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Does FDI Enhance Economic Growth?: New Evidence from East Asia Polpat Kotrajaras Examines the impacts of foreign direct investment (FDI) in groups of 15 East Asian countries classified by level of economic development, using panel data analysis together with cointegration methods. Includes in this set all ASEAN member states except Brunei. Finds that favorable impacts of FDI on East Asian countries depend on complementary factors, particularly each host country's economic conditions. Lists these conditions as being financi ...Continue Reading English 86608
Japan's Relations with Southeast Asia: The Fukuda Doctrine and Beyond Examines the Fukuda Doctrine in the context of Japan-Southeast Asia relations and the possibility of a non-realist approach in the imagining and conduct of international relations in East Asia. Studies the origins and the norms of the Fukuda Doctrine amidst three decades of change since it was first enunciated. Presents an autobiographic account of a key drafter of the Fukuda Doctrine to explain the motivation which led to the articulation of p ...Continue Reading English 86594
ASEAN Studies Narong Phophueksanand Gives basic information on ASEAN, focusing on objectives of establishment of ASEAN, cooperation in ASEAN community, and general ASEAN information. Discusses the current and future situation in ASEAN, ASEAN+3, and ASEAN+6. Presents information on ASEAN Declaration, ASEAN Charter, ASEAN Summit, and structure in ASEAN community. Deals with the development of ASEAN Security Community (ASC), ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural ...Continue Reading Thai 86575
Piracy and International Maritime Crimes in ASEAN: Prospects for Cooperation Consists of nine articles concerning global, regional, and national perspectives on international maritime crime. Examines how ASEAN member states enhance legal cooperation to fight against piracy and other maritime crimes. Studies global and regional instruments to determine the extent they can be used to establish legal framework against piracy and maritime crimes. Gives an overview of global conventions that can be used to combat piracy and ...Continue Reading English 86565
Enhancing ASEAN's Connectivity Presents the example of people-to-people sharing by bringing together the experts and thinkers from ASEAN countries to review the cooperation and collaboration. Details the main components for Master Plan of ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) such as physical connectivity, institutional connectivity, and people-to-people connectivity. Gives an overview of the current state of ASEAN infrastructure concerning transports, information and communication te ...Continue Reading English 86559
Taking ASEAN+1 FTAs Towards the RCEP: A Mapping Study Fukunaga, Yoshifumi Deals with the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) launched by ASEAN+6 in November 2012. Conducts stocktaking studies of ASEAN's own FTA and five existing FTAs with six dialogue partners, in order to identify the possible benefits and challenges of RCEP. Finds that the five ASEAN+1 FTAs provide an insufficient level of liberalization in tariffs and trade. Argues that the China-Japan-Korea FTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (T ...Continue Reading English 86533
6th Indonesia–Malaysia–Thailand Growth Triangle Summit and 8th Brunei Darussalam–Indonesia–Malaysia–Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area Summit, held on 4 April 2012, at the Peace Palace, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia Reviews the creation, scope, objectives and strategic focus of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) and of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). Presents the highlights and main outcomes of the 6th IMT-GT Summit and of the 8th BIMP-EAGA Summit, both held in 2012 in Phnom Penh. States future priorities indicated by the leaders. Notes the role of the Asian Development Bank (A ...Continue Reading English 86531
Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Coordination in ASEAN+1 Branson, William H Develops the basis for monetary and exchange rate coordination in Asia as part of a package of monetary integration that could support growth and poverty reduction. Analyzes the trade structures of ASEAN and China in terms of geographic sources of imports and markets for exports, as well as in terms of the commodity structure of trade. Constructs currency baskets and real effective exchange rates (REER) for Asian countries. Suggests that, as t ...Continue Reading English 86530
Implications of India-ASEAN FTA on India's Fisheries Sector Chandran, B.P. Sarath Analyzes the potential impact of the India-ASEAN FTA on bilateral trade with special reference to the fishery sector. Points out ASEAN's expertise in regional integration, as opposed to India's lack of preparedness for the FTA. Suggests that similar climatic conditions lead the two partners to produce similar products, causing competition.Indicates that there is strong public apprehension in India of a large-scale import of agricultural goods i ...Continue Reading English 86529
ASEAN Economic Community Chartbook 2012 Presents a graphical overview of selected macroeconomic indicators in ASEAN relative to its trading partners.Includes more than 50 charts describing key macroeconomic trends, including economic growth, trade, investment and other indicators of economic integration. Situates ASEAN in the world in terms of population and economic size, growth, and welfare. Looks into macroeconomic trends within ASEAN. Reports on the current situation of trade li ...Continue Reading English 86528
India's Engagement with ASEAN: Beyond Trade in Goods Shankaran Nambiar Reviews the ASEAN-India economic relationship from the early 1990s up to the free trade agreement (AIFTA) concluded in 2009, adding India's plans for bilateral FTAs with ASEAN member states. Compares ASEAN's comparative advantage in manufacturing with that of India in services, suggesting they exploit their complementarities. Looks beyond trade in goods and finds that trade in services, security, the environment and infrastructure offer opportu ...Continue Reading English 86526
Impact of Production Linkages on Industrial Upgrading in ASEAN, the People's Republic of China, and India: Organizational Evidence of a Global Supply Chain Machikita, Tomohiro Presents a simple model of industrial upgrading as a result of backward and forward information linkages between upstream and downstream relations. Investigates the impact of mutual knowledge exchange on the knowledge production function, using data on customers and suppliers of firms in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Discusses the development of South-South trade within ASEAN. Finds that there are strong spillover effects betwe ...Continue Reading English 86523
Preparation for Flow of Labor in the ASEAN Community, Final report Provides background information on ASEAN Community, focusing on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Compares organizational structure, administration, and working method between European Union (EU) and ASEAN. Explains preparedness and strategies of Thailand before moving forward to ASEAN, focusing on preparedness under strategies of the 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016), the government policy, and roles of Thai ministri ...Continue Reading Thai 86522
ASEAN Human Rights Declaration and the Phnom Penh Statement on the Adoption of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD) Contains the entire text of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration (AHRD), adopted at the 21st ASEAN Summit held Phnom Penhin November 2012. Begins by affirming general principles such as non-discrimination rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children, the disabled, and migrants and universality of all human rights. Notes that 'the realization of human rights must be considered in the regional and national context bearing in mind different ...Continue Reading English 86507
Climate Change and Price Volatility: Can We Count on the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve? Deals with the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR), which was created by the ASEAN Plus Three to meet food relief requirements resulting from natural disasters and other emergency situations. Evaluates the effectiveness of the APTERR as a mechanism for addressing food security by conducting econometric analysis of the impact of monthly trade flows on domestic prices. Focuses on China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietn ...Continue Reading English 86505
Trade Facilitation and Regional Cooperation in Asia Consists of five articles concerning regional integration and trade facilitation in Asia. Demonstrates the significance of infrastructure in regional cooperation and the relation between infrastructure and trade facilitation. Examines the initiation that was undertaken for positioning Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as a regional hub, covering its achievements and impact. Shows reasons why it is necessary to cooperate with China in or ...Continue Reading English 86503
Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community on ASEAN Production Networks Kornkarun Cheewatrakoolpong Notes that the emergence of international production networks in East Asia, including ASEAN, results from market-driven forces such as vertical specialization and higher production costs in the home countries, as well as from institutional-led reasons such as free trade agreements. Shows that the growth in trade in parts and components since the 1990s, especially with China, confirms the existence of international production sharing in the region ...Continue Reading English 86501
Investing in ASEAN 2012-2013 Consists of many short articles concerning business, energy, industry & manufacturing, infrastructure, mining, transport, information technology & Telecommunication, healthcare, consumer wealth and tourism within ASEAN countries from management persons of different leading companies. Gives an overview of some of the most common challenges as well as ideas on possible mitigation utilizing Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Lists some of the key require ...Continue Reading English 86497
ASEAN Framework Action Plan on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (2011-2015) Outlines the priorities, plan of action, and operational strategies of ASEAN in its poverty eradication efforts during 2011-2015. Aims to support the sustainable development of rural areas and the eradication of food insecurity in the ASEAN region. Notes that 70% of the poor in Southeast Asia live in rural areas and are active in agriculture, forestry, and fishery. Adds that the growing urban poverty is rooted out of rural poverty. Outlines r ...Continue Reading English 86495
ASEAN 2030: Toward a Borderless Economic Community: Draft Executive Summary Constitutes a part of a wider ADB Institute study entitled ASEAN, PRC and India: The Great Transformation, which analyzes the 2030 growth potential of these economies and the challenges they face. Contributes to forging a longer-term strategy beyond the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 for shared prosperity of ASEAN's members, the wider ASEAN region, and the world at large. Uses a bottom-up approach and bases its results on ...Continue Reading English 86494