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Recession in Asia Sprague, Junathan Reports the economic recession which was stalking most of the Asian region since the mid-1980s and taking its toll in Asia in 1998. Discusses how load was the economic slump by considering some of the depressing businesses in Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, and Singapore. Analyzes what the businesses should do to adjust to the recession by recommending the survival plan for the Asian companies to back to basics and governments to undertake ...Continue Reading English 54277
The World Textile Industry and Thailand's Potential Sombat Champathong Reports on the global situation and the situation in ASEAN with regard to the textile industry, covering production potential consumption, and trade and marketing potential. Mentions three economic groupings and their repercussions on Thai textile trade, these being: the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC), the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Notes the trade barriers and trends for world and ...Continue Reading English 54174
Economic Cooperation: AFTA 2003 and Impacts Upon Thailand's Trade Min. of Commerce. Dept. of Business Economics Gives a brief on the ASEAN establishment, following with the economic cooperation projects as ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements (ASEAN PTA), ASEAN Industrial Project (AIP), ASEAN Industrial Joint Venture (AIJV), and Brand-to-Brand Complementation (BBC). Traces historical background of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), related to tariff and non-tariff agreements. Reveals the obligations of Thailand for AFTA, citing proposal on tariff reduction ...Continue Reading Thai 54161
Amazing AFTA Paitoon Wiboonchutikula Raises the question on changing the tariff reduction period that was proposed during the ASEAN Economic Ministers Meeting in Brunei. Suggests other more significant topics, i.e. exclusion list, rule of origin, and decreasing trade diversion Thai 54156
Japanese Bubble Economy Experience: A Must or An Alternative to the Thais? Compiles articles regarding Japanese bubble economy. Deals with Japanese financial system, financial recession in 1991, Japanese economic policy, morality in Japanese business, and debt administration of Japanese financial institutions. Considers the impacts to Thai economy in the aspects of stock market, trade, and investment. Looks at the state of Japanese affiliated manufacturers in ASEAN, covering lessons of Thai bubble economy, and IMF su ...Continue Reading Thai 54089
Thailand 1996: Outlook and Prospects Nimit Nontapunthawat Discusses the outlook and prospects for the ASEAN economy during 1995 and 1996, with reference to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Examines how important is the development in this ASEAN region to the Thai economy. Focuses on the Thai economy discussing the domestic purchasing power, investment, exports and imports, and country's trade account. Considers the financial side in terms of financial volatility, prudential regulations, ...Continue Reading English 54009
The Impacts of EU Enlargement on Thai Exports, Part II, Vol.II: Product by Product Analysis Eight Selected Products (Chapters 5 to 8) I.B.I Analyzes Thai exports to EU, product by product, dealing with textiles and garments, jewellery, toys, and ceramics. States the matters of the trade regime, generalized tariffs preferences, evolution of trade, and main competitors to Thai exports. Includes statistical view of main textile export categories, citing clothing of woven and knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics and yarns, nylon and polyester. Covers the assessment of Thai ceramic exports ...Continue Reading English 53984
Thai-Vietnamese Relations in the Present Decade and Prospects for Future Cooperation Contains 11 articles on the Thai-Vietnamese relations presented at the conference by the bilateral scholars, businessmen, diplomats, and journalists. Analyzes in details development of relations bilaterally and multilaterally under ASEAN, AFTA and other organizations via diplomacy, politics, economics, trade, investment, and mass media. Reflects the cooperation at present and trends in the future, noting chances of and obstacles to Thai investm ...Continue Reading Thai 53910
28th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Post Ministerial Conferences with Dialogue Partners, & Second ASEAN Regional Forum on 28 July 1995 at Brunei Darussalam ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and Post Ministerial Conferences (28th : 1995 : Brunei Darussalam) Presents the statements at the admission ceremony of Vietnam to ASEAN and the ceremony to welcome Cambodia as an observer in ASEAN, Brunei Darussalam, 1995. Reports on the 28th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting 1995, noting the keynote address, opening statements by ministers of foreign affairs of member countries, statements at the consultative meetings, and closing statements. Includes the second meeting of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), the Joint C ...Continue Reading English 53666
29th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), Post Ministerial Conferences with Dialogue Partners (PMC) ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), Post Ministerial Conferences with Dialogue Partners (PMC) (29th : 1996 : Jakarta) Compiles opening statements of the Twenty-Ninth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM) Jakarta, 1996 by Ministers of foreign affairs of Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Papua-New Guinea. Includes statements at the consultative meetings about ASEAN and the ASEAN countries relationship, covering the Joint Communique of the Twenty-Ninth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, the Third Meet ...Continue Reading English 53655
Report of the Regional Round Table Discussion on International Marketing and Export Promotion of Non-Traditional Agricultural Products, 24-25 March 1992, Bangkok, Thailand Regional Round Table Discussion on International Marketing and Export Promotion of Non-Traditional Products (1992 : Bangkok) Provides information on the Discussion, focusing on the purpose to exchange information on the experiences and lessons learned by ASEAN member countries. Includes paper presentations on Philippine's processing of seaweeds into refined carrageenan export, Malaysian cocoa marketing and export promotion, Indonesian black pepper production and marketing, and Thailand's experience on international marketing and export promotion of canned tuna English 53639
Regional Economic Outlook: Southeast Asia Nimit Nontapunthawat Discusses the economic outlook of the SE Asian region, encompassing major economies of ASEAN countries as well as those of the Indochinese states. Emphasizes the long-term prospects for the region, noting intra-regional investment, sub-regional cooperation, and economic interdependence among member states. Mentions the short-term prospects of the ASEAN 10, and discusses separately the problems facing the founding of ASEAN 4, excluding Brunei. ...Continue Reading English 53635
State-Owned Enterprise Reform in Vietnam: Lessons from Asia Covers aspects of the reform process undertaken in Vietnam s perceived by Vietnamese Officials and Scholars. Includes rare data and statistics. Deals with relevant aspects of the process of deregulation, liberalization and privatization experienced in Japan and the ASEAN countries. Provides recommendations for consideration by Vietnam's economic reform planners English 53518
Regional Trade Liberalization in Southeast Asia: Some Implications of AFTA for Thailand Maule, Andrew Attempts to determine whether there are potential gains from trade by identifying whether there exists a significant possibility of trade creation between ASEAN members. Employs the analytical tool of revealed comparative advantage (RCA), Analyzing the trade complementarity and competition of intra-ASEAN trade. Provides some indication of the welfare effects of AFTA for Thailand. Evaluates the appropriateness of the products' identified for in ...Continue Reading English 53507
Changing Trade Patterns in East Asia and Implications for Regional Cooperation Dong Chon Suh Examines economic changes in East Asia since the mid-1980s covering the shifting comparative advantages, changing structures, patterns and directions of trade in the region. Deals with trade relations between the United States and the three groups of East Asian countries : Japan ANIEs : Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and ASEAN and China : Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and China English 53473
Korea-ASEAN: A Possible Alliance Somjai Phagaphasvivat Discusses the economic and political cooperation between Korea and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations related to the establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), the draft of the ASEAN Vision, the ASEAN Industrial Cooperation (AICO) program, the forming of the ASEAN Economic Region (AER) for the year 2020 and the ASEAN Investment Area (AIA) English 53472
Promoting Intra-Economic Relations in Southeast Asia: Present Trends and Future Prospects: Role of Investments Imran Lim Discusses the role of economic cooperation within ASEAN, especially foreign direct investments (FDIs). Indicates FDI flows, sources of FDI flows and competition for FDIs. Provides information on intra-ASEAN investments, impact on trade, intra-ASEAN trade and factors influencing increasing intra-ASEAN investments and trade. Considers future scenarios and strategic responses. Includes statistical tables English 53428
Prospect of and Potential for Exporting and Impacts of AFTA: Palm Oil Industry Wichit Wongwarithip Reports on general characteristics of the palm oil industry in Thailand, focusing on historical background, government policy, consumption and palm oil production and foreign trade. Deals with industrial structure, noting number of manufacturer, characteristics of structure, palm oil market, and illegal smuggling of palm oil into Thailand. Compares the potentials for competitions between Thailand and Malaysia and discusses effect of ASEAN free ...Continue Reading Thai 53418
Prospect of and Potential for Exporting and Impacts of AFTA: Petrochemical Industry Surat Pongpipatpanich Considers the potential for competition of the Thai petrochemical industry, focusing on basic characteristics of Thai petrochemical industry and examines its problems in terms of cost of ethylene/ propylene, and depreciation and financial cost of newly-opened plants. Reports on pricing system of NPC1 Project and the possibility of using the world price system. Analyzes in detail the potential for competition of the Thai petrochemical industry a ...Continue Reading Thai 53417
Prospect of and Potential for Exporting and Impacts of AFTA: Cement Industry Suphat Suphachalasai Gives background information on cement industry in Thailand, classifying types of cement into portland cement, mixed cement, and while portland cement. Reports on industrial structure and government policy toward cement industry, production and process, and structure of production cost. Examines imports and exports of Thai cement, trades and competitions among ASEAN countries, and impacts of AFTA on Thai cement industry. Includes appendices on ...Continue Reading Thai 53416