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Singapore-China Relations: 50 Years Compiles articles relating to Singapore and China relations from the confrontation of political doctrine during 1950s-early 1970s to alliance states after Lee Kuan Yew's era since mid-1970's afterward. Highlights Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kuan Yew's roles in establishing diplomatic ties since the first visit to China in 1976 by the late Prime Minister Lee. Demonstrates the relationship and cooperation between the two countries through numbers of hi ...Continue Reading English 94191
Singapore's Economic Development: Retrospection and Reflections Analyzes Singapore's economic policies, deployed strategies, outcome evaluation, current challenges and future plans. Traces the development of governance and economic policies from pre-independence to the post-independence with the legacy of laissez-faire economic from British colonial. Extracts lessons from Singapore development, in terms of politics, quality of governance, national security, education and training, infrastructure, internat ...Continue Reading English 94185
Regional Community Building in East Asia: Countries in Focus

Compiles articles relating to political-security, economic and socio-cultural perspectives of all ASEAN+3 members, covering Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and South Korea. Highlights country positioning, regional participation, regional unity and diversity. Revisits progress of Brunei, Cambodia and Myanmar's involvement in ASEAN and ASEAN+3. Mentions Indonesia's ...Continue Reading

English 94140
The Everyday Political Economy of Southeast Asia Presents the Everyday Political Economy (EPE) of Southeast Asia in ways that combine an understanding of both everyday politics and everyday life. Considers how the reach of the market is being extended into the lives of ordinary people across this economically, culturally and politically diverse region. Refers to the emergence of ASEAN, economic regionalism within ASEAN, and the launch of ASEAN Economic Community. Addresses topics on domestic ...Continue Reading English 94116
Project on Preparation of Industrial and Business Sector on Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy to Support the Accession to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Final Report

Studies renewable energy and energy efficiency industry in 10 ASEAN countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Investigates demand and supply of the mentioned industry relating to technology, materials, products and services, market competitiveness, each state's policies, rules and regulations, and other ASEAN's agreements in coherent with the industry. Prioritizes f ...Continue Reading

Thai 94070
The Impact of Agreement on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and Suitable Negotiation Strategy for Thailand, A Summary Report to the Seminar, Organized by TDRI and Department of Trade Negotiations, 11 September 2015, at the Emerald Hotel Bangkok

Presents a research outcome of impacts on manufacturing and agricultural sectors that may result from attending Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) led by China. Analyzes positive and negative effects on product categories by applying Modified Gravity Model and The Revealed Comparative Advantage Index (RCA). Highlights trade facilitation strategy that possibly creates larger trade volume on chemical products, steels, plastic and ...Continue Reading

Thai 94066
Japan's Strategy and ASEAN Connectivity Narut Charoensri Describes the significance of ASEAN for Japan's economic system. Considers Japan's cooperation on ASEAN connectivity, impetus and target countries for Japan's investment, Japan's viewpoint on GMS countries' problems, economic strategies, and Japan's benefit from ASEAN connectivity. Thai 94058
TDRI Quarterly Review Contains two articles on 'China's economy: hard landing or not' and 'Reducing non-tariff barriers on maize to advance intra-ASEAN trade'. Examines evidence that supports the thesis of a hard landing for the Chinese economy. Deals with Chinese contribution to global GDP, trade linkage between China and other countries, GDP target for 2015 VS forecasts from research departments, Li Keqiang index, and oversupply in the real estate sector. Mention ...Continue Reading English 94050
Analytical Report on the International Labour Migration Statistics Database in ASEAN: Improving Data Collection for Evidence-Based Policy-Making

Gives statistics data and quantitative analysis on ASEAN's labour migration, covering international and intraregional migration, international labour migration, women migration, youth migration, return migration, and personal remittance flows. Demonstrates reliability of data sources, including labour force surveys, population censuses, and administrative data. Indicates emerging trends in inward and outward labour migration by comparing inter ...Continue Reading

English 94047
Singapore, Brunei: Economic Lion and ASEAN Oil Depot Krirkrit Chueamongkon

Explains country background, history, polity, economy, social patterns, national development, action triggers and turning points that propelled Singapore and Brunei Darussalam to be ASEAN's economic and petroleum hubs. Outlines the nationalization of Singapore from the beginning as a part of Malacca, the intervention of Western colonies in terms of trade posts and territorial acquisition, subsequences from British migrants in colonial era, imp ...Continue Reading

Thai 94021
Understanding Transport History in the Philippines and the ASEAN Strategic Transport Plan; Towards ASEAN Cooperatio

Studies transport history in the Philippines with interdisciplinary approach to understand the transport mode, socio-political structure, economic integration with the global community, and urban development. Explores technological development, economic and policy perspectives that need to be adopted to link with the ASEAN community. Looks at different elements of inland transport history ranging from geographical, economic political and socia ...Continue Reading

English 93980
Myanmar Garment Industry after 2012: Trade and Industrial Relations in Yangon Industrial Zones Soe, Sandar Oo Examines the development of the garment sector in the industrial zones of Myanmar. Focuses on the industrial relations and labor protection in the sector. Provides the timeline of garment sector development, and studies the relationship between stakeholders, government and labor, including government and business. Argues that Myanmar can increase trade and improve productivity by accelerating labor rights protection through best practices in i ...Continue Reading English 93972
The Role of Regional Trade in Promoting Food Security in the ASEAN Region: Measuring the Competitiveness of ASEAN's Agricultural Proeucts after the Global Food Crisis 2008 Hirawan, Fajar b. Examines the competitiveness of ASEAN's agricultural products in the world and the regional markets after the global food crisis of 2008. Determines the best policy options for ASEAN to achieve food security in the region. Investigates the intra-regional trade share index to measure the degrees of trade relationship among ASEAN member countries. Suggests that it is very important to realise ASEAN's needs for agricultural products by optimising ...Continue Reading English 93971
Lao PDR at the Crossroads: Industrial Development Strategies 2016-2030

Analyzes Laos's industrial policy and development strategies as a part of Mekong Industrial Development Vision proposed by Japan. Mentions the medium and long-term development strategies under frameworks of production network, second unbundling, and new economic geography. Outlines issues of 3 development phases, including 5-year plan (2016-2020), 10-Year Development strategies (2016-2025) and Vision 2030, emphasizing on midsized agglomeration ...Continue Reading

English 93943
Towards a Requisite Regulatory Management System: Philippines Llanto, Gilberto M. Explores the evolution of regulation in the Philippines since the post-martial rule regime. Tracks the macroeconomic and regulatory reforms, and the political and economic history. Looks at the existence of a regulatory management system in the Philippines. Considers how some aspects of a regulatory management system were applied in the successful case study of regulatory change in the establishment of the National Competitiveness Council, a p ...Continue Reading English 93941
Facilitating ASEAN trade in Goods Lili, Yan Ing

Studies ASEAN’s trade facilitation, covering rules of origin (RoO) and market access, non-tariff measure (NTM) transparency, and non-tariff measure streamlining. Demonstrates statistical data representing the importance of RoO in the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA). Emphasizes on NTM transparency lying on accurate data, open dissemination and dynamic discipline which help reducing business costs. Gives suggestion on NTM streamlining n ...Continue Reading

English 93939
Research Project Series on Thai-Muslim World: Relations and Implications for Development , Summary of Policy Report

Studies Muslim's World in terms of economy, society, and culture. Compiles 5 sub-research projects i.e. new directions of Thai Halal industry in ASEAN, an analysis of compensation on language and competitive opportunity of Thai workers, migration flows from the unrest situation in 4 Southern border provinces. Describes a translated book on critical issue on Islam banking and financial markets. Provides guideline for financial development based ...Continue Reading

Thai 93876
Reporting Development in ASEAN

Analyzes development, social issues and challenges around the work of ASEAN from Southeast Asian journalists' point of view. Describes public perceptions towards ASEAN, such as: being a dispute-settlement body its uniqueness of consensus decision-making and principle of non-interference being institutions that remake themselves on basis of their national interests its multi-facet of 10 bilateral relations within the region and Myanmar's media. ...Continue Reading

English 93871
ASEAN 100: 10 CEOs Controlling ASEAN Economy, 28 Thai Companies in World Map, and Top 100 Richest Companies in ASEAN Highlights top 100 ASEAN companies in 2014, citing the ranking, net profit, net income, and asset. Provides information on top 10 CEO ASEAN and 28 Thai companies including PTT PCL, Siam Cement Group (SCG) CPF, Thaioil Group, 7 eleven, IRPG, PTTEP, Thai Airways International PCL, Bangchak Petroleum PCL, Kasikorn Bank PCL, Siam Commercial Bank PCL, Thai Beverage PCL, True Corp PCL, and Total Access Communication PCL. Mentions investment opportuni ...Continue Reading Thai 93829
ASEAN Community and Managing Traditional and Non-Traditional Security

Compiles 7 articles with case studies of Southeast and Northeast Asia relations to examine challenges and opportunities of ASEAN integration and implications for Korea, including ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) and non-traditional security, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community aspects. Argues that the APSC differs from previous efforts as it focuses on building rule-based community. Criticizes that the A ...Continue Reading

English 93689
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