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Linkage Between Malaysia's FTA Policy and ASEAN Suzuki, Sanae Discusses two key aspects of Malaysia's policy towards free trade agreements (FTA), dealing with the economic impacts on domestic industries and the diplomatic aspects of FTAs that is closely related to its ASEAN diplomacy. Looks at Malaysia's domestic perspective on pursuing FTAs, analyzing its negative responses towards FTAs, and trade and industrial structure. Examines Malaysia's linkage of FTAs with ASEAN diplomacy, analyzing its participat ...Continue Reading English 64286
Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Co-operative between ASEAN and China Presents 16 articles of the framework agreement on comprehensive economic cooperation between the ASEAN and China. Covers the objectives, measures for comprehensive economic cooperation, trade in goods, trade in services, investment, early harvest, other areas of economic cooperation, timeframes, most-favored nation treatment, general exceptions, dispute settlement mechanism, institutional arrangements for the negotiations, miscellaneous provisi ...Continue Reading English 63632
Thailand and ASEAN Free Trade Area Discusses economic integration at regional level for free trade area and trade barrier reduction. Notes the establishment of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), considering its objective for trade promotion, tax reduction, and for competitiveness in the world market. Aims to reduce measures that are obstacles to trade. Considers the development of AFTA during the economic crisis by tax reduction. Analyzes Thailand's advantages and disadvantages und ...Continue Reading Thai 63240
Globalization and Trade in the New Millennium Supachai Panitchpakdi

Compiles the writings and speeches made at various international fora during the period of 1999-2000, discussing key trade issues of common concern and the multilateral trading system for the future challenges. Deals with the global perspective, globalization and trade liberalization which should be conducive for the growth in international trade and deeper integration of national economies into the world system. Shows the impact of trade libe ...Continue Reading

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