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India and Southeast Asia: Revisited Yahya, Faizal Examines whether the ASEAN-India Summit could be considered as a successful outcome of India's engagement strategy with Southeast Asia through its Look East policy. Argues that India's Look East policy was mainly reinvigorated by China's interests in ASEAN's riparian states along the Mekong River, namely Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam (CMLV). Focuses on India's relations with CMLV, including India's economic ties with Thailand. Point ...Continue Reading English 63110
Asia Century: Think as Asia Deals with the inaugural meeting of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) on 19 June 2002 which opens up opportunities for Asia to be a strong partner for other regions. Presents an overall perspective of China in the past and present, its mission and development target in the 21st century, and Sino-Thai relations and future progress. Examines the implications for corporate investment strategy in China following China's accession to WTO, and the ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 62963
Trade Patterns and Exchange Rate Regimes: Testing the Asian Currency Basket Using an International Input-Output System Yano, Takashi Aims at analyzing exchange rates and trade patterns of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan in relation to Japan and the United States, with reference to the Asian currency crisis in 1997. Seeks into how the Asian currencies are determined in relation to the movements of major currencies, using the US dollars, Japanese yen and Deutsche mark as prime examples. Analyzes how trade patterns are affecte ...Continue Reading English 62910
Intra-ASEAN Economic Cooperation and Its International Trade Negotiations Pranee Chitakornkijsilp Compares and contrasts the varying trade patterns of the ASEAN member countries. Considers prospects and mechanisms for intra-ASEAN trade cooperation. Deals with obstacles to economic cooperation which are the competitive character of member countries' economic structure, protectionist policies and political problems. Notes that the major trading partners of ASEAN are the U.S.A., Japan, and the European Community and ASEAN should intensify bi ...Continue Reading English 62392
Viet Nam in ASEAN: Regional Integration Process and Challenges Explains the international trade aspects of Viet Nam's transition to a market economy. Presents a detailed overview of Viet Nam's trade regime, dealing with trade reform challenge. Presents a good argument for greater attention within ASEAN, and within other regional and international trade arrangements, to the removal of non-tariff barriers to trade. Presents the arguments against protectionist policies and illustrates the gains from the trad ...Continue Reading English 62360
Asia Cooperation Dialogue: What Benefits for Thailand? Deals with Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) initiated by Thailand to boost international and regional cooperation through dialogue. Gives its overview in terms of information background, concepts and origins. Emphasizes on Asia as an important trade partner of Thailand, examining the role of Thailand as the ACD initiative and its trade relations with 16 countries of mini ACD group. Summarizes the outcome of the first ACD meeting looking at the ...Continue Reading Thai 62357
Economic Groupings in Various Regions Studies economic cooperation in the world's regions. Overviews the objectives and development of the following groupings : European Union (EU), Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), North America Free Trade Area (NAFTA), Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUR), Andean Community, Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Reflects the cooperations and agreements on tariff, trade expan ...Continue Reading Thai 62317
ASEAN: Still Relevant Wain, Barry Considers the suggestions from the annual meeting of ASEAN Regional Forum in July 2002 for the issues on security. Mentions ASEAN economy and its economic recovery after the regional financial crisis in 1997. Looks at the ASEAN Free Trade Area and the competition in the global market, especially with a rising China. Covers an analysis on how the US is prepared to deal with ASEAN. English 62237
Building Closer Ties with ASEAN: Industrial Cooperation and Future Direction Otsuji, Yoshihiro Contains presentations at the First Japan-ASEAN Research Institute meeting on industrial cooperation. Outlines the presentations on Japan's six strategies for greater competitiveness, dealing with the promotion of technological innovation, promotion of corporate restructuring with selection and concentration, enhancing labor mobility and creating more employment in the services sector, attracting foreign direct investment and talent from oversea ...Continue Reading English 62076
Transborder Business: The Capital Input in Singapore Enterprises Venturing into ASEAN and Beyond Dahles, Heidi Investigates the consequences of the investment policy for domestic Singaporean business. Analyzes the business strategies of Singapore companies venturing abroad in terms of generating start-up capital, establishing and expanding business networks, and obtaining knowledge and expertise. Addresses the issues of the sorts of capital strategically used by Singaporean entrepreneurs in their transborder ventures. Considers how this capital is gene ...Continue Reading English 62065
Thailand & Singapore: Two Asian Tigers Join Economic Forces Deals with the economic relation between Thailand and Singapore, summarizing three major fronts of economic cooperation between the two countries. Examines Thai-Singapore trade, introducing the establishment of a bilateral free trade area. Points out strategies adopted by both Thailand and Singapore to confirm nations around the globe that ASEAN member states promote free trade and cooperate in the establishment of an ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFT ...Continue Reading Thai 61877
Globalization and Recent Trend of Japanese Firms' Direct Investment in Thailand and Its Impacts Suthy Prasartset Studies Japan's globalization of firms' strategy by reorganizing its structure into a coherent network of global operations, comprising Integrated Shift and :Fragmented Shift . Explains why Japanese firms have shifted their production bases to developing countries, or the fragmented shift, noting to ASEAN Countries. Discusses the recent trend and pattern of Japanese direct investment in Thailand, as well as structural changes in Japanese FDI ...Continue Reading English 61870
Thailand's Trade in Service Liberalization: GATS-AFTA-APEC Suthiphand Chirathivat Attempts to explore Thailand's liberalization on efforts in trade in services since the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations. Considers the importance of the service sector in the Thai economy, and discusses the impediments to service transactions within the General Agreement on Trade Services (GATS) framework. Studies a reflection on linkage between GATS, ASEAN, and APEC trade in service by analyzing trade liberalization within APE ...Continue Reading English 61845
Rationalization of Japan-Based Multinational Enterprises' Automobile Components Production in ASEAN Noppadol Buranathanung Examines the source and consequence of the rationalization of Japan-based Multinational Enterprise (MNE) automobile components production in ASEAN with the particular reference to The Brand-to-Brand Complementation Scheme (BBC) and the pronouncement of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Notes the two driving forces which are the importance of economies of scale and the emergence of new competitors especially the South Korea-based MNEs in the region ...Continue Reading English 61694
Thailand's Trade in Service with the Asian-Pacific Region Suthiphand Chirathivat Addresses different issues related to trade in services and Thailand's trade in services with the Asian-Pacific region. Considers the recent pattern of Thailand's trade in services, covering Thailand's service share, the service account of Thailand, and the receipts and payments of Thailand's trade in services. Mentions Thailand's share of receipt in services from ASEAN, East Asia Economic Community (EAEC), and APEC between 1987-1989. Focuses ...Continue Reading English 61587
China-ASEAN Trade: Enough for Everyone Lawrence, Susan V Considers how China's economic growth and China's opening to the outside will be beneficial to developing countries especially in Southeast Asia. Mentions the proposed China-ASEAN Free Trade Area endorsed by both side in November 2001. Deals with China's perspective on exporting into the Chinese market by means of trade liberalization. Hopes that China emergence as a major market for the region will be enhanced by a raft of free-trade agreemen ...Continue Reading English 61304
Should the Southeast Asian Countries Form a Currency Union? Thiam, Hee NG Examines some of the factors related to the formation of a currency union in Southeast Asia. Reviews briefly theories relating to optimum currency areas and the criteria for joining currency union followed by a brief review of the features of the SE. Asian countries. Examines the correlation of shocks to the ASEAN economies by using a structural vector autoregression. Uses the correlations of shocks for the European Union (EU) and North Americ ...Continue Reading English 60859
Cambodia's Economic Development: Policies, Strategies & Implementation Chhon, Keat Reviews the concept and policy of regional economic integration and its prospects for Cambodia, including a comparison of key economic indicators between Cambodia and ASEAN member states, a discussion of the Cambodia's government policies and strategies in preparing for admission into the ASEAN Investment Area (AIA) and ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). Deals with the new proposal to accelerate AFTA and their potential implications on Cambodia. Inc ...Continue Reading English 60836
Outcomes of the National Seminar on ASEAN-SEAFDEC Conference on Sustainable Fisheries for Food Security in the New Millennium Fish for the People , 19-24 November 2001 at Bangkok, Thailand ASEAN-SEADFEC Conference on Sustainable Fisheries for Food Security in the New Millennium (2001 : Bangkok) Finalizes the technical concerns of the regional interest from the panels of the ASEAN-SEAFDEC conference. Identifies and clarifies the issues of aquaculture in the following sub-themes : supply of quality seed stock, envrionment-friendly aquaculture technologies, getting out of the Fishmeal Trap , healthy and wholesome aquaculture, biotechnology for aquaculture, and aquaculture for rural development. Deals with fisheries management in the sub ...Continue Reading English 60614
Asia-Europe on the Eve of the 21st Century Comments on three types of relationship between Asia and Europe: historical and cultural, political, and economic relations. Compiles essays by 15 scholars from Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia. Reviews the European presence in Asia throughout the 20th century. Calls for the development of academic and scientific exchanges. Emphasizes the need to acknowledge positive European influences on Asia, notably in terms of democratization or s ...Continue Reading English 60514