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Agreement on ASEAN Preferential Trading Arrangements Stipulates for expanding investment and production opportunities, and trade and foreign exchange earnings among ASEAN member states. Consists of the following Chapters: I. General Provisions, II. Instruments and Definition, III. Preferential Treatment of the Products of ASEAN Industrial Projects and Industrial Complementation Schemes, IV. Maintenance Concessions, V. Emergency Measures, VI. Institutional Arrangements, VII. Consultations, VIII ...Continue Reading English 35007
ASEAN Cooperation in Industrial Projects Contains papers and proceedings of a symposium on ASEAN cooperation in industrial projects held on 11-12 April 1977, Kuala Lumper. Reviews four discussion sessions, dealing with potential of ASEAN as a region for generating self-sustained industrial projects among member countries, assessment of the five ASEAN projects, regional cooperation in trade and industry English 30704
ASEAN and Powers (U.S. Japan) Chusana Roungpuchim Traces the origin of ASEAN, including objectives and purposes. Considers structure and mechanism of ASEAN and ASEAN, the roles of Powers at present and changing role and influence of Powers in the future. Thai 29708
Australia and ASEAN: A Report by a Study Group of the Canberra Branch of the AIIA Frost, Frank Discusses Australia relations with ASEAN on trade and economic co-operation. Refers to the AIIA's Canberra Study Group which examined the development of ASEAN co-operation since 1967, including its relations with Japan and Vietnam, its member's involvement in proposals and negotiations for a New International Economic Order (NIEO), and the problems and challenges posed by economic relations between ASEAN and Australia at the level of both governm ...Continue Reading English 28503
ASEAN: Past and Future Deals with the Third Ministerial Meeting of ASEAN at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. Collects views of officials of the five member nations: three ambassadors to Thailand from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore Romulo of the Philippines, and Thanat Khoman of Thailand. Covers their impressions of ASEAN's progress in its two years of existence and their assessment of its prospects, both at the time of this meeting and in the future English 13486
The Philippine Press Coverage of the ASEAN Conference in Manila Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 1968 Manahan, Theresa S Lists the aims of the conference and describes its press coverage. Notes source of newspaper clippings used for study of coverage and amount of space allotted. Deals with number of editorials on the conference and their opinions of the effectiveness of ASEAN. Discuses the frequency of Sabah references mentioned in press coverage of the conference and mentions skepticism expressed about regional cooperation. Lists amount of space given to the ...Continue Reading English 08791
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