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Report of the Proceedings of the Third Council Meeting of ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry Held at Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Proceedings of the Council Meeting of ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry (3rd : Kuala Lumpur) Reports on the adoption of the provisional agenda, general discussion on the secretary-general's report, consideration for industrial complementation and harmonization, arrangements for the second conference of the ASEAN-CCI, and other business. Includes appendixes on attendance list, opening speech by the president of the ASEAN-CCI, agenda, report of the (acting) Secretary General of the ASEAN-CCI, provisional agenda for the second conference o ...Continue Reading English 03436
Regional Security for Southeast Asia: A Political Geographic Assessment Manu Walyapechra Describes geo-political factors affecting the grouping, noting the strategic location of Southeast Asia, Chinese and Soviet policy toward Southeast Asia, American and Western policy in Southeast Asia, United States, Great Britain, the balance of power and global politics in Southeast Asia, and the Bandung conference. Discusses the necessity of cooperation among Southeast Asian countries on territory, population, natural resources, power struggle ...Continue Reading English 03430
We Must Be Ready for Anything Thanat Khoman Presents the excerpts from a paper presented at a Financial Times seminar in Hong Kong on October 21, 1975 by Dr. Thanat Khoman former Foreign Minister of Thailand. Reviews the uncertainty of situation in Southeast Asia. Surveys the prominent figures bearing importance in the Southeast Asian picture, citing Japan and USA. Appraises the options available to the countries of the region to face the challenge of the time to come, focusing on the o ...Continue Reading English 02938
The ASEAN States and the Progress of Regional Cooperation in South-East Asia Leifer, Michael Discusses the main two sources of constraints on the record of regional cooperation within Southeast Asia: the emergence of new state with febrile politics and competitive economies, and the residual influence and presences of external powers. Directs attention to the circumstances, performance and prospects of the Association of ASEAN and gives reference to past reserve about the purpose of ASEAN. Explains how recent changes in the balance of ...Continue Reading English 02884
ASEAN and Regionalism in South-East Asia Seah Chee Meow Points out an important factor of regionalism of regional cooperation in the management of international relations, indicating reason for the proliferation of regional arrangements and their problems. Discusses Southeast Asia's Experience of regionalism, focusing on the formation of the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN). Refers to the Association of Southeast Asia (ASA) as another regional cooperation,noting limited capabilities of ...Continue Reading English 02717
The Emerging Sino-Soviet Contest in South-East Asia Nuechterlein, Donald E Refers to a Soviet-sponsored Asian security pact proposed by the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Leonid Brezhnev, in June 1969, including the reasons for Brezhnev's initiative. Discusses in detail the national interests of the major powers in Asia. Assesses four basic, long-term goals which all major powers have in one degree or another : defense of the homeland pursuit of economic well-being building of a favorable world ord ...Continue Reading English 02486
Malaysia and Singapore in 1974 Milne, R. S Details the political scene in Malaysia in 1974 marked by Prime Minister Tun Razak's visit to China, the success of the continuing struggle against the Communist guerillas in Sarawak, the student demonstrations on December 3 in both Kuala Lumpur and Penang, the overwhelming election victory of the newly-formed national Front , and lastly by concern with the falling price of rubber. Describes the more peaceful political situation in Singapore in ...Continue Reading English 01412
Diplomatic Relationship Between Malaysia and PRC Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian Considers political conditions in Malaysia and results of security agreement between Malaysia and Great Britain. Details external and internal condition of government policies of Malaysia, focusing on foreign policy and movements. Considers security reasons proposed by former Thai government to be the reason for not opening diplomatic relationship between Thailand and People Republic of China Thai 01399
Thailand Reviews political developments during 1976 related to the incident in October 1973. Deals with important events occurring in the Kukrit Government, the Seni Government which was overthrown by a military coup on October 6, and the Thanin Government. Details the political role of General Kris Sivara from October 1973 to April 1976. Reports on the relations with neighboring Asian Countries, and the withdrawal of US forces from Thailand. Discusse ...Continue Reading English 01209
Southeast Asia-Before and After Shaplen, Robert Comments on the failure of Southeast Asian revolutionary movements, with the exception of the North Vietnamese guided by Ho Chi Minh. Notes that after the Vietnam War, Southeast Asia is once again in a state of transition a trend toward authoritarianism. Examines nationalism, an ineffective and insufficient political cause or instrument during the first postwar phase in Southeast Asia from 1945 to the early 1960s. Discusses three periods of th ...Continue Reading English 01119
South-East Asia's Neighbour Comments on the positions of the two super-powers and Peking in world politics. Focuses on Peking's diplomatic relations with the countries in Southeast Asia and states the ASEAN requirement to have the big powers guarantee the neutral zone in Southeast Asia. Criticizes the radio broadcasting of the Voice of the People of Thailand (VPT) and Peking's problem of trying to reconcile the State's need for normal intergovernment relations with the par ...Continue Reading English 00344