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Rethinking ASEAN and Its Reponses to a Changing Asia-Pacific: 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on 3-5 June 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dewa, Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Reports the address of Phin Orang Kaya Pekerma Dewa Dato Seri Setia Lim Jock Seng, a Second Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei. Reviews historical background of ASEAN concerning disputes that Southeast Asian countries had faced, and the cooperation for peace and stability in the region through ASEAN. Presents the role of ASEAN in the changing architecture of the Asia-Pacific region. Argues that ASEAN will continue to play a signif ...Continue Reading English 87293
Carrots and Sticks for Democratisation in Burma: Policies of the EU and the ASEAN Zaw Oo Presents a preliminary examination of the issues appertaining to the international mechanisms employed in promoting democratic change in Burma by giving incentive and disincentive policies adopted by two regional organizations: the EU and the ASEAN. Explains the interactions of the EU and the ASEAN towards Burma in socio-cultural, economic, informational and technological spheres. Reviews historical background of Burma after independence until ...Continue Reading English 87279
ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard: Country Reports and Assessments 2012-2013 Introduces background of the ASEAN corporate governance initiative and scorecard methodology. Discusses the process and the thinking that went into the development of the scorecard. Presents the country reports and the assessment of the ASEAN publicly listed companies (PLCs) in six participating ASEAN countries. Studies the assessment which covers five areas of the organization for economic co-operation and development principle of corporate g ...Continue Reading English 87274
Malaysia-US Relations 2000-2011 Sodhy, Pamela Analyzes the present relationship between Malaysia, one of ASEAN nations, and United States. Reviews Malaysia-US ties before 2000, dividing into three main periods: from the early period to Malaysia's independence in 1957 after independence to the end of the Cold War in 1990 and the post-Cold War period of the 1990s. Deals with bilateral relations during the first three years of the 21st century which mark the last years of the Mahathir Admini ...Continue Reading English 87269
Conference Report: The 26th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Asian Security Governance and Order 28-30 May 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia-pacific Roundtable on Asian Security Governance and Order (26th : 2012 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Reports the 26th Asia-Pacific Roundtable in 2012. Reviews Asian security which has gone through significant change over time. Discusses the involvement of big power countries and presents current regional security order involving the rise of China, the US and the implication of both for Sino-US relations. Considers the South China Sea issues as regional security which ASEAN takes role to find solution with China. Introduces roles of middle po ...Continue Reading English 87265
ASEAN and Human Rights Norms: Constructivism, Rational Choice, and the Action-Identity Gap Davies, Mathew Argues that an alternative, rational choice, framework for appraising norms within ASEAN offers greater explanatory insight into how and why human rights emerged into ASEAN after 1997. Examines the history of academic interest about norms within ASEAN and describes when the constructivist perspective came to dominate. Presents the action-identity gap that has emerged surrounding human rights norms, paying attention to the motives of ASEAN in eng ...Continue Reading English 87093
Networked Knowledge(s)?: Forest Certification and the Politics of Expertise in Malaysia Lewis, Robin Anne Presents conceptual framework for the study related to globalization and the environment, certification geographies, and science and technology studies. Studies project's methodology by adopting a multi-method approach that takes an interactive approach to data collection and analysis, culminating in an institutional ethnography of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) government system. Discusses the evolution and operation of the M ...Continue Reading English 87016
Human Security and the ASEAN Charter: Perspectives and Challenges Kasira Cheeppensook Studies the relevance of the concept of human security in ASEAN within the context of the development of the ASEAN Charter. Discusses the meaning of 'human security' and compares it with the meaning of human security given by the United Nations and its organs. Identifies the role of various sectors and their respective influence on the final outcome of the Charter. Presents responsibilities of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) in drafting the ASEAN ...Continue Reading English 86980
Narrowing the Development Gap: Policy Recommendations for ASEAN and Development Partners Carpenter, David Outlines policy recommendations and activities that ASEAN should give priorities in order to narrow the development gap between the ASEAN-6 and CLMV countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam). Introduces eight drivers of the development gap in ASEAN such as physical capital, openness to trade, human capital, financial sector's development, governance, labor mobility, foreign direct investment and external development finance. Suggests ...Continue Reading English 86977
The Role of ASEAN Connectivity in Reducing the Development Gap Feeny, Simon Examines roles of the three dimensions of connectivity (physical connectivity, institutional connectivity, and people-to-people connectivity) in assisting ASEAN to narrow the development gap among its members. Defines physical infrastructure and highlights the very positive association between indicators of physical infrastructure and development. Evaluates the current state of physical infrastructure in ASEAN member states in order to outline ...Continue Reading English 86975
Understanding the ASEAN Development Gap McGillivray, Mark Gives a definition of the development gap that is consistent with current international thinking on the meaning development. Defines ASEAN development gap specifically in term of differences in living standards or in the quality of life of ASEAN citizens. Analyzes the development achievement of the ASEAN-6 (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei Darussalam) and CLMV countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Vietnam) ...Continue Reading English 86973
The Creation and Implementation of the ASEAN Charter Kivimaki, Timo Analyzes and builds on arguments presented in two prominent books, The Making of the ASEAN Charter , by Koh, Manalo, and Woon, and ASEAN: Life after the Charter by Tiwari, on ASEAN Charter. Describes the books' purposes and its interpretation. Defines the book, Making of the ASEAN Charter as 10 national perspectives, as the heads of the national negotiation panels define them. Gives significant of the book as a must-read for those interest ...Continue Reading English 86928
Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN: Drivers and Policy Options Compiles six essays by different experts in development economics. Communicates the latest findings on narrowing the development gap that prevails between ASEAN member states and between sub-regions within ASEAN. Includes papers on monitoring progress towards narrowing the gap on the role of ASEAN connectivity in reducing the gap and on regional development cooperation. Summarizes different ASEAN sub-regional groupings including their member ...Continue Reading English 86856
Institutional Change and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Wan, Wilfred Tsz Hin Considers how change manifests itself in international security institutions. Notes that scholars in political science attribute a distinctive character to these cooperative arrangements, citing concerns over sovereignty and relative gains as obstacles to their establishment. Suggests that this security exceptionalism holds through the life of a negotiated arrangement as well, providing an intrinsic mechanism that limits the presence, extent, ...Continue Reading English 86841
Reflections on Defence Security in East Asia Ball, Desmond Reviews the East Asian experience with the construction of defence-related architecture to date. Discusses recent developments of defence security in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU). Describes the recent history of the ASEAN-led forums for defence dialogue and cooperation which contributes to the identification and elucidation of the principal elements of a Southeast Asian defence model. Presents the functi ...Continue Reading English 86821
Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Themes from a Six-Country Study Orbeta, Aniceto Jr. C. Presents country studies concerning migrant workers conducted between July 2009 to December 2011 under the project called Different Streams, Different Needs and Impacts: Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN , from three sending countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines) and three receiving countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore). Evaluates the importance of integrating international migration into national and regional developmen ...Continue Reading English 86675
Social Security for Migrant Labour in the Greater Mekong Subregion Pasadilla, Gloria O. Reviews background on labour migration in ASEAN and Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) by looking at the social protection access of migrants in the region and social security. Discusses labour migration trends in ASEAN and in the GMS to note changing patterns and direction of labour migration. Studies social protection and the access status of GMS migrant workers, the legislative and legal barriers in accessing social security in host countries. ...Continue Reading English 86664
Thirty Years of ASEAN: Achievements Through Political Cooperation Kusuma Snitwongse Presents ASEAN after thirty years in existence as an important international player and discusses keys success of the foundation for political cooperation. Reviews historical background of ASEAN and the ASEAN principal to deal regional security. Discusses ASEAN's cooperation with external actors in the use of a variety of political, diplomatic, economic and military instruments to condemn Vietnamese invasion in Cambodia. Identifies challenges ...Continue Reading English 86618
Southeast Asia and Conflict Prevention: Is ASEAN Running Out of Steam? Kivimaki, Timo Intends to foresee whether ASEAN will be a success in the future, acknowledging however that the assessment of ASEAN's success in the past is already difficult. Defines robust criteria of success of conflict prevention. Suggests that conflict prevention is successful if conflicts and battle deaths can be avoided, either by means of conflict resolution or transformation, or simply by means of conflict avoidance. Argues that ASEAN countries have ...Continue Reading English 86614
Security and International Politics in the South China Sea: Towards a Cooperative Management Regime Explores international politics and security in the South China Sea and outlines the history of the South China Sea disputes and the efforts to resolve the disputes. Presents both the progress has been made with establishing a cooperative management regime in the South China Sea, and the reasons why an effective regime is still not in place. Reviews the geopolitics of the South China Sea and the historical perspective of the sea disputes. Cons ...Continue Reading English 86592