-1994, and number of textile machines in 1975-1994. Presents statistics of textile and garment production in that period, dealing with textiles and clothing exports in terms of export volume, and export value. Analyzes textile and gar ...Continue Reading English 54427
India: Promising Investment Prospects Rosit Samithisawad Deals with investment prospects in India in terms of economic problems throughout the past, foreign investment promotion, Thailand's and ASEAN's investment in India, attractions in terms of incentives granted to investors, and problems and obstacles. Includes statistical data on India's principal economic indicators and investment by ASEAN in India. English 54406
Automobile Industry Jirayus Bongotmas Provides information on automobile production, covering marketing, imports and exports. Points out supporting measures and factors which would Thailand to be an export production base. Discusses potential in important ASEAN markets, specifically in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. Looks at the investment projects for automobile manufacturing in Thailand classifying into passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Trends of Thailand ...Continue Reading English 54320