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Security and the Role of China Xinning Song Introduces China's attention to regional security in Asia, mentioning the relationships with neighbours e.g. China joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in 1991, ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in 1994. Lists China's main concerns in regional security as including the North Korean nuclear program the Taiwan issue the South China Sea issue Islamic fundamentalism border disputes with its neighbors and non-traditional security threats ...Continue Reading English 86410
The ASEAN Regional Forum and the EU's Role in Promoting Security in the Asia-Pacific Weber, Katja Examines the role of European Union (EU) in the principal forum for security cooperation in Asia-Pacific. Argues that, while both the EU and the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) agree on the need to tackle human security issues such as terrorism, organized crime or disaster relief. Suggests that this is due to diverging considerations of state sovereignty. Describes the EU's focus on economic development, experience sharing in regional integration, ...Continue Reading English 86408
The Institutional Dimension of EU-ASEAN/ASEAN Plus Three Inter-Regional Relations Manea, Maria-Gabriela Uses a historical, institutional, and a social constructivist perspective to emphasize institutional innovation, dynamism and transformation over institutional inertia in EU-ASEAN relations. Makes conceptual comments on the term of inter-regional institutionalization. Reviews the history of EU-ASEAN relations since 1972, highlighting how this process was shaped by changing global, regional and domestic contexts from the height of the Cold War t ...Continue Reading English 86406
The Evolution of EU-Asia Relations: 2001-2011 Cameron, Fraser Deals with the European Commission's communication Europe and Asia: A Strategic Framework for Enhanced Partnerships issued in 2001, which set out a comprehensive strategic framework for the grouping's relations with Asia. Reviews the European Union's efforts to implement the six main aims outlined in the communication. Argues that foreign policy decisions, institutional disputes and the eurozone crisis have damaged EU attempts to portray itse ...Continue Reading English 86403
Human Rights Norms and the Evolution of ASEAN: Moving Without Moving in a Changing Regional Environment Narine, Shaun Deals with the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), which has been criticized as lacking the power to enforce state compliance. Argues that AICHR is properly understood as a part of ASEAN's efforts to rejuvenate its international reputation, rather than as a normative shift by ASEAN members towards more interest in human rights. Examines the circumstances around the creation of AICHR, reviewing a process that began in the ...Continue Reading English 86363
Identity and Security: Identity Distance Theory and Regional Affairs in Northeast and Southeast Asia Ryu, Yongwook Tests the effect of identity on international security by analyzing the emergence of mutual threat perception in Sino-Japanese relations increasingly conflictual relations between Korea and Japan after Korea's democratization the establishment of ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and the settlement of key territorial disputes by ASEAN countries. Illustrates that Northeast Asia (NEA) has become a region of conflict wit ...Continue Reading English 86319
The Roles of Royal Thai (RTN.) for Enhancement of Maritime Security in ASEAN Community Pradit Sirikupt Aims to study the concept and establishment of ASEAN Community, threats and problems affecting maritime security in ASEAN Community and Royal Thai (RTN)'s sea operational missions, and the roles of RTN for enhancement of maritime security. Provides big problems impacted on maritime security derived from conventional threats and non-traditional threat. States that RTN can give naval force for Military role, Constabulary and assistance role, and ...Continue Reading Thai 86312
ASEAN-India Eminent Persons' Report to the Leaders Reviews past and current ASEAN-India relations since their beginnings as a sectoral dialogue relationship in 1992. Notes that the volume of mutual trade and investment flows remained relatively low, as opposed to the significant developments in agriculture, forestry and tourism.Indicates a set of guiding principles on which to base the ASEAN-India relationship in the future.Gives recommendations for their future partnership in terms of political ...Continue Reading English 86309
Summary of ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement: AKFTA Gives background information on ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA). Summarizes trade negotiations between ASEAN and Korea since the 1st to 25th negotiation. Presents main contents of trade agreement between ASEAN and Korea related to framework agreement on comprehensive economic cooperation among the governments of ASEAN countries and Korea, agreement on dispute settlement, trade agreement, Rules of Origin (ROO), limitation of import valu ...Continue Reading Thai 86133
The ASEAN Charter Dispute Settlement Mechanisms Gunpirom Vichathorm Examines the dispute settlement mechanisms under Chapter 8 of the ASEAN Charter. Deals with disputes regarding politics, economy, and the interpretation of ASEAN Charter. Indicates various means of peacefully setting disputes among ASEAN countries. Suggests that dispute settlement mechanisms should be developed in the future. Thai 86067
Thammasat Law Journal Contains articles in many topics related to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Discusses consumer protection and the establishment of the AEC, covering background, necessity and the current situation. Provides professional services under AEC free trade in services and its law enforcement problems in Thailand. Focuses on strengthening the sociology of law and institution approaches to international investment law in ASEAN, studying liberalization ...Continue Reading Thai 86061
Vietnam and the Membership in ASEAN: National Benefits and Regional Integration Piyanuch Sananseang Studies national benefits and regional integration of ASEAN after Vietnam became a new member in ASEAN. Presents the aggression of Vietnam in Cambodia and the reflection of ASEAN to the situation. Explains how Vietnam joins ASEAN and the process of becoming a new member in ASEAN related to economics, security, and politics. Discusses attitudes of ASEAN members and obstacles of Vietnam when joining ASEAN. Deals with attempts of Vietnam in deve ...Continue Reading Thai 86060
ASEAN Environmental Law, Policy and Governance: Selected Documents, Volume 2 Evaluates the compilation of selection of documents, focusing on environmental law which is wide-ranging and straddles the three 'ASEAN pillars', namely, political-security, economic and social-culture communities. Deals with sectoral areas including nature conservation and biodiversity, trans-boundary pollution, water resources managements, animal and human health, and energy and climate change. Mentions that ASEAN has a vital role to play in ...Continue Reading English 85999
EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st Century: Strategic Partnership in the Making Explores the long-neglected EU and ASEAN political relationship, giving an overview of the current state of relations: where do we stand? Compares the impact of the end of the cold war on the integration processes in ASEAN and the EU. Surveys what extent the EU is assisting ASEAN states in responding to various non-traditional security crises in Southeast Asia, including finance, health and environment. Investigates recent concerns about the po ...Continue Reading English 85952
China’s Economic Statecraft at the Contemporary Stage and Its Role in National Security Chenchen, Wu Explores China's economic statecraft in the 20 years since Tiananmen and the role of the latter in the country's approach to national security. Outlines different theories of economic statecraft and comments on the failure of economic sanctions. Describes the country's new security theories, including non-traditional types such as political and economic security, noting that preference is given to the latter. Reviews the role of China's econom ...Continue Reading English 85919
Smaller States' Alignment Choices: A comparative study of Malaysia and Singapore's Hedging Behavior in the Face of a Rising China Cheng-Chwee Kuik Introduces a comparative study of smaller states' alignment choices in the face of a rising and proximate power. Examines how and why Malaysia and Singapore have to respond to a rising of China. Evaluates the smaller state's policy options and theorizing smaller states' alignment choices. Presents the history of Malaysia and Singapore's alignment choices in the shadow of Red China from 1945 to 1970. Reviews Malaysia and Singapore's alignmen ...Continue Reading English 85902
ASEAN Strategic Framework on Social Welfare and Development (2011-2015) Deals with the ASEAN strategic framework and plan of action for social welfare, family and children of 2011-2015. Focuses on four priorities such as children, older persons, persons with disabilities and family development. Presents the background of prioritizes children. Summarizes plan of actions for children, including capacity building in human resources and research analysis. Details the mechanism to promote and protect children from abus ...Continue Reading English 85844
ASEAN Cooperation Plan on Transboundary Pollution Focuses on the ASEAN cooperation plan on transboundary pollution. Investigates the origin and causes of nature haze incidents at local and regional level. Introduces environmentally sound technologies to prevent control the source of haze at local and regional level. Identifies the development and implementation of national and regional emergency response plans. Provides information on the national focal points, dealing with atmospheric pollu ...Continue Reading English 85785
Speech by Ms. Gillian Bird Australian Ambassador to ASEAN: Australia and ASEAN: 35 Years On 19 March 2010 Bird, Gillian Highlights the close and comprehensive relationship between Australia and Singapore in the sociocultural, security, and economic fields as well as in trade and investment. Outlines Australia's cooperation with ASEAN, with an emphasis on the WTO and ASEAN free trade agreements. Reviews the history of the Australia-ASEAN development cooperation. Elaborates on people to people links in the form of educational exchanges and scholarship programs. ...Continue Reading English 85719
Learning from Singapore: Improving Human Resources and Technology for AEC Highlights the potential of economic competitiveness of Singapore. Analyzes the approach to enhance the potential in terms of knowledge development for increasing economic potential, raising living condition of Thai people, investment for the continuing research and development (R & D), preferential treatment for business sector that invest in R & D, and economic development planning on the basis of long-term knowledge development. Considers th ...Continue Reading Thai 85691