International Business: Thailand's Context

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    International Business: Thailand's Context
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    ธุรกิจระหว่างประเทศ: บริบทของประเทศไทย
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    Pavida Pananont
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    (10), 353 p. : charts
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    ASEAN, AEC, business, international economy, globalization, case studies, free trade, competitiveness, ASEAN countries, economic integration, market economy, international trade, foreign investment, direct investment, Thailand
Gives an overview of international business and globalization and summarizes Thailand's international trade and investment. Traces the evolution of international business in four periods: before 1880, 1880-1914, 1914-1949, 1950-1980, and 1980-2013. Describes the globalization of markets and globalization of production. Considers the world economic order and the roles of international organizations and non-governmental organizations. Looks at economic integration in terms of preferential trade agreement, free trade agreement, customs union, common market, economic community, and political union. Mentions the role of ASEAN, transnational corporation, foreign direct investment, and emerging markets. Presents foreign direct investment from Thailand, as well as outward foreign investment (OFDI) stocks and flows from 1970-2013.


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