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Singapore, ASEAN and the Cambodian Conflict 1978-1991 Ang Cheng Guan Gives an official account of Singapore's role in the resolution of the Cambodian conflict. Reconstructs the shifting power relations and diplomatic manoeuvrings of the international parties involved, based on original research in the archives of the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as on interviews with Singapore foreign officers who were involved in the Cambodian conflict. Provides a detailed account of the policies and decision-ma ...Continue Reading English 87969
Indochina and ASEAN Offers an overview of the political, military, and geopolitical situation in East Asia during 1981. Examines the position of ASEAN countries in light of the war which Vietnam had brought to Kampuchea in December 1978. Points out that the war continued to shape the structure of East Asian relationships. Explains that the ASEAN countries, whose growing cohesion and weight in international affairs was largely a result of the unity with which they ...Continue Reading English 87967
Growing Up With the Nation Jaafar, Ahmad Kamil Offers a treatise on Malaysian foreign policy as seen through the eyes of Tan Sri Kamil, a Malaysian diplomat well known within ASEAN for his role as negotiator and mediator. Traces the formulation and implementation of Malaysia's foreign policy since its independence in 1957. Reviews the author's formative years from childhood until he joined the foreign service, a childhood spent in a multinational setting. Describes how Malaysia met internal ...Continue Reading English 87953
The Study of ASEAN and Cross-strait Relations in Relation with Political and Economic Development: Perspectives From Improvement of China's Image and ECFA Shih-Chi Lin Constitutes a doctorate dissertation written in Chinese. Explains that while the US, Japan, the EU, and Russia have marveled at China's progress since the end of the Cold War, China's neighboring countries in Asia - including ASEAN - have been worried. Points out that ASEAN questions whether the rise of China will bring about peaceful cooperation or whether it will lead to potential threats. Deals with the ASEAN+1 free trade agreement signed w ...Continue Reading Chinese 87929
Conflict and Diplomacy in the South China Sea: The View from Washington Simon, Sheldon W. Explains that disputes over sovereignty and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea involve both the claimants and major maritime powers. Discusses two starkly different approaches to the South China Sea conflict: diplomacy among the claimants either bilaterally or multilaterally if diplomacy fails, the claimants are building their militaries to assert their rights through force. Reviews the context, stakes, and claims in relation to the ...Continue Reading English 87912
Advancing a People's ASEAN Continuing Dialogue 2nd ASEAN People's Forum 5th ASEAN Civil Society Conference (2009 : Phetchaburi) Reports on the 2nd ASEAN People's Forum/5th ASEAN Civil Society Conference held in October 2009 in Cha-am, Thailand. Presents discussions that took place among different groups and individuals of the ASEAN civil society sector as well as with some government representatives, noting that these discussions focused on the four main issues of socio-economic aspects socio-cultural aspects political and security aspects and the environment. Indica ...Continue Reading Multilanguage 87810
How Should ASEAN Engage the EU? Reflections on ASEAN's External Relations Examines the current EU-ASEAN relations and reflects on how ASEAN can step up its engagement with the EU. Explains that East Asia has become the core region of global politics and economics. Notes that ASEAN has from its onset been an outward-oriented organization. States that this has been necessary because domestic dynamics and developments have always been sensitive to externalities. Points out that the EU is one of ASEAN's oldest dialogue p ...Continue Reading English 87461
Can the South China Sea Dispute be Resolved or Better Managed?: 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on 3-5 June 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Storey, Ian Constitutes a paper presented at the 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June 2013. Focuses on the South China Sea and examines how this dispute may be mitigated. Foresees that it is likely to stay at the top of the regional security agenda given its intractable nature, the growing nationalism in claimant countries, the unwillingness to make concessions over sovereignty, and the rising competition among the Great Powe ...Continue Reading English 87295
Rethinking ASEAN and Its Reponses to a Changing Asia-Pacific: 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on 3-5 June 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dewa, Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Reports the address of Phin Orang Kaya Pekerma Dewa Dato Seri Setia Lim Jock Seng, a Second Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei. Reviews historical background of ASEAN concerning disputes that Southeast Asian countries had faced, and the cooperation for peace and stability in the region through ASEAN. Presents the role of ASEAN in the changing architecture of the Asia-Pacific region. Argues that ASEAN will continue to play a signif ...Continue Reading English 87293
The Balance of Forces in Asia: Recent Trends and Implications for Regional Stability: 27th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on 3-5 June 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Locklea, Admiral Samuel J. III Reports Asia-Pacific Roundtable Speech of Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, Commander of U.S Pacific Command. Introduces complex relationships between various elements of national power including, diplomacy, economy, law, and security. Describes security as the most important element for stable security environment, and for the implementation of other elements. Presents the diverse group of complex challenges includes environmental impact and natural ...Continue Reading English 87292
From Strength to Empowerment: The Next Generation of U.S.-Malaysia Relations Studies Malaysia-United States relations, and offers long-term, practical recommendation for Malaysian and U.S. policymakers in three key areas such as security and politics, trade and investment, education, socioculture, science and technology. Gives recommendations regarding trade and investment relations in which enhancing the existing economic ties is crucial for empowering the next generation of U.S-Malaysia relations. Considers that the T ...Continue Reading English 87290
Opening the 'Black Box': Explaining and Understanding the Preah Vihear Conflict: From an International Relations Perspective Shrestha, Amit Explains the Preah Vihear temple conflict between Cambodia and Thailand from an international relations perspective, using the theoretical framework of Waltz in the levels of statesmen, domestic politics, and international system. Reviews historical background of the conflict between Cambodia and Thailand, dating back to the 13th century, and historical background of the case of Preah Vihear temple. Presents Thailand's domestic politics in the 20 ...Continue Reading English 87288
Still in the Drivers Seat , But for How Long?: ASEAN's Capacity for Leadership in East-Asian International Relations Jones, Lee Evaluates the capacity of the ASEAN to moderate great-power relations in East Asia, especially in light of recent regional developments that have challenged ASEAN's traditional modus operandi and its corporate cohesion. Argues that the capacity emerges not from institutional arrangements but rather the social relationships that give rise to particular institutions. Explores the relationships among regional great powers. Presents the relationsh ...Continue Reading English 87273
Malaysia-US Relations 2000-2011 Sodhy, Pamela Analyzes the present relationship between Malaysia, one of ASEAN nations, and United States. Reviews Malaysia-US ties before 2000, dividing into three main periods: from the early period to Malaysia's independence in 1957 after independence to the end of the Cold War in 1990 and the post-Cold War period of the 1990s. Deals with bilateral relations during the first three years of the 21st century which mark the last years of the Mahathir Admini ...Continue Reading English 87269
Conference Report: The 26th Asia-Pacific Roundtable on Asian Security Governance and Order 28-30 May 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia-pacific Roundtable on Asian Security Governance and Order (26th : 2012 : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Reports the 26th Asia-Pacific Roundtable in 2012. Reviews Asian security which has gone through significant change over time. Discusses the involvement of big power countries and presents current regional security order involving the rise of China, the US and the implication of both for Sino-US relations. Considers the South China Sea issues as regional security which ASEAN takes role to find solution with China. Introduces roles of middle po ...Continue Reading English 87265
The Implications of U.S. Strategic Rebalancing: A Perspective from Thailand Kitti Prasirtsuk Presents a perspective from Thailand-a traditional U.S. ally-on the motivations behind U.S. rebalancing, as well as on the policy's implications for Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole. Identifies U.S rebalancing motivation from Thai perspective over four major motives, concerning the strong relations of China-ASEAN and the Chinese's assertiveness in external posture, and policy reorientation in the U.S itself. Lists a number of concerns in S ...Continue Reading English 87014
Same but Different? : Comparing the ASEAN and SAARC Frameworks Syeda Sana Rahman Compares ASEAN's ability to manage inter-state conflicts in Southeast Asia to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation's (SAARC) ability to deal with inter-state conflicts in South Asia. Examines ASEAN's establishment and growth during the Cold War and its expansion in the post-Cold War era. Discusses the first phase of SAARC's existence and its challenges of bilateral tensions among its member states. Presents the disability of SA ...Continue Reading English 86984
Russia-ASEAN Relations: New Directions Consists of eleven articles concerning Russia-ASEAN relations which divide into three parts such as overview of ASEAN-Russia relations, East Asian Community, and energy condition in East Asia. Reviews relations among Russia, ASEAN, and East Asia in which ASEAN is a central role of the relations. Presents current state of Russia-ASEAN trade and economic relations. Studies the prospects of East Asian Community concerning the general development o ...Continue Reading English 86938
Asian Review Consists of eight articles aiming to enrich the knowledge on how to make Asia grow sustainably, prospering not only from a state-centric perspective but also from a human-centric perspective which seeks people's security. Investigates the relevance of the concept of human security in ASEAN within the context of the development of the ASEAN Charter. Presents the connection between environmental problems, social conflict, and security problems, b ...Continue Reading English 86929
Three-Year ASEAN-Canada Policy Research Programme: A Proposal Barichello, Richard R. Identifies areas that could broaden cooperation and benefit both ASEAN and Canada. Studies bilateral relations between Canada and ASEAN concerning the feasibility of an ASEAN-Canada FTA, migration and trade in service, human resource, and the role of Canada's official development assistance. Presents roles of ASEAN and Canada in global forum. Describes several benefits of ASEAN-Canada FTA that could boost bilateral trade, and push East Asian r ...Continue Reading English 86922