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AEC: Integration into the Global Economy


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Toward ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Compiles papers presented at the second ASEAN-Japan Research Institute Meeting (AJRIM) and the International Symposium, held in Tokyo in 2003. Presents the study into two parts : analytical studies of ASEAN-Japan comprehensive economic partnership, and ASEAN-Japan comprehensive economic partnership (AJCEP) : view from ASEAN. Focuses on economic partnerships between ASEAN and Japan, considering what elements need to be incorporated in AJCEP. Pr ...Continue Reading English 64578
China and ASEAN: Renavigating Relations for a 21st-Century Asia Ba, Alice D Traces the evolution and progression of Sino-ASEAN relations, outlining four phases since ASEAN's founding in 1967, with an emphasis on the two most recent phases. Highlights the generally positive trajectory of their relations since 1989. Draws attention to the shifting US priorities in Asia, and how such shifts have shaped the context in which China and ASEAN have interacted. Mentions China's free trade area proposal and the US war against t ...Continue Reading English 64199
China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement: Shaping Future Economic Relations Wong, John Studies the modality and theoretical framework of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Examines the pattern of trade relations between China and ASEAN. Analyzes the economic structures of China and the ASEAN countries, and their underlying implications. Deals with China vis-a-vis ASEAN in terms of competitiveness and complementarities. Contains concluding remarks on the opportunities and challenges arising from an FTA between China and ...Continue Reading English 63726
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