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Study Report on Trade in Services Liberalization: The Impact on Thai Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Commitments to GATS, ASEAN, and APEC Studies principles of trade in services liberalization for Thai tourism industry under the framework of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), APEC, and ASEAN, looking at economic and legal perspectives. Analyzes obstacles and opportunities for Thai tourism industry liberalization and for Thailand to access tourism industry of other countries, considering the overall capacity of Thai tourism industry and each sector, namely hotel, so ...Continue Reading Thai 85153
The Development and Role of ASEAN As a Regional Association Hogan, Mary Vivianne Studies the role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Notes the perceived wisdom of integration theory, mentioning the way to further integration. States that the presence of regimes or institutions are the way to achieve cooperation and eventual integration. Presents the hypothesis that these theories can only partially explain the ASEAN experience. Notes that a review of ASEAN's antecedents, the institutional arrangements ...Continue Reading English 85019
Improving Cooperation on Trade and Investment with ASEAN New Member Countries, Seminar on 21 February 2001 at Royal River Hotel, Bangkok Seminar on Improving Cooperation on Trade and Investment with ASEAN New Member Countries (2001 : Bangkok) Describes background and objectives of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), covering ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), e-ASEAN agreement, ASEAN Investment Area (AIA), ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme (AICO), ASEAN framework agreement of the facilitation of goods in transit, ASEAN economic cooperation (AEC), and the protocol regarding the implementation of the CEPT scheme temporary exclusion list. Mentions the joint statement on Ea ...Continue Reading Thai 84435
Dynamic Analysis on ASEAN Stock Markets Praphan Wongbangpo Investigates the underlining characteristics of stock markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand through empirical analyses. Reviews the economic cooperation and financial development in the ASEAN countries. Investigates the long-run relationship among markets of five ASEAN countries, exploring the long-run equilibrium and short-run dynamic relationships between stock and foreign exchange markets. Examines the rel ...Continue Reading English 84371
Annual Report 2002-2003 Association of Southeast Asian Nations Reports the achievement of ASEAN during 2002-2003, highlighting the chapters on regional peace and stability, economic integration and cooperation, human and social development, transnational issues, and ASEAN external relations. Deals with the cooperation in the areas of trade, investments, services, tourism, industry, small and medium enterprises, intellectual property, finance, transportation, energy, ICT and telecommunications, Initiatives f ...Continue Reading English 84218
Meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Government, Singapore, 27-28 January 1992 Contains welcome remarks, opening statements and closing statements presented at the meeting of the prime ministers and presidents of member countries. Deals with ASEAN's challenges in the 1990s, economic regionalism, and free trade area. Presents 15 articles under the framework agreement on enhancing ASEAN economic cooperation e.g. areas of cooperation, sub-regional economic arrangements, extra-ASEAN economic cooperation, private sector partic ...Continue Reading English 84203
Twenty-fifth Meeting of the ASEAN Economic Ministers, Singapore, 4-9 October 1993 ASEAN Economics Ministers (AEM) Meeting (28th : 1996 : Jakarta) Contains documents of the Meeting, e.g. opening address, joint press statement, welcome remarks, keynote address, and declaration of the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations by the 25th Meeting of ASEAN Economic Ministers. Deals with ASEAN's responsibility in global economic environment, consultation with ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASEAN-CCI), investment matters, ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and other areas of cooperat ...Continue Reading English 84202
Experience of Macro Model Creation for the Project on Econometric Link System for ASEAN (ELSA) Warin Wonghanchao Explains the Econometric Link System for ASEAN (ELSA) which is a project of Institute of Developing Economic (IDE) in cooperation with ASEAN countries, including Thailand. Attempts to link international input-output tables with commodity models, and macro models through macro variables. Presents Thai macro model from the linkage, dealing with 99 equations. Includes appendices on input-output table codes and items in the field of economy. Thai 83938
ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of Goods in Transit Details the ASEAN Framework Agreement on the Facilitation of Goods in Transit, providing the effective arrangement for facilitating inter-state traffic and transit transport among ASEAN countries. Covers 33 articles under eight parts, dealing with general provisions, designation of transit transport routes, general conditions for road transport, general conditions for rail transport, customs control, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, miscella ...Continue Reading English 83639
Costs and benefits of a common currency for ASEAN Madhur, Srinivasa Assesses the costs and benefits of the use of a common currency or formation of a monetary union for ASEAN. Reviews perspectives on optimum currency area (OCA), considering the ASEAN's suitability for a common currency. Analyzes constraints on the adoption of a common currency, describing how the issue of the costs and benefits of a common currency for the ASEAN needs to be placed in a global perspective. English 83497
Changing Impact of Fiscal Policy on Selected ASEAN Countries Hsiao Chink Tang Investigates the effectiveness of fiscal policy in five ASEAN countries namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Considers that since the 1990s fiscal policy has been effective as a macroeconomic stabilizing tool. Employs a structural vector autoregression (VAR) model to study government spending. Uses a time-varying VAR model to study the impact of taxes on output, reflecting concerns over public finances amid th ...Continue Reading English 83486
ASEAN Free Trade Area Nimnuan Phiothongkham Studies the principle of laws and legal issues related to the inception and implementation of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Deals with the Agreement on the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Scheme for AFTA. Analyzes legal status of basic documents of AFTA, considering the treaty status of documents. Covers the areas of tariff reductions, trade barriers, non-tariff barriers and rule of origin. Thai 83416
ASEAN to AFTA: From Peace and Security Zone to Free Trade Area and Beyond Apirat Petchsiri Presents the criticism of ASEAN integration. Examines the development of ASEAN's efforts on integration since its inception. Deals with the initiatives of ASEAN Economic Community, ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS), Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs), and ASEAN Investment Area (AIA). Traces history of ideas behind ASEAN free trade initiatives, analyzing ASEAN policy on free trade. Looks at the idea ...Continue Reading English 83241
EU-ASEAN: Facing Economic Globalisation Compiles a collection of essays from diverse Asian and European perspectives on European Union (EU) and ASEAN. Studies key issues of structural change and trade dynamics in the context of economic globalization and EU integration. Gives an historical review of ASEAN-EU relations, covering the ties between ASEAN and the European Community in the last 30 years (1972-2002). Examines the trade and aid policy of the EU, looking at the process of ec ...Continue Reading English 83236
The Free Trade Doctrine, Regionalism, the ASEAN Free Trade Area and Their Effects on Trade and Trade Policy Ariffin, Anuar Examines issues concerning the free trade doctrine, regionalism and regional free trade areas (FTAs), focusing on the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Studies the doctrine of free trade from the perspectives of ideological belief as well as theoretical expositions. Considers how these influence trade policies of many countries throughout the history of trade. Analyzes the forces that influence the formation of regionalism and regional FTAs all ov ...Continue Reading English 83026
ASEAN-U.S. Initiative: Assessment and Recommendations for Improved Economic Relations, Joint Final Report Presents an analysis of ASEAN-U.S. economic relations, focusing on trade and investment issues. Considers trade in goods and trade in services, analyzing how further reductions in trade barriers will facilitate the process. Looks at how expansion of trade shares by both the United States and ASEAN in each other's markets will require a strong competitive effort against the other important trading partners, especially the Northeast Asian Newly I ...Continue Reading English 82416
ASEAN in the WTO: Challenges and Responses Compiles papers presented at the ASEAN Roundtable on ASEAN in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Reviews major developments in ASEAN, exploring new ways or directions for ASEAN economic cooperation in the light of changing global economic environment, and in terms of the emerging domestic situation and needs. Looks at the pro-active role ASEAN can play in the WTO. Studies factors that are making labour and labour policy an central component o ...Continue Reading English 82336
The Politics of Open Economies: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand Bowie, Alasdair Explains why some developing countries adopt economic policies that are relatively open to cross-border movements of goods, services, and capital. Studies national economic policy responses to changing external economic conditions, focusing on economic policies of the ASEAN Four, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Covers the periods during the half-century following the end- of the Pacific War. Presents a broad overview of ...Continue Reading English 75800
Income Convergence and Growth of Asian Regional Trade: Empirical Evidence for ASEAN+3 Free Trade Agreement Tran, Van Hoa Studies the growth of ASEAN+3 bilateral trade in the volatile period 1968-2000. Uses an extended Helpman-Krugman (1985) function-free model and World Bank national account and CHELEM trade date to test the impact of convergence on this trade. Reveals empirical evidence on growth of trade in ASEAN+3. Analyzes income convergence and growth of trade in ASEAN+3 in relation to trade policy formulation and implementation. English 69370
Chinese Economy in the ASEAN Context Zhang, Jianhua Introduces the economic situation and development of China, focusing on the economic reform in three periods: 1978-1984, 1985-1993, and 1994-1997. Describes China's fiscal and taxation reform, banking and financial system reform, investment and foreign trade management reform, and the open-to-the-world policy. Analyzes trade and investment relations between China and ASEAN, exploring competitiveness and mutual complementation. Identifies poten ...Continue Reading English 69222