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Asia 1997 Yearbook Surveys political and economic events of significance in 36 countries in the Asian region in 1996. Examines currencies, stock markets and items of regional as well as national significance, such as military power, trade, energy and commodities. Focuses on telecommunications, a sector of growing significance worldwide and of huge interest within the region as technology develops and prices go down. Takes a look at the Asia-Pacific organizations ...Continue Reading English 53157
Eucalyptus Cloning in ASEAN Kijkar, Somyos Describes vegetative propagation and root cutting production of Eucalyptus in ASEAN, regarding rejuvenation and multiplication techniques, cutting preparation, information on rooting hormone and mediums. Summarizes three case studies on cloning techniques for Eucalyptus, namely E.urophylla in Northern Sumatra, E.deglupta in the Philippines, and E.camaldulensis in Thailand English 53117
ASEAN Macroeconomic Outlook 1995-1996 Offers an outlook of the global economy in 1995 with particular reference to the slowdown in OECD growth, the appreciation of the Yen, the unfolding of the Mexican crisis, and the behavior of world oil price. Assesses the performance of the ASEAN region as a whole in 1994 and includes individual analyses of the economies of member countries. Outlines the emerging trends in the region and provides an economic forecast for 1995-1996. English 52974
5th ASEAN Summit, Bangkok, 14-15 Dec. 1995 ASEAN Summit (5th : 1995 : Bangkok) Begins with the agenda of the Meeting, following with basic information on the ASEAN and this 15th Summit. Provides curriculum vitae of ASEAN heads of state, of ministers of Foreign Affairs, and of other related ministers. Contains the summary of the conference between heads of governments of the ASEAN countries and those of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar special report on Treaty of Southeast Asian Nuclear Weapons Free Zone and Agreement on the E ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 52953
Financial Market Reform Shea Jia-Dong Contains five articles regarding financial market reform. Studies the impact of financial liberalization policy on ASEAN commercial banks, focusing on the business activities of Thai domestic commercial banks. Deals with financial deregulation and the transmission of monetary policy, showing evidence for selecting the choice of monetary variables as targets in a deregulated environment for the case of Malaysia. Tests empirically whether there ...Continue Reading English 52893
The Nations APEC: A Meeting of Minds Reyes, Alejandro Highlights the improvement in Sino-US relations marked by the bilateral talks held between US President Bill Clinton and Chinese President Jiang Zemin during APEC's forum meeting in Manila. Reviews a variety of issues that were part of the discussions including human rights, Hong Kong, China's trade surplus with the US, and China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Reports on other bilateral talks and provides a behind-the-scenes look ...Continue Reading English 52877
The Challenge of Free Trade in the Enlarged ASEAN and the Future of ASEAN-Japan Cooperation Nimit Nontapunthawat Presents an overview of trade within the ASEAN region and highlights the increase in economic interaction especially amongst trading and investment activities. Reports on trade liberalization in member countries. Discusses ASEAN-Japan cooperation with particular emphasis on the promotion of free trade the integration of the economies in the area and Japan's potential role in financing and co-financing infrastructure development projects, huma ...Continue Reading English 52835
Thailand's International Trade: The Changing Structure Provides information on the imports and exports, as well as the trade direction of the United States, Japan, the European Union, ASEAN Countries, Indochina Countries, and other Trading partners of Thailand. Includes statistical tables on Thailand's imports and exports B.E. 2531-2536 (1988-1993) and charts on Thai import and export values B.E. 2531-2537 (1988-1994) classified by significant trading partners. Thai 52682
A Free Trade Area: Implications for ASEAN Imada, Pearl Examines six indicators to ascertain the possible net effect of integration on ASEAN. Discusses methodology and results of a partial equilibrium analysis of intra-ASEAN trade, following with description of the model and results of an econometric analysis of intra-ASEAN trade as well. Compares the results of both analyses, showing that reduced preferential tariff barriers will have a positive, but not substantial, effect on trade and production ...Continue Reading English 52163
Adjusting Towards AFTA: The Dynamics of Trade in ASEAN Menon, Jayant Provides an overview of intra and extra ASEAN trade patterns between 1981 and 1991, covering a brief on the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) which is the backbone of AFTA. Presents the methodology employed to measure the contribution of intra-industry trade and net trade to the growth in total trade. Summarizes the major findings for each ASEAN counties, considering bilateral trade with other countries in the region, intra-regional t ...Continue Reading English 52157
ASEAN and Korea: Emerging Issues in Trade and Investment Relations Contains articles by various authors, giving an overview of ASEAN-South Korea economic relations. Discusses ASEAN, South Korea, and the Asia-Pacific region. Provides a comparative analysis of South Korean and Japanese foreign direct investment in ASEAN. Explores Indonesia-South Korea relations from a socio-political perspective. Diseases the main trends and issues in Malaysia-South Korea economic relations. Examines the emerging trends in So ...Continue Reading English 52135
Economy, Investment, and Future of Vietnam Provides general information on Vietnam, highlighting the country's economic conditions, financial system foreign bank's branch, and capital market. Discusses the procedures for foreign investment and steps for the operations of foreign investors in Vietnam. Details the steps for submitting investment, rationale for investment approval, investment submission, and policy on considering the investment draft project. Discusses the future of AFTA ...Continue Reading Thai 52134
Economic Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Changing Incentives Ravenhill, John Discusses the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) agreement. Studies the historical background to economic cooperation in Southeast Asia. Examines the changing incentive structures behind the AFTA agreement, as well as its provisions and omissions. Assesses the future prospects and alternatives open to the AFTA. English 52118
Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 1996-1997 Offers a succinct analysis of economic and political trends in the countries of Southeast Asia and the outlook for the prospective two years. Consists of two parts: political outlook and economic outlook of the ASEAN Six and of the Indochinese countries and Myanmar, respectively. Begins with a short section on the broader Asia-Pacific setting, for what happens there can have crucial implications for Southeast Asia. Includes selected economic i ...Continue Reading English 52112
Origins, Sustainability and Lessons from Thailand's Economic Growth Dixon, Chris Examines the validity and implications of the deregulation aspect of Thailand's rapid economic growth during 1986-1991. Traces the antecedents of the rapid economic growth, looking at government development policy, structural adjustment and liberalization. Considers foreign investment and regional divisions of labour. Concludes with the contradictions of the Thai model English 52095
Booming Thai-ASEAN Trade to Be Boosted by Vietnam's Entry into ASEAN Preyaluk Donavanik Reports on Thai-ASEAN trade. Discusses Thailand's exports, imports, trade balance and trade value with reference to major trading partners and ASEAN countries during the 1990-1994 period. Examines the prospects for trade in the region after the entry of Vietnam into the ASEAN in July 1995. Includes statistical tables. English 52026
Asian Market Economies: Challenges of a Changing International Environment Gaarnaut, Ross Looks at the changing international environment and its challenges for the Asian market economies. Reviews the recent developments in East Asian economies, focusing on the growing weight in the structure of world production, trade and global economic power. Assesses the sustainability of East Asian growth by employing the western Pacific trade model. Studies the openness in international economic policy as a framework for Asia-Pacific economic ...Continue Reading English 51993
India and Southeast Asia: Indian Perceptions and Policies Ayoob, Mohammed Provides a contextual analysis of India's interests and perceptions in the region, within the context of India's broad strategic and foreign policy framework. Includes an analysis of superpower relations and involvement. Examines the major international issues affecting relationship both within and among the ASEAN and Indochina sub-regions. Discusses Indian perception of the linkages between the futures of India and Southeast Asia, in terms of ...Continue Reading English 51866
AFTA: An Outward-Looking Free Trade Agreement Naratchata Intaraprasit Discusses ASEAN economic growth, focusing on regional economic cooperation. Examines the decision to shorten the period of implementation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Reports on intra-ASEAN trade import tariffs reduction and the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) reduction of the unit production cost internal competition and internal economic structure English 51748
Primary Information of Thailand's Significant Trading Countries Provides information on countries engaging in trade with Thailand. Covers the following groups of nations: Indochina and Myanmar, ASEAN member countries, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, Oceania, European Union Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America. Discusses seven major topics namely, general economic conditions, international trade agreements on bilateral trade experts and imports, problems and trade barrier ...Continue Reading Thai 51720