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Lee Kuan Yew's Fight for Survival Warner, Denis Discusses ramifications of the British decision to withdraw its military forces from East of the Suez. Cites Lee Kuan Yew's plans for dealing with this situation and contrasts it with Indonesian attitudes toward defense. Discusses Singapore's trade, population growth, economy, and its Communist Party English 09970
Problems of Economic Development in Changing Asia Ali, S.M Reviews economic failures of developing countries for the decade of the 1960's. Considers prospects in the 1970's, noting the effects of a possible and of the Vietnam war and active regional cooperation programs. Considers the effects of a decrease of U.S. aid to Southeast Asia and notes advantages of group requests for aid over individual country requests. Cites the roles of ASEAN and ASPAC in obtaining aid and in establishing favorable trade ...Continue Reading English 08821
Asian Roundup-A Team of Top Political Scientists and Historians Reviews U.S. Policy in Asia Reviews the implications of U.S policy in Southeast Asia. Discusses the importance of developments in the Asia-Pacific region to the future of the United States. Describes crucial role played by the U.S. in Asia immediately following World War II. Suggests examination of the issues, procedures, and cultural attributes in the American scene which have an impact on U.S. foreign policy. Refers to problems of industrialization in Asia, absence of ...Continue Reading English 08006
The National Administrative Reform Outlines the administration of the National Administrative Reform Council (NARC), citing the need to have a reform, foreign policy, the speech of the Prime Minister Thanin Kraiwixian, and the appointment of Constitution Drafting committee. Contains an announcement of 1976 constitution, the speech of Admiral Sangad Chaloyu-Chief of NARC, policy announcement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and an announcement of government policy. Deals with ...Continue Reading Thai 06470
Far Eastern Economic Review Couret, Bernard Presents an interview with Thailand's Foreign Minister, Thanat Khoman. Reports his views on the presence of American soldiers in Thailand and Thailand's alliances with U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Britain. Discusses measures taken to resist Communist pressure in the Northeast and assesses the results. Covers Thai relations with Cambodia and mentions ASEAN. Compares Vietnam in 1960 to Northeast Thailand. Mentions the draft constitution an ...Continue Reading English 05650