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AEC: Integration into the Global Economy


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ASEAN and Human Rights Norms: Constructivism, Rational Choice, and the Action-Identity Gap Davies, Mathew Argues that an alternative, rational choice, framework for appraising norms within ASEAN offers greater explanatory insight into how and why human rights emerged into ASEAN after 1997. Examines the history of academic interest about norms within ASEAN and describes when the constructivist perspective came to dominate. Presents the action-identity gap that has emerged surrounding human rights norms, paying attention to the motives of ASEAN in eng ...Continue Reading English 87093
Promoting Diplomatic or Cosmopolitan Culture?: Interrogating ASEAN-Focused Communication Initiatives Quayle, Linda Examines a range of regional communication initiatives from cartoons and computer games to Facebook communities and curriculum by using the diplomatic/cosmopolitan dyad. Analyzes key concepts of international society, cosmopolitan culture, and identity expanding on the communicational goals of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC). Considers a variety of specific attempts to familiarize the citizens of Southeast Asian with what ASEAN has to ...Continue Reading English 87049
Same Bed, Different Dreams: Prospects and Challenges for ASEAN+'X' Forums Min Gyo Koo Explores the prospects and challenges for ASEAN+ X forums: ASEAN+1, +3, +8 (or the East Asian Summit). Examines the U.S.'s new appetite for Asia-Pacific minilateralism centered on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP). Reviews the security-embedded economic relations during the Cold War period under the U.S. hegemonic leadership and explains East Asia's responses to the de-securitization of U. ...Continue Reading English 87039
The Impact of AFTA on Intra-AFTA Trade Okabe, Misa Examines the impact of trade liberalization under AFTA on intra-ASEAN trade. Measures the changing patterns of intra-regional trade in ASEAN from the 1980s to 2010 by using regional data at both aggregated and disaggregated levels. Conducts regression analysis by applying a gravity model to bilateral trade flows. Reviews the process and the current status of the tariff eliminations under the CEPT Schemes for AFTA. Examines the impact of the e ...Continue Reading English 87031
Networked Knowledge(s)?: Forest Certification and the Politics of Expertise in Malaysia Lewis, Robin Anne Presents conceptual framework for the study related to globalization and the environment, certification geographies, and science and technology studies. Studies project's methodology by adopting a multi-method approach that takes an interactive approach to data collection and analysis, culminating in an institutional ethnography of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) government system. Discusses the evolution and operation of the M ...Continue Reading English 87016
The Road to ASEAN Financial Integration: A Combined Study on Assessing the Financial Landscape and Formulating Milestones for Monetary and Financial Integration in ASEAN Reviews economic growth and structural change, and financial landscape in the region with introduction of ASEAN vision. Investigates prevailing conditions below the threshold levels in some ASEAN member states. Studies market shares of domestic and foreign-based bank, covering ASEAN-based and non-ASEAN-based banks. Identifies benefits, barriers and risks of baking market integration with proposed strategy for banking industry integration. Stud ...Continue Reading English 86986
Human Security and the ASEAN Charter: Perspectives and Challenges Kasira Cheeppensook Studies the relevance of the concept of human security in ASEAN within the context of the development of the ASEAN Charter. Discusses the meaning of 'human security' and compares it with the meaning of human security given by the United Nations and its organs. Identifies the role of various sectors and their respective influence on the final outcome of the Charter. Presents responsibilities of Eminent Persons Group (EPG) in drafting the ASEAN ...Continue Reading English 86980
Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN: Context and Approach Carpenter, David Gives an overview of the diversity of development gap in ASEAN member states. Considers greater understanding and more informed responses to narrowing the ASEAN development gap by identifying drivers of this gap and suggesting policies that directly target the drivers. Presents the history of ASEAN and its policies regarding regional economic integration and the narrowing of the development gap agenda. Introduces background regarding the struc ...Continue Reading English 86972
Russia-ASEAN Relations: New Directions Consists of eleven articles concerning Russia-ASEAN relations which divide into three parts such as overview of ASEAN-Russia relations, East Asian Community, and energy condition in East Asia. Reviews relations among Russia, ASEAN, and East Asia in which ASEAN is a central role of the relations. Presents current state of Russia-ASEAN trade and economic relations. Studies the prospects of East Asian Community concerning the general development o ...Continue Reading English 86938
Asian Review Consists of eight articles aiming to enrich the knowledge on how to make Asia grow sustainably, prospering not only from a state-centric perspective but also from a human-centric perspective which seeks people's security. Investigates the relevance of the concept of human security in ASEAN within the context of the development of the ASEAN Charter. Presents the connection between environmental problems, social conflict, and security problems, b ...Continue Reading English 86929
ASEAN Economic Community Scorecard: Performance and Perception Consists of ten articles resulting from the ASEAN Roundtable 2012 on Examining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Scorecard. Studies the core elements of the Blueprint-free flow of goods, free flow of service, free flow of investment, free flow of skilled labor, infrastructure development, SME development and initiative for ASEAN integration. Discusses the progress in each of these core elements and analyzes its effectiveness in meeting the f ...Continue Reading English 86924
ASEAN and Evolving Power Relations in East Asia: Strategies and Constraints Yoshimatsu, Hidetaka Examines constraints and challenges that ASEAN states are confronted with in formulating and implementing their strategies to evolving regional environments represented by the rise of China. Considers the rise of China and ASEAN members' strategies, looking at ASEAN's commitments to the East Asia Summit (EAS). Deals with the development of EAS i.e. the formation of an East Asian community in terms of ASEAN+3, the participation of the US and Rus ...Continue Reading English 86923
Three-Year ASEAN-Canada Policy Research Programme: A Proposal Barichello, Richard R. Identifies areas that could broaden cooperation and benefit both ASEAN and Canada. Studies bilateral relations between Canada and ASEAN concerning the feasibility of an ASEAN-Canada FTA, migration and trade in service, human resource, and the role of Canada's official development assistance. Presents roles of ASEAN and Canada in global forum. Describes several benefits of ASEAN-Canada FTA that could boost bilateral trade, and push East Asian r ...Continue Reading English 86922
The ASEAN Economic Community and East Asian Economic Integration Taeyoon Kim Defines the role of ASEAN in making a contribution toward East Asian economic integration. Reviews the ASEAN economic community (AEC), focusing on AEC blueprint, ACE's meaning to ASEAN society, and the current regional economic frameworks such as the ASEAN-China FTA, ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership, ASEAN-Korea FTA, ASEAN+3 and East Asian Summit in order to find some implications on East Asian economic integration. Gives overviews ...Continue Reading English 86915
The Utility and Kimits of the 'European Model' for the Regional Institutionalization of East Asia Higgott, Richard Reviews literature of European Model for the regional institutionalization of East Asia. Discusses the current state of the theory and practice of regionalism in comparative perspective. Analyzes the ways of relevant contemporary European institutional cooperation for understanding the way forward in East Asia. Outlines important lessons from and for East Asia with the framework of 'the new regionalism', and the importance of leadership to the ...Continue Reading English 86914
APEC: The Future Prospects for a Bridge Spanning the Pacific Nakajima, Tomoyoshi Discusses the future of APEC, which is a unique international organization linking East Asia and the United States. Gives overview of APEC since its establishment and its development towards 'Open Regionalism'. Studies the changes of the US involvement in APEC in four periods of times from 1989 to the present times. Analyzes the forming of Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and its relations with APEC, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TP ...Continue Reading English 86912
Middle Powers and the Building of Regional Order: Australia and South Korea Compared Hundt, David Compares two middle powers, Australia and the Republic of Korea during the transition to a new regional order in the Asia-Pacific as both countries have been allies of the United States. Examines how Australia and South Korea have contributed to the building of a new region order. Reviews the concept of order and the variant of order which ASEAN-the self-appointed vanguard of regionalism in the Asian-Pacific-has proposed. Considers the role of FT ...Continue Reading English 86910
East Asian Community Building Wei Pan Addresses three issues concerning East Asian community building such as obstacle to the progress of building the East Asian community and new theories. Presents the institutionalized close economic linkages between China, Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN countries.Considers China as the engine for the East Asian economic community and a problem for community building in global context. Discusses a new theory of international relations to provide a ...Continue Reading English 86908
Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN: Drivers and Policy Options Compiles six essays by different experts in development economics. Communicates the latest findings on narrowing the development gap that prevails between ASEAN member states and between sub-regions within ASEAN. Includes papers on monitoring progress towards narrowing the gap on the role of ASEAN connectivity in reducing the gap and on regional development cooperation. Summarizes different ASEAN sub-regional groupings including their member ...Continue Reading English 86856
ASEAN-India Relations: Future Directions S D Muni Reviews India's strategic perspective toward ASEAN from Indian leader, Jawaharlal Nehru, and ASEAN's strategic perspective towards India. Discusses 'Look East Policy' of India that was first introduced by Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and its significant way for economic and security cooperation between India and ASEAN. Presents the balancing power in ASEAN by including Japan and China as one wing while India as another wing. Describes three la ...Continue Reading English 86853
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