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AEC: Equitable Economic Development


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Towards and East Asian Free Trade Area: Progress and Challenges Tay, Simon SC Examines the role playing of ASEAN in promoting a wider East Asian regionalism and an East Asian Free Trade Area (EAFTA). Deals with the ASEAN Plus Three process that has brought ASEAN together with three North East Asian countries (China, Japan and South Korea) making progress in fostering cooperation in a number of areas, e.g. arrangements to prevent financial crisis and to address the spread of public health threats like severe acute respirato ...Continue Reading English 66211
Four Proposals for Improved Financing of SME Development in ASEAN Thitapha Wattanapruttipaisan Examines the available evidence and indications of the limited share of small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in domestic business financing as well as the typical barriers and constraints on SME financing on both the demand and supply sides in ASEAN. Contains four specific suggestions to enhance SME access to bank finance and institutional capabilities to provide SME financing. Deals with financial information disclosure, business plan pre ...Continue Reading English 65168
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