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The State of Brunei Darussalam Provides information on Negara Brunei Darussalam, mentioning the capital, national flag, national flower, official language, government system, Sultan system, legal system, and the constitution. Describes the main national policy, independence, areas, demography, currency, economic condition, religion, tradition, and culture. Mentions the geography and climate, covering natural resources, tourist areas, trade and investment, trade limitation, e ...Continue Reading Thai 84495
ASEAN-U.S. Relations: What are the Talking Points? Raises important talking points in ASEAN-U.S. relations with the aim to produce recommendations on how to improve their intricate ties. Presents a collection of essays which present an overview of ASEAN-U.S. relations. Deals with the U.S. engagement with ASEAN as well as developments in the relations. Considers how the U.S. plays into the East Asia Summit for ASEAN. Discusses specific issues i.e. maritime security in Southeast Asia and the ...Continue Reading English 84493
ASEAN Integration: Progress and Challenges Share views on the progress of ASEAN and the challenges of regional integration that will face in the future. Deals with the possibility of ASEAN community building in 2015, citing that procedures have been streamlined to benefit the development of ASEAN business and the establishment of ASEAN as a single window. Discusses topics on the ASEAN Charter, considering how it will transform ASEAN. Covers a presentation by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan on the A ...Continue Reading English 84486
The Perils of Incoherence: ASEAN, Myanmar and the Avoidable Failures of Human Rights Socialization? Davies, Mathew Examines the way existing literature has framed failure of ASEAN to act as a socializing agent, both generally and with specific reference to Myanmar. Discusses ASEAN's efforts to influence Myanmar and through the lens of rhetorical action. Considers the question of incoherence by examining the conflicting messages that ASEAN and its members have presented Myanmar over time. Looks at the possibility and desirability of making ASEAN more cohere ...Continue Reading English 84456
ASEAN Liberalization 2015: Thai Society Adapts to Change , Academic Forum on 26 September 2011 at Nonthaburi Academic Forum ASEAN Liberalization 2015: Thai Society Adapts to Change (2011 : Nonthaburi) Compiles information on ASEAN, dealing with 10 ASEAN member countries, ASEAN+3 (China, South Korea, Japan), ASEAN+6 (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand). Mentions benefits from ASEAN liberalization, particularly the ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC) in 2015. Highlights the social development and social welfare of Thai society towards ASEAN. Covers topics on children and youth, gender equality, disabled people, human traffi ...Continue Reading Thai 84453
World Skills ASEAN Bangkok 2010: The 8th Asean Skills Competition, 19-21 November 2010, Impact Challenger 1-2 Gives an overview of ASEAN skills competition, mentioning its objectives to promote the development of quality vocational and technical and work values among the youth and skilled workers. Compiles results of the first to eighth ASEAN skills competition among 10 ASEAN countries, including the program of the competition in 2010. Provides information on educational and vocational training system in each ASEAN member country. Multilanguage 84449
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and U.S. Interests Studies United States relations with ASEAN. Discusses U.S. diplomatic, security, trade, and aid ties with ASEAN. Analyzes major issues affecting Southeast Asian countries and U.S.-ASEAN relations. Deals with the U.S. accession to ASEAN's Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC), regarding the legal and diplomatic issues involved. Describes trends in regional integration, export competitiveness, and inbound investment for six industries within AS ...Continue Reading English 84447
Thai Home textile Export...Upward Trend in ASEAN Analyzes the situation of Thai home textile market, noting international and ASEAN markets, export values 2009-2011, and product types. Discusses export opportunities, related to the advantages of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN's economic growth, consumers' trends of home decorations, good quality and prices, and less trade barriers. Cites emerging issues e.g. market share, trade competition, trading partners, and home textiles from China. Thai 84440
Indonesia Wit Banditkul Provides information on Indonesia in terms of history and legends, government and politics, economy, geography and natural resources, cities and places, people, costume, food, culture, and festivals. Gives an overview of the ASEAN Community, mentioning the Bangkok Declaration in 1968, and a brief chronology of ASEAN from 1967 to 2015. Summarizes ASEAN's path to success with three pillars i.e. ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Eco ...Continue Reading Thai 84359
Malaysia Wit Banditkul Provides information on Malaysia in terms of history and legends, government and politics, economy, geography and natural resources, cities and places, people, costume, food, culture, and festivals. Gives and overview of the ASEAN Community, mentioning the Bangkok Declaration in 1967, and a brief chronology of ASEAN from 1967 to 2015. Summarizes ASEAN's path to success with three pillars i.e. ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Eco ...Continue Reading Thai 84358
Thailand Wit Banditkul Provides information of Thailand in terms of history and legends, government and politics, geography and natural resources, cities, important places and tourist attractions in each region. Describes Thai people, including ethnic groups in Thailand, Thai costume, Thai food and consumption, festivals, and traditional culture. Gives an overview of the ASEAN Community, mentioning the Bangkok Declaration in 1967, and a brief chronology of ASEAN from ...Continue Reading Thai 84357
History of Vietnam in Elementary Textbooks Dararat Mettariganond Analyzes the contents of Vietnamese history in elementary textbooks. Deals with historical background and general information of the country. Describes political history and war in Vietnam in three periods i.e. feudalism, French colonialism, and after the 1955 Dien Bien Phu victory. Mentions the topics on nationalism, invasion of enemies, Vietnamese heroes, national prosperity and decline, national liberation, Vietnamese leaders, and the revol ...Continue Reading Thai 84348
History of Cambodia Thibodi Buakamsri Presents historical background of Cambodia from the period of the Angkor's end to French protectorate in the 17th century. Deals with social institution and the new generation, Angkor Wat as the image of the nation, the claim for independence in 1941-1945, history of modern Cambodia, and the role of King Norodom Sihanouk. Describes the era of Khmer Rouge 1975-1979, looking at the roles of Communist Party, the collapse of Democratic Kampuchea (D ...Continue Reading Thai 84344
Influence: The New Weapon in the Battle for Southeast Asia Manning, Richard W.R Provides a background of China's history since the World War II to examine how they are gaining influence in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Studies different approaches the United States and China use to gain influence and resources. Uses math modeling and game theory to explore linkages between assistance and Southeast Asian influence. Considers how Chinese assistance is countering the U.S. efforts in Southeast Asia. Mentions China's ...Continue Reading English 84313
Current Development in Thai Telecommunications Law Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn Introduces the act on organization to assign radio frequency and to regulate the broadcasting and telecommunications services in Thailand. Describes three main regulations which set the regulatory framework for the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). Considers new area of authority and responsibility of the NBTC on liberalization and satellite services. Mentions strategic framework of the Telecoms Master Plan, and t ...Continue Reading English 84292
ASEAN'S Constitutionalization of International Law: Challenges to Evolution Under the New ASEAN Charter Desierto, Diane A Studies the functional constitutionalization in the ASEAN Charter, considering the areas of pre-Charter ASEAN, ASEAN Charter, and the ASEAN bureaucracy. Discusses immediate and short-term challenges from the increased constitutionalization of international obligations under the ASEAN Charter framework. Deals with the problems of incorporation or lack of direct effect, hybrid interpretation, diffuse or insufficient judicial oversight. Analyzes ...Continue Reading English 84260
ASEAN-China Documents Series 1991-2005 Compiles some important primary sources on the evolution of the relationship between China and ASEAN during 1991-2005. Contains letters of countries' representatives, press statements and press releases of the meetings, joint press statements, excerpts from the press statements, memorandum of understandings, declarations, framework agreement, protocols, plans of action, and terms of reference. Covers the areas of political and security cooperat ...Continue Reading English 84194
India and ASEAN: Partners at Summit Introduces India and ASEAN in terms of summit partnership. Mentions India-ASEAN Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs), the post-summit perspectives, and summitry in India-ASEAN relations. Assesses different dimensions of the India-ASEAN relations, including the impact on India of great power relations. Presents security perspectives of ASEAN, India and Southeast Asia, Focusing on China factor in Indias' look east policy. Studies Indias' bilateral ...Continue Reading English 84179
Towards ASEAN Community Presents the ASEAN Association-Thailand Newsletter (A.A.T.), summarizing the results of the 19th ASEAN Summit held during 17-19 November 2011 in Indonesia. Deals with the topics on disaster management, maritime security and cooperation, ASEAN Connectivity, and economic cooperation. Covers the columns on national costumes of ASEAN member states, and a tour guide to Malacca of Malaysia. Thai 84174
ASEAN Highlights 2011 Summarizes Thailand's benefits from the 19th ASEAN Summit and other meetings held during 17-19 November 2011 in Indonesia. Describes the preparedness of Thailand for the ASEAN Community in 2015, dealing with three pillars of ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC). Covers the articles on ASEAN dispute settlement mechanism, ASEAN Maritime Forum, ASEAN weapons of mass de ...Continue Reading Thai 84161