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AEC Integration: Opportunities and Challenges to Thai Retailers Explores the opportunities and challenges of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) integration to Thai retailers. Predicts the expansion of internal marketplace, especially retail business along the border and increases in purchasing power of international tourists, particularly from ASEAN into Thailand, showing the proportion of tourists and their spending during January-July 2012. Identifies the factors supporting retail business in ASEAN, such ...Continue Reading Thai 85426
The Secret: 9 Secrets of ASEAN Studies ASEAN, especially the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) to see the opportunities and challenges for Thai SMEs, looking at different business sectors. Identifies ten important issues to be done before the AEC in 2015. Explains the role of Kasikorn Bank to support Thai SMEs in the AEC arena. Tests the knowledge on the AEC. Examines the nine ASEAN countries, namely Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brun ...Continue Reading Thai 85424
Thai Textile/Garment Exports, 2H12: Groeth Hinges on ASEAN Demand Deals with Thai textile/garment exports as of 2012. Notes that Thailand should be able to maintain growth in some export categories, namely synthetic fibers, apparels and underwear in ASEAN, plus garments, underwear and household textiles in Japan. Expects the value of Thai textile/garment exports in 2012. Mentions that ASEAN has been a key driver for Thai textile/garment exports. Discusses the direction of Thai textile/garment exports in the ...Continue Reading Thai 85419
Business Opportunities for Services Sector Under the AEC Examines the prospects of Thai businesses towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Looks at the situation of ASEAN from the European Union's perspective.Includes agricultural business opportunities arising from both growing demand for agricultural outputs and potential growth from new forms of agricultural businesses such as contract farming. Explains AEC's greater prospects for further liberalization of the CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Mya ...Continue Reading Thai 85383
Project on the Study of Impacts of ASEAN Economic Community on SME Entrepreneurs in High Impact Sectors of the Thai Economic System, Final Report, the Selection of 6 groups of Pilot Industries Provides the principles of selecting six pilot industries, which are affected by the AEC, especially those who are SMEs, including the export value, the proportion of export value to GDP, the import value, the balance of trade, the trade value, the proportion of export value to total trade value. Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA), Manufacturing Production Index, Capacity Utilization Rate, and a number of SMEs and labor. Describes the six pil ...Continue Reading Thai 85381
Project on the Study of Impacts of ASEAN Economic Community on SME Entrepreneurs in High Impact Sectors of the Thai Economic System, Final Report, Literature Reviews Reviews the origin of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and the mechanisms of ASEAN operation, particularly on economy. Describes the evolution of ASEAN economic cooperation from ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) to AEC, including the essence, agreement, measure, vision, mission and objective of AFTA, import tariff reduction, and goods on the sensitive and highly sensitive lists. Studies the vision, mission, objective, agreement and measure of AEC, th ...Continue Reading Thai 85380
Project on the Study of Impacts of ASEAN Economic Community on SME Entrepreneurs in High Impacts of the Thai Economic System, Final Report, Executive Summary Reviews the information on ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), the impact of the AEC Blueprint, and the role of government under the AEC agreement. Examines the principle and guideline on selecting six pilot industries in high impact sectors, explaining the meaning of high impact sectors. Describes the selected six high impact sectors, namely the mechanic, food, rubber, packaging and plastic, textile and garment, and gem and jewelry industries, cov ...Continue Reading Thai 85379
ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community: Opportunities for Thai Cultural Entrepreneurs Provides the timeline to the ASEAN Community in 2015 from 2003 to 2012, and overview of the ASEAN Charter, three Blueprints, and Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity. Explains the three Communities: ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC), and ASEAN Socio Cultural Community (ASCC). Examines the opportunities and directions of ASEAN, positive impacts on Thailand, and advantages of AEC.Analyzes the capacity on trade ...Continue Reading Thai 85377
ASEAN 2.0: ICT, Governance and Community in Southeast Asia Lallana, Emmanuel C Looks at four areas that will be important to the future success of ASEAN, including how to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve better policy coordination, particularly horizontal and vertical policy coordination how to use ICT to incorporate non-state actors in regional policy-marking, thereby creating a more inclusive regional organization how to use ICT to develop a regional identity and community and how to use I ...Continue Reading English 85365
Improving Tax Measures for Assisting ASEAN Capital Market Integration Nalanta Tonghorm Considers the cooperation strategies of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) for establishing free stock exchange within the ASEAN members in terms of ASEAN Linkage. Mentions the link in stock exchange investment with ASEAN members and the flow of international investment. Focuses on the tax burden on the stock exchange in Thailand comparing to Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines. Shows how each country has different tax burden creating obstacl ...Continue Reading Thai 85357
Competitive Competency of Isan SME Business and Border Trade (Specifically Laos) towards Entrepreneurs' Perceptions and Readiness for ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Under the Financial Information Management and Northeastern Region SMEs Study Project, Final Report Reviews the situation of Lao People's Democratic Republic, covering general information, economic condition, trade between Thailand and Lao PDR, and foreign direct investment. Explores border trade between Thailand and Lao PDR, types of trade, characteristic of importers and exporters, types of payment, and ways of selling goods at the border. Identifies points of contact and trade routes, including thirteen permanent border crossings, two temp ...Continue Reading Thai 85347
Report on the ASEAN Economic Cooperation and Integration Prasit Aekaputra Traces back and analyzes the legal nature of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) since its birth, focusing on ASEAN economic cooperation and integration. Reviews ASEAN economic cooperation from the beginning at the First ASEAN Summit held in Bali in 1976 as the first milestone, describing the economic cooperation through various ASEAN summits to become ASEAN economic integration with the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN Economi ...Continue Reading English 85345
Report on Adjustments of Southern SME Entrepreneurs towards ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 Studies Southern SME entrepreneurs' understanding about ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Reviews the knowledge of AEC, namely the meaning, AEC Blueprint and commitments to AEC establishment, and SMEs, namely the meaning, problems and limitations. Discusses the development of SMEs in AEC, the impact of AEC on SMEs, and adjustment and preparedness of SME entrepreneurs for AEC. Describes research methodology, and population and samples from five S ...Continue Reading Thai 85343
Essays on an ASEAN Optimal Currency Area Huff, Kathryn Whittaker Evaluates the readiness of the ASEAN nations for monetary union using data from the post Asian Financial Crisis period. Provides a general literature review of Optimum Currency Area (OCA) criteria and empirical studies. Explains the G-PPP (Generalized Purchasing Power Parity) model which is a formal test for the presence of an OCA, giving a brief review of recent literature, analysis, and results from tests for nonstationarity and cointegration ...Continue Reading English 85323
Myanmar's Important Position to Enhance Regional Connectivity Tin Htoo Naing Studies Myanmar as the only land bridge between Southeast Asia, China and India to be an important player in shaping future economic, political and security environment in the region. Examines Myanmar in a new era with the new government since April 2011, looking at ways for positive changes in political, economic and social spheres with the market conditions and international circumstances. Describes Myanmar's regional connectivity through gro ...Continue Reading English 85317
ASEAN-India Connectivity – Progress So Far Suthiphand Chirathivat Studies the rationale for ASEAN-India connectivity, mentioning the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC). Looks at motivations for ASEAN connectivity in terms of the market size, developmental gaps, ASEAN's centrality, and connectivity beyond the region. Examines trade flows between ASEAN-India, showing the ASEAN-India total trade in 1990, 2000 and 2010, and the growth of export share of intermediate goods from ASEAN nations to India. Notes ...Continue Reading English 85315
New Regionalism in the Developing World: Comparative Study between ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and UEMOA Common Market Houngbedji, Marc Examines the dynamics at regional level that have been influencing and shaping the course of regional integration process in Southeast Asia and West Africa Since the early 1990s. Surveys scholars' literature on determining factors that explain the acceleration and consolidation of regional integration processes within ASEAN and UEMOA (the West African Economic and Monetary Union) blocs, looking at international politics and economics approaches. ...Continue Reading English 85229
Regional Economic Integration of the Fisheries Sector in ASEAN Countries Presents the results of a comprehensive study on the progress of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) initiatives in the ASEAN fisheries sector undertaken by the World Fish Center to supply information for the Integration Roadmap of the Fisheries Sector in ASEAN. Gives an overview and role of the fisheries sector in ASEAN. Mentions the overall perspective of the ASEAN Fisheries Roadmap and fourteen common measures in the Integration Roadmap Agreement ...Continue Reading English 85216
ASEAN Guidelines for Chain of Custody of Legal Timber and Sustainable Timber Provides definitions of terms or words relevant to the guidelines. Explains Chain of Custody fundamentals in terms of purposes, quantities of authorized material entering the product chain, critical control points, and the principles of product identification, segregation, and documentation.Describes the ASEAN Guideline for Chain of Custody of Legal Timber and its objective. Mentions the Chain of Custody system, covering log identification and ...Continue Reading English 85205
Strengthening and Deepening ASEAN Economic Integration Through the ASEAN Free Trade Area: Legal Aspects of the Implementation of AFTA Nimnual Piewthongngam Introduces the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), discussing how it was envisioned and came into being. Examines the political, social and economic cooperation among ASEAN member states, and briefly details the cooperation between those states to provide a better overall understanding of ASEAN. Discusses the establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and a series of agreements concluded by ASEAN member states relating to the ...Continue Reading English 85199
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