Asian Megatrends

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    Asian Megatrends
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    Biswas, Rajiv
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    xi, 245 p. : charts
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    ASEAN, AEC, APSC, economic forecasts, economic implications, economic growth, consumer expenditure, urbanization, Mekong basin, trade volume, exports, imports, ageing society, demographic change, environmental effects, terrorism, geopolitics, South China Sea, organized crime, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Asia and the Pacific
Assesses megatrends that will effect Asia-Pacific region over the next two decades, covering demographic ageing, rising of Asian middle class, China's economy and geopolitics, Asia's second BRICS economy (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa), ASEAN's trade liberalization and economic integration, and urbanization. Foresees trends at regional and country levels, such as consumer spending boom, new financial architecture, South and Southeast Asian megacities by 2030, manufacturing hubs in Asia and Mekong sub-region, environmental crises, terrorism, and geopolitical wars. Looks at China's economic power and risk, Japan's debt crisis, India's economic policy Indonesia's growth comparing to Mekong sub-region, and Singapore's transformation in the next 50 years.


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