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ASEAN at the Centre, Annual Report 2005-2006 Presents highlights of the 38th year of ASEAN from June 2005 to May 2006, noting the ASEAN youth camp, ASEAN day 2005, the ASEAN charter, ASEAN pass, ASEAN heritage parks, and global partnership. Reports activities and achievements of ASEAN cooperation under ASEAN Security Community (ASC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) by the ASEAN ministerial bodies e.g. ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), ASEAN Regional ...Continue Reading English 84200
Handbook of India's International Relations Deals with India's own description of its foreign policy as operated in concentric circles. Reflects the concentric circles concept in five sections which extend from India itself to its immediate neighbourhood. Studies India's aspiration of a rising power, looking at its strategic culture, power attributes, geopolitics, geoeconomics, and energy. Examines India's relations with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. Presents the se ...Continue Reading English 84092
International Maritime Crimes: Legal Issues and Prospects for Co-operation in ASEAN, Workshop on 17-18 January 2011 at Grand Copthorne Hotel, Singapore Workshop on International Maritime Crimes: Legal Issues and Prospects for Co-operation in ASEAN (2011 : Singapore) Reports the workshop which examined whether ASEAN states can combat maritime crimes such as piracy, ship-hijacking, and hostage-taking of crew by ratifying and implementing global and regional instruments. Considers three types of global conventions i.e. the piracy provisions in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), three UN terrorism conventions, and two UN transnational crimes conventions. Discusses key provisions of the ...Continue Reading English 84047
Building ASEAN Capacity for Conflict Mediation Wandi, Agus Aims to put forward key recommendations of the ASEAN's potential role and how to strengthen its capacity for conflict mediation. Discusses the limitations of ASEAN and two key obstacles affecting ASEAN's ability to engage fully with conflict resolution initiatives. Deals with ASEAN's institutional capacity in conflict prevention and the conceptual issue of non-interference, including lessons learned from the unique case of Aceh. Recommends poi ...Continue Reading English 83955
ASEAN and the New Regional Multilateralism: The Long and Bumpy Road to Community Simon, Sheldon W Studies the implications for Asia's future, considering how ASEAN will be able to maintain their pivotal position in Asian affairs. Looks at the framework of conceptualizing ASEAN, and the evolution of ASEAN. Explains how terrorism challenges the non-interference norm. Looks at the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), ASEAN+3, and the East Asia Summit (EAS). Concludes that ASEAN and the ARF, as cooperative security arrangement designed to enhance comm ...Continue Reading English 83899
The Development of the Rule of Law in ASEAN: The State and Regional Integration Deinla, Imelda Studies how regional integration promote the development of the rule of law in ASEAN, looking at the function and nature of the rule of law in regional integration. Provides a holistic and interdisciplinary approach of the legal, institutional, and political processes in the state, the region, and international relations. Shows the motivations and interests of ASEAN member states in adopting a peculiar type of regional arrangement. Takes the E ...Continue Reading English 83858
ASEAN Community Praphas Thepchatri Gives an overview of the ASEAN Community, describing background, progress of the establishment of ASEAN Community during 2004-2006, challenges, and the ASEAN Charter. Looks at three pillars of ASEAN Community, covering ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC). Mentions ASEAN and the anti-terrorism cooperation, ASEAN Union, and ASEAN with Myanmar problems. Considers the ...Continue Reading Thai 83412
Launching the ASEAN Regional Program on Disaster Management 2004-2010 Presents framework for the ASEAN Regional Program on Disaster Management (ARPDM). Deals with profile of disaster threats in the ASEAN region, covering ASEAN priority to disaster management, ASEAN experts group on disaster management, and ASEAN committee on disaster management. Describes background to the development of ARPDM, covering ARPDM objectives, principles, program components, implementation, budget, partnerships, monitoring and evaluati ...Continue Reading English 83397
Legal Challenges of Investor-state Arbitration and the Solutions in the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement Trinh Hai Yen Identifies major legal problems of treaty-based investor-state arbitration (ISA) established under traditional investment agreement. Analyzes the roots of problems including vagueness and generality of treaty language, arbitral tribunal's liberal application of interpretation rules, and the structure of ISA. Looks at the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA) as an ASEAN solution to challenges of investor-state arbitration. Deals with ...Continue Reading English 83307
China and ASEAN-Led Multilateral Forums Hung, Serene Examines China's participation in ASEAN-led regional forums, explaining the motivations for the dramatic shift in China's attitude towards regional multilateralism in the mid-1990s. Considers the reasons for China's continued interest, identifying the factors driving China's multilateral policy. Looks at China's multilateral negotiations with ASEAN over the South China Sea (SCS) dispute, examining China's participation in the ASEAN Regional For ...Continue Reading English 83292
The Development of ASEAN from Historical Approach Traces the formation process of Southeast Asian regionalism, considering the establishment of ASEAN in terms of objective, organizational structure, neutrality policy, non intervention policy and constructive engagement. Mentions ASEAN's roles in the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons-free Zone (SEANWFZ), and confidence building measures (CBM). Looks at ASEAN's political cooperation e.g. ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), Southeast Asian Treaty of Amity a ...Continue Reading English 83275
Regionalism, Globalisation and International Order: Europe and Southeast Asia Wunderlich, Jens-Uwe Provides an overview of theories emerging under first-wave regionalism, a period dominated by European integration. Analyzes traditional approaches to regionalism and integration, looking at the emergence of a second debate characterizing contemporary, new, regionalism. Presents the systematic comparison of first-wave and second-wave regionalism in the instances of the European Union (EU) and ASEAN. Explores ASEAN regionalism driven by the des ...Continue Reading English 83267
ASEAN+3 or ASEAN+6: Which Way Forward? Kawai, Masahiro Studies the progress of market-driven regional economic integration of East Asian economies through trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) and the emergence of policy-driven FTA initiatives. Summarizes characteristics of East Asian FTAs, including geographical orientation, WTO-plus provisions, rules of origin, and other standards. Examines the economic impact of forming various types of FTAs in East Asia using a computable general equilibriu ...Continue Reading English 83263
China-ASEAN Economic Relations: Its Implications to the Philippines Mercado, Krista Gem J Presents an assessment of the China-ASEAN cooperation, considering the implications of the partnership between China and the ASEAN to its individual member states particularly to the Philippines. Considers the level of relationship between China and ASEAN in dimension of politics, economic cooperation, and regional security. Presents background of ASEAN and the role of China in Southeast Asian countries since 1960s to the present. Analyzes the ...Continue Reading English 83262
The Development of Thailand-ASEAN Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Kanokthip Rajatanun Analyzes forms, modus operandi, and measures that Thailand had undertaken on counter-terrorism. Aims to determine an appropriate approach for the development of an effective counter terrorism cooperation in ASEAN. Studies Thailand's policy and its counter-terrorism, focusing on intra-ASEAN region. Employs in-depth interviews with officials from concerned agencies who are directly involved in counter-terrorism operations. Concludes that Thaila ...Continue Reading Thai 83033
44th AMM/PMC/18th ARF Indonesia 2011 Chair's Statement 18th ASEAN Regional Forum, Bali, Indonesia, 23 July 2011 ASEAN Secretariat, World Bank and GDLN Asia Pacific Videoconference on (2011 : Jakarta, Indonesia) Reiterates the importance of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) as a primary forum to discuss political and security issues in the region. Highlights the discussion on regional and international issues, dealing with the progress of ARF in achieving and entering the phase of preventive diplomacy while continuing to strengthen confidence-building measures process. Mentions the topics of regional security architecture, the Inter-Korean Dialogue, marit ...Continue Reading English 82762
ASEAN Chairman's Statement on the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference (PMC)+1 sessions, Bali, Indonesia, 21 July 2011 ASEAN Secretariat, World Bank and GDLN Asia Pacific Videoconference on (2011 : Jakarta, Indonesia) Reviews ASEAN-Dialogue Partners cooperation and its future direction, namely Australia, Canada, China, European Union, India, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, and the United States. Shares views on regional and international issues, including the appreciation for the active participation of Dialogue Partners in various ASEAN-led fora i.e.: ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), ASEAN Defence Ministerial Meeting (ADMM) Plus, and Ea ...Continue Reading English 82761
Post Briefing of the 44th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), Post Ministerial Conference (PMC), 18th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) 16-23 July 2011, Bali by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary-General of ASEAN ASEAN Secretariat, World Bank and GDLN Asia Pacific Videoconference on (2011 : Jakarta, Indonesia) Introduces the videoconferencing program regarding Dr.Surin Pitsuwan's Post Briefing of the 44th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), Post Ministerial Conferences (PMC), and the 18th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) held in Bali during 16-23 July 2011. Covers the topics on the progress of ASEAN Community Building, and the implementation of the ASEAN Charter. Attaches the participating sites, and the running order of the videoconferencing. English 82757
ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response, Vientiane, 26 July 2005 Presents the ASEAN agreement on disaster management and emergency response. Introduces the parties to this agreement, highlighting 36 articles of 11 parts, namely: general provisions disaster risk identification, assessment and monitoring disaster prevention and mitigation disaster preparedness emergency response rehabilitation technical co-operation and scientific research ASEAN co-ordinating centre for humanitarian assistance, or the AH ...Continue Reading English 82736
The Impact of ASEAN Enlargement on Economic Integration: Success and Impediments Under ASEAN Political Institution Sarinna Areethamsirikul Examines the history of ASEAN evolution from its pre-formation days until 1990s. Analyzes its history related to intra- and extra-regional pressures, the role of the United States in the region, and demands for ASEAN enlargement in the 1990s. Studies the impact of ASEAN enlargement on intra-ASEAN trade with gravity model approach. Mentions how ASEAN expanded its membership to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam (CLMV) in the late 1990s. Stud ...Continue Reading English 82722