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Preparing the Thai Accounting Profession for the ASEAN Community with Focus on the Vocational Education Stream Patamasiri Hoonthong Gives a comprehensive review of preparation in the Thai vocational education stream for the ASEAN Community labour market. Looks at three levels of stakeholders: the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) as a policy making body, vocational colleges as institutional level, and the industrial sector as market level. Reviews the current status of OVEC's preparation in the field of accountancy. Considers the mutual recognition arran ...Continue Reading English 93974
Myanmar Garment Industry after 2012: Trade and Industrial Relations in Yangon Industrial Zones Soe, Sandar Oo Examines the development of the garment sector in the industrial zones of Myanmar. Focuses on the industrial relations and labor protection in the sector. Provides the timeline of garment sector development, and studies the relationship between stakeholders, government and labor, including government and business. Argues that Myanmar can increase trade and improve productivity by accelerating labor rights protection through best practices in i ...Continue Reading English 93972
The Role of Regional Trade in Promoting Food Security in the ASEAN Region: Measuring the Competitiveness of ASEAN's Agricultural Proeucts after the Global Food Crisis 2008 Hirawan, Fajar b. Examines the competitiveness of ASEAN's agricultural products in the world and the regional markets after the global food crisis of 2008. Determines the best policy options for ASEAN to achieve food security in the region. Investigates the intra-regional trade share index to measure the degrees of trade relationship among ASEAN member countries. Suggests that it is very important to realise ASEAN's needs for agricultural products by optimising ...Continue Reading English 93971
Free trade and Employment In the ASEAN From Theory to Empirical Lai, Hui-Chin Discusses the relationship between free trade and the economy, between free trade and employment, from classical economics to today. Uses the statistics of ASEAN to examine the cruxes of theory and the problems. Provides policies and opinions on unemployment and on how government should intervene. English 93970
The Development of Regulatory Management Systems in East Asia: Deconstruction, Insights, and Fostering ASEAN's Quiet Revolution Intal, Ponciano Describes the importance of good regulatory practice (GRP), responsive regulation, and well-performing regulatory management system (RMS) to ASEAN member states (AMS) and the ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC). Indicates major challenges towards efficient trade facilitation, non-protective non-tariff practice, responsive regulations, and a well-performing RMS. Presents the GRP principles and responsive regulation and a typology of stages or level ...Continue Reading English 93947
Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030

Analyzes Laos's industrial policy and development strategies as a part of Mekong Industrial Development Vision proposed by Japan. Mentions the medium and long-term development strategies under frameworks of production network, second unbundling, and new economic geography. Outlines issues of 3 development phases, including 5-year plan (2016-2020), 10-Year Development strategies (2016-2025) and Vision 2030, emphasizing on midsized agglomeration ...Continue Reading

English 93943
Towards a Requisite Regulatory Management System: Philippines Llanto, Gilberto M. Explores the evolution of regulation in the Philippines since the post-martial rule regime. Tracks the macroeconomic and regulatory reforms, and the political and economic history. Looks at the existence of a regulatory management system in the Philippines. Considers how some aspects of a regulatory management system were applied in the successful case study of regulatory change in the establishment of the National Competitiveness Council, a p ...Continue Reading English 93941
Facilitating ASEAN trade in Goods Lili, Yan Ing

Studies ASEAN’s trade facilitation, covering rules of origin (RoO) and market access, non-tariff measure (NTM) transparency, and non-tariff measure streamlining. Demonstrates statistical data representing the importance of RoO in the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). Emphasizes on NTM transparency lying on accurate data, open dissemination and dynamic discipline which help reducing business costs. Gives suggestion on NTM streamlining n ...Continue Reading

English 93939
ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Country Reports and Assessments 2014: Joint Initiative of the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum and the Asian Development Bank Traces the impetus in raising the public awareness on the ASEAN Corporate Governance initiative. Elevates the visibility of ASEAN Publicly Listed Companies (PLCs) among investors. Explains assessment methodology, peer review process, overall results and analysis. Highlights the country report and assessment of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Provides background of corporate governance framework, overall an ...Continue Reading English 93933
Thinking globally, Prospering Regionally: ASEAN Economic Community 2015 Aims to expand awareness and understanding among business sector, general public, youth included, on the benefits of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Highlights initiatives under the four pillars of AEC, namely, sigle market and production base, competitive economic region, equitable economic development, and integration into the global economy. Considers the progress and sets forth key messages on the AEC that are targeted toward the business s ...Continue Reading English 93908
Research Project Series on Thai-Muslim World: Relations and Implications for Development , Summary of Policy Report

Studies Muslim's World in terms of economy, society, and culture. Compiles 5 sub-research projects i.e. new directions of Thai Halal industry in ASEAN, an analysis of compensation on language and competitive opportunity of Thai workers, migration flows from the unrest situation in 4 Southern border provinces. Describes a translated book on critical issue on Islam banking and financial markets. Provides guideline for financial development based ...Continue Reading

Thai 93876
Reporting Development in ASEAN

Analyzes development, social issues and challenges around the work of ASEAN from Southeast Asian journalists' point of view. Describes public perceptions towards ASEAN, such as: being a dispute-settlement body its uniqueness of consensus decision-making and principle of non-interference being institutions that remake themselves on basis of their national interests its multi-facet of 10 bilateral relations within the region and Myanmar's media. ...Continue Reading

English 93871
ASEAN 100: 10 CEOs Controlling ASEAN Economy, 28 Thai Companies in World Map, and Top 100 Richest Companies in ASEAN Highlights top 100 ASEAN companies in 2014, citing the ranking, net profit, net income, and asset. Provides information on top 10 CEO ASEAN and 28 Thai companies including PTT PCL, Siam Cement Group (SCG) CPF, Thaioil Group, 7 eleven, IRPG, PTTEP, Thai Airways International PCL, Bangchak Petroleum PCL, Kasikorn Bank PCL, Siam Commercial Bank PCL, Thai Beverage PCL, True Corp PCL, and Total Access Communication PCL. Mentions investment opportuni ...Continue Reading Thai 93829
Report of the Experts Meeting on Regional Cooperation to Support the Implementation on Port State Measures in Southeast Asian Region, 2-4 February 2016, Bangkok, Thailand Experts Meeting on Regional Cooperation to Support the Implementation on Port State Measures in Southeast Asian Region (2016 : Bangkok, Thailand) Presents concept proposal on regional cooperation for supporting the implementation of port state measures (PSM) in ASEAN region. Reviews recommended activities of member countries from expert meeting in 2012. Updates the issues and challenges on PSM implementation by each country. Reports regional and international initiative in combating the illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing related to the ASEAN region. Provides guidelines ...Continue Reading English 93786
(Non) Secrets for Human Resource Administrators in CLMV Presents vision of M.L. Prodiyathorn Devakula on economic opportunities of CLMV countries, namely Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam. Compiles other scholars' vision on human resources development of Chinese companies, and highlights labour protection in ASEAN. Mentions labour law in ASEAN, labour rights in the context of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and labour rights in compliance with skills development. Provides information on huma ...Continue Reading Thai 93722
ASEAN Community and Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Security

Compiles 7 articles with case studies of Southeast and Northeast Asia relations to examine challenges and opportunities of ASEAN integration and implications for Korea, including ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) and non-traditional security, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community aspects. Argues that the APSC differs from previous efforts as it focuses on building rule-based community. Criticizes that the A ...Continue Reading

English 93689
China and ASEAN: Energy Security, Cooperation and Competition Zhao, Hong Examines the energy resource relations between China and ASEAN countries. Addresses the following issues: the world energy demand shifts to the East because of the rise of China, ASEAN community and other emerging Asian economies the Greater Indian Ocean and the South China Sea become the world's energy interstates and geopolitical tensions over energy resources spark conflicts in the region, especially in the South China Sea. Deals with Chin ...Continue Reading English 93524
Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN Ing, Lili Yan Studies the classification of Non-Tariff measures (NTMS) in each of 10 ASEAN countries. Covers the measures on all topics and sectors such as agriculture, arms and ammunition, and pharmaceuticals. Presents official regulations that have impact on imported and exported products. Analyzes NTMs' impact on intra-trade in ASEAN and international trade. English 93504
New Global Economic Architecture: An Asian Perspective, Policy Brief Summarizes the implications of the changing nature of the Global Economic Architecture (GEA). Presents current state of economic architecture in Asia, noting trade architecture, development finance architecture, financial safety nets, and financial supervision and regulation in Asia. Gives policy implications and recommendations to various related international institutions in order to create a cohesive environment that could accelerate growth, ...Continue Reading English 93500
Private Law Reform: For Fair Economic Security Points out the importance and guideline for law reform that could solve the problem of monopoly and trade competition to the free and fair competition. Provides the background of Law Commission of Thailand and suggestions for fair economic security. Compiles the draft of trade competition act B.E..... Mentions the trade competition act 1999, and analyzes the roles of trade competition law in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Thai 93392