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Asian Roundup-A Team of Top Political Scientists and Historians Reviews U.S. Policy in Asia Reviews the implications of U.S policy in Southeast Asia. Discusses the importance of developments in the Asia-Pacific region to the future of the United States. Describes crucial role played by the U.S. in Asia immediately following World War II. Suggests examination of the issues, procedures, and cultural attributes in the American scene which have an impact on U.S. foreign policy. Refers to problems of industrialization in Asia, absence of ...Continue Reading English 08006
On the Pros and Cons of an ASEAN Free Trade Area Pichit Lerttamrab Describes the meaning of a free trade area and its distinction from an economic community or customs union. Gives the reasons why member countries want to form a free trade area, including the benefits and disadvantages of forming a free trade area English 04173
EEC and Asia Considers Europe's crisis of confidence and activities of ASEAN countries, concerning the European Economic Community (EEC), information on Peking : the common market's most fervent supporter, and relations between Japan and EEC. Details roles, importance, and commercial movements of EEC, dealing with West Germany, France, Britain, Benelux, Italy, and Denmark. Presents Western's Europes' alliance under severs stain and a marked and growing imba ...Continue Reading English 03779
Summary Record of the Meeting of ASEAN/EC Commission Experts on Tariff Reclassification Examines and discusses specific possible means of improving access for ASEAN products into the EEC. Gives definition of the term Tariff Reclassification . Considers products of common interest to ASEAN for which tariff reclassification is requested. Discusses production of orchids. vegetable oils, unmanufactured tobacco, veneer, plywood and other wood products, and batik garments. Contains annexes on list of delegates, list of ASEAN products ...Continue Reading English 03448
Commodity Cartels: Are They the Answer? Reports on world economy suffering from the aftermath of the October 1973 Middle East War. Explains the basic consequences of that confrontation, citing the beginning of a super-effective international oil cartel and astronomical increase in the price of crude oil and a major shift in political and economic power from the industrialized countries of the West and Japan to the Middle East oil producing countries. Interviews Mr. Bob Goninon, Gener ...Continue Reading English 03230
ASEAN Free Trade Gathers Momentum Stockwin, Harvey Considers a distinct likelihood of the formation of an ASEAN free trade area from the ASEAN summit meeting at Bali in 1976 to hasten development and to upgrade the five members' economic prospects. Shows the progress towards economic cooperation of the ASEAN members expressed by the Kukrit-Marcos joint communique and Suharto-Lee Kuan Yew meeting in 1975. Discusses the possibility of the development of the ASEAN into a security pact, and the pos ...Continue Reading English 03069
Exports Contains various articles on the prospect for Thai exports, the Export Promotion Council, export credit insurance, and urgent need to promote exports. Contains an interview with the commerce minister and considers bright future for Thai marble, garment accessories industry, ASEAN display centre, refrigerators for export, and ministry of commerce's representatives abroad. Covers guide to shipping, Japan opens charter market to Asian ships, Asia' ...Continue Reading English 03035