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ASEAN and the New Regional Multilateralism: The Long and Bumpy Road to Community Simon, Sheldon W Studies the implications for Asia's future, considering how ASEAN will be able to maintain their pivotal position in Asian affairs. Looks at the framework of conceptualizing ASEAN, and the evolution of ASEAN. Explains how terrorism challenges the non-interference norm. Looks at the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), ASEAN+3, and the East Asia Summit (EAS). Concludes that ASEAN and the ARF, as cooperative security arrangement designed to enhance comm ...Continue Reading English 83899
Arguing about ASEAN: What do We Disagree About? Acharya, Amitav Argues that ASEAN has been an contested institution. Indicates how research and debate on ASEAN should be based on comparing its records with other regional associations in the developing world, and using some agreed criteria about what success or failure means. Mentions how disagreements about ASEAN's role should be welcomed as part of a healthy debate. Considers the ASEAN studies on the points of ASEAN's role, performance, the concept of sec ...Continue Reading English 83869
A New Model of Asian Regionalism: Does the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Have More Potential than ASEAN? Aris, Stephen Presents a framework for comparative analysis of regional cooperation within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Investigates the nature of each organization's model of cooperation and their utility in the contemporary political landscape in Asia. Analyzes the mandate, norms, membership, rules, and scope of ASEAN and SCO. Reveals that SCO differs from ASEAN on the points of its co ...Continue Reading English 83868
Regional Integration economics on Free Trade Agreement to economic Integration Suthiphand Chirathivat Provides background of regional economic integration, focusing on approach, reason, and gains from integration. Analyzes economic integration regarding customs union.Studies production factor mobility, focusing on integrated world equilibrium, single market, capital factor mobility, and labour factor mobility. Deals with Krugman's economic theory. Describes market size, market structure, and locations, considering economics agglomeration. Ana ...Continue Reading Thai 83844
ASEAN and Human Rights: Resisting Western Pressure or Emulating the West? Katsumata, Hiro Studies the approach of the issue of human rights taken by the members of ASEAN. Argues that they have begun to pursue liberal agendas. Explores their motives, revealing the limitations of the conventional view that ASEAN members have been pursuing liberal agendas because they have under pressure from the Western powers. Explains how the Southeast Asian countries have been emulating the Western industrialized democracies. Makes policy recomme ...Continue Reading English 83767
Economic Crises and Institutions for Regional Economic Cooperation Henning, C. Randall Examines the extent to which economic crises facilitate the development of more effective regional institutions, and whether such institutions can shield regions from crises. Reviews the nature and definitions of crises and institutions, addressing the casual links between crises and institution building, and factors that condition regional responses to crises. Presents six crisis cases, dealing with European monetary integration, oil crisis of ...Continue Reading English 83540
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in ASEAN Arnon Sriboonroj Examines the legal concepts on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, presenting a comparative study on their rules and conditions in ASEAN countries. Describes how enforcement of foreign judgments in one country will be adopted in another country depending on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment in the enforcing court. Suggests treaty obligation which is an effective international legal mechanism to solve the prob ...Continue Reading Thai 83442
ASEAN Community Praphas Thepchatri Gives an overview of the ASEAN Community, describing background, progress of the establishment of ASEAN Community during 2004-2006, challenges, and the ASEAN Charter. Looks at three pillars of ASEAN Community, covering ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC). Mentions ASEAN and the anti-terrorism cooperation, ASEAN Union, and ASEAN with Myanmar problems. Considers the ...Continue Reading Thai 83412
Launching the ASEAN Regional Program on Disaster Management 2004-2010 Presents framework for the ASEAN Regional Program on Disaster Management (ARPDM). Deals with profile of disaster threats in the ASEAN region, covering ASEAN priority to disaster management, ASEAN experts group on disaster management, and ASEAN committee on disaster management. Describes background to the development of ARPDM, covering ARPDM objectives, principles, program components, implementation, budget, partnerships, monitoring and evaluati ...Continue Reading English 83397
Southeast Asian Regionalism and Global Governance: Multilateral Utility or Hedging Utility ? Ruland, Jurgen Studies the concepts of multilateral utility and hedging utility . Proposes six indicators which make the two concepts measurable, assessing the contribution that regional organizations make to multilateral institution-building. Covers the six indicators of level of institutionalization, governance costs, institutional nesting, norm entrepreneurship, agenda setting, and mode of interaction. Examines ASEAN's role as a contributor to a multil ...Continue Reading English 83396
Challenges for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanisms: The Case of Lao PDR from a Gender Perspective Pietropaoli, Irene Outlines the development of the human rights discourse in ASEAN and the establishment of ASEAN Commission on Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC). Examines major challenges to these regional human rights initiatives. Deals with the differences in the political and social systems among ASEAN countries, the ASEAN Way , the weakness of the ACWC's mandate and its politicized composition, the lack of civil society par ...Continue Reading English 83376
Rethinking the Harmonization of Choice-of-Court Rules Pawat Satayanurug Studies how mutual trusts among the Asian countries through the building blocks of bilateral agreements on judicial assistance would serve as a practical approach in achieving the cooperation on recognition and enforcement of judgments in Asia. Examines briefly the approaches adopted by the selected Asian nations, covering Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and Japan. Looks at the Hague Convention and the Brussels I regime as the Western-base ...Continue Reading English 83311
China and ASEAN-Led Multilateral Forums Hung, Serene Examines China's participation in ASEAN-led regional forums, explaining the motivations for the dramatic shift in China's attitude towards regional multilateralism in the mid-1990s. Considers the reasons for China's continued interest, identifying the factors driving China's multilateral policy. Looks at China's multilateral negotiations with ASEAN over the South China Sea (SCS) dispute, examining China's participation in the ASEAN Regional For ...Continue Reading English 83292
The Development of ASEAN from Historical Approach Traces the formation process of Southeast Asian regionalism, considering the establishment of ASEAN in terms of objective, organizational structure, neutrality policy, non intervention policy and constructive engagement. Mentions ASEAN's roles in the Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons-free Zone (SEANWFZ), and confidence building measures (CBM). Looks at ASEAN's political cooperation e.g. ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), Southeast Asian Treaty of Amity a ...Continue Reading English 83275
Mediating from Middle Ground: ASEAN, China and India, An Interview with Surin Pitsuwan Surin Pitsuwan Details the interview with Surin Pitsuwan, the secretary general of ASEAN, on the economic, security and diplomatic dynamics of the organization's interactions with China and India. Shares the ASEAN's view on China and India which are two major giant countries of Asia, talking about the potential threats from their rises. Mentions the path of democratization in China, considering that ASEAN is the mechanism for regional integration. Discusses ...Continue Reading English 83271
Regionalism, Globalisation and International Order: Europe and Southeast Asia Wunderlich, Jens-Uwe Provides an overview of theories emerging under first-wave regionalism, a period dominated by European integration. Analyzes traditional approaches to regionalism and integration, looking at the emergence of a second debate characterizing contemporary, new, regionalism. Presents the systematic comparison of first-wave and second-wave regionalism in the instances of the European Union (EU) and ASEAN. Explores ASEAN regionalism driven by the des ...Continue Reading English 83267
Regionalism in the EU and ASEAN During the Cold War: The First Wave Jens-Uwe, Wunderlich Sketches the historical evolution of regionalism in Western Europe and Southeast Asia. Looks at the development of European Union (EU) in the post-World War II period, considering development that was to galvanise interest in regionalism in the first place. Deals with ASEAN's development, covering the birth of ASEAN, regional economic cooperation, and relations with Indochina. Undertakes a comparison of two very distinctive forms of regionalis ...Continue Reading English 83259
The ASEAN-China Regional and Sub-regional Cooperation Workshop on 1-2 October 2009 at Singapore Summarizes the presentations of the workshop, noting the relationship between ASEAN and China. Gives an overview of ASEAN-China cooperation from the comprehensive Chinese and ASEAN views. Discusses the new ideas, initiatives, and projects, mentioning China's participation in GMS cooperation, Pan-Beibu Economic Zone, Sub-regional Economic Zones in China, and ASEAN Economic Growth Triangles. Summarizes country reports on ASEAN-China Cooperation, ...Continue Reading English 83235
ASEAN Matters: Reflecting on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Compiles 39 essays on ASEAN under six themes, dealing with ASEAN's history, image and challenges. Covers political and security issues, economic integration issues, social and cultural progress across ASEAN, ASEAN's relations with other countries and ASEAN's institutional partnerships, and the future of ASEAN community. Reflects different perspectives on critical issues relating to three pillars in building the ASEAN Community, namely the ASEAN ...Continue Reading English 83205
Identity/Difference and the ASEAN Rumelili, Bahar Analyzes how ASEAN interacts with difference, presenting ASEAN's mode of differentiation by using the analytical categories. Looks at the community-building practices of EU and ASEAN, considering factors contributing to Southeast Asian collective identity. Deals with the shared beliefs about the certainty of regional boundaries, and community norms and principles. Examines how the collective identity promoted by ASEAN is negotiated with outsid ...Continue Reading English 83162
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