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AEC: Integration into the Global Economy


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ASEAN's Strategy Toward an Increasing Asian Integration Suthiphand Chirathivat Presents the Asian involvement in bilateral, sub-regional and East Asia wide integration to the evolution of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Focuses on impetus for ASEAN economic integration. Explains the logic of ASEAN economic integration up to the present. Studies the AEC and multiple Comprehensive Economic Partnerships (CEPs) for further integration. Shows the increasing number of Asian bilateralism and regionalism. Notes the response of ...Continue Reading English 86271
Thailand's FTA Strategy: Current Development and Future Challenges Suthiphand Chirathivat Discusses Thailand's initiatives and strategy in terms of bilateral and regional free trade agreements (FTAs) in the context of worldwide liberalization. Mentions concerns over whether FTAs are compatible with national interests. Reviews Thailand's initiative to form an ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) in the early 1990s. Maps out different Asian economic integration schemes from an ASEAN perspective. Lists the country's preferential trade agreem ...Continue Reading English 86241
Thailand's Greater Mekong Sub Region: Role and Potential Linkages to Southwest China and Northeast India Suthiphand Chirathivat Deals with Thailand's economic role in the Greater Mekong Sub Region (GMS) and in ASEAN.Explains GMS growth since the end of the Cold War through regional and global economic integration, with emphasis on trade and investment. Points out that increased linkages with China and India have offered economic and commercial opportunities for GMS countries. Argues that complementarities between neighboring provinces are strong reasons to develop econo ...Continue Reading English 86240
East Asian Perspectives: Thailand Suthiphand Chirathivat Examines-through the case study of Thailand-how Asian countries' integration with their neighbors and outside regional economies can be improved. Highlights Thailand's geographical position and potential to act as a corridor linking East and South Asia. Illustrates the Thai economy's external orientation through FTAs guided by sectoral strategies. Analyzes the country's FDI performance and policies as well as potential sectors for FDI growth. ...Continue Reading English 86215
Guidelines for Investment in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Warisara Panuwat Presents information on ASEAN Community and the establishment of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Analyzes investment situations in ten ASEAN countries, focusing on opportunities, strengthes and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages, preparedness, obstacles, economic cooperation, and future situations. Discusses the investment of Japan in Myanmar and the labour movement from Japan to Philippines Includes the relationship between ASEAN, New Z ...Continue Reading Thai 86184
ASEAN Integration in 2030: United States Perspectives Heng, Pek Koon Reviews the entry of the US into the East Asian regional architecture. Argues that US participation in the East Asia Summit (EAS) was motivated by the 1997 financial crisis and emergence of ASEAN+3 the rise of China the failure of APEC to foster regional trade liberalization and the inability of the WTO Doha Round to lower global trade barriers significantly. Looks at US re-engagement in Asia under President Obama. Describes the US divided f ...Continue Reading English 86103
EU-ASEAN Relations in the 21st Century: Strategic Partnership in the Making Explores the long-neglected EU and ASEAN political relationship, giving an overview of the current state of relations: where do we stand? Compares the impact of the end of the cold war on the integration processes in ASEAN and the EU. Surveys what extent the EU is assisting ASEAN states in responding to various non-traditional security crises in Southeast Asia, including finance, health and environment. Investigates recent concerns about the po ...Continue Reading English 85952
ASEAN Literature: Relations and Women's Ways: The Collection of ASEAN Literature Studies Presents ASEAN literature related to relations and women's ways. Studies the legend of King Pathumsuriyawong and the legend of ancient Cambodian Kings in Nipphan Wang Na. Provides the comparative study on the universal characteristic archetype and the common features of the folklore in Thailand and Vietnam. Discusses social issues in consumerism and globalization and adjustment of Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam in the context of post-colon ...Continue Reading Thai 85951
China’s Economic Statecraft at the Contemporary Stage and Its Role in National Security Chenchen, Wu Explores China's economic statecraft in the 20 years since Tiananmen and the role of the latter in the country's approach to national security. Outlines different theories of economic statecraft and comments on the failure of economic sanctions. Describes the country's new security theories, including non-traditional types such as political and economic security, noting that preference is given to the latter. Reviews the role of China's econom ...Continue Reading English 85919
ASEAN and Global Rice Situation and Outlook Wailes, Eric J. Presents the current and projected status of the rice economies in ASEAN countries. Provides the assessment of their potential supply and demand paths over the next decades. Gives information on the continuation of existing domestic rice sector policies and trade policies.Studies the average weather conditions and macroeconomic projections from HIS Global Insight and a global information company. Focuses on the ASEAN rice outlook i.e. rice su ...Continue Reading English 85881
Impact of Intra-regional Capital Flows on the ASEAN +3 economies Aims to develop a model to identify the effects of intra-regional capital flows within the ASEAN+3 countries (ASEAN countries+ China, South Korea, and Japan) and within the European countries, and to compare these effects between the two regional groupings. Suggests certain policy recommendations to tackle the global and regional economic uncertainties in the future as well as to look into international financial cooperation and policies on fina ...Continue Reading Thai 85735
Speech by Ms. Gillian Bird Australian Ambassador to ASEAN: Australia and ASEAN: 35 Years On 19 March 2010 Bird, Gillian Highlights the close and comprehensive relationship between Australia and Singapore in the sociocultural, security, and economic fields as well as in trade and investment. Outlines Australia's cooperation with ASEAN, with an emphasis on the WTO and ASEAN free trade agreements. Reviews the history of the Australia-ASEAN development cooperation. Elaborates on people to people links in the form of educational exchanges and scholarship programs. ...Continue Reading English 85719
ASEAN+1 FTAs and Global Value Chains in East Asia Compiles different articles of ASEAN and FTAs and global value chains in East Asia by scholars from Australia, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. Presents trade in supply chains between ASEAN and China development and implications by examining the development of trade patterns of ASEAN economies in the context of global supply chains in particular the emerging trade links with China. Defines a definition of trade facilita ...Continue Reading English 85718
Developing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Into a Global Services Hub Compiles research papers about global service hub of two sectors. Studies health service and creative service in contributing to the coming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in six countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Gives argument that not only income, employment, foreign exchange earning generation of health service and creative service, but also regional integration is resulted from the two s ...Continue Reading English 85708
Project on the effect of Improvement in Trade Facilitation According to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on Cross-border Freight and Trans-border Trade, Final Report Kornkarun Cheewatrakoolpong Studies the effect of improvement in trade facilitation according to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on cross-border freight and trans-border trade. Notes that field surveys were conducted at six strategic border checkpoints for cross-border transportation including Aranyaprathet checkpoint, Sa Kaew Mukdahan checkpoint, Mukdahan Nakhon Panom checkpoint, Nakhon Panom 1st Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge, Nong Kai Sadao, Song Khla and Padang Besar, ...Continue Reading Thai 85707
Learning from Singapore: Improving Human Resources and Technology for AEC Highlights the potential of economic competitiveness of Singapore. Analyzes the approach to enhance the potential in terms of knowledge development for increasing economic potential, raising living condition of Thai people, investment for the continuing research and development (R & D), preferential treatment for business sector that invest in R & D, and economic development planning on the basis of long-term knowledge development. Considers th ...Continue Reading Thai 85691
Competitive Advantage in Knowing ASEAN Surin Pitsuwan Analyzes background of ASEAN, focusing on the significance of ASEAN Community. Gives information about ASEAN dialog partners such as Japan, China, and Australia.Analyzes three pillars of ASEAN i.e. ASEAN Political-Security Community, ASEAN Economic Community, and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community. Notes that people needed in ASEAN Community must be skillful, professional, and adaptable. Concludes with spirit of ASEAN, accepting difference and fe ...Continue Reading Thai 85649
An Analysis of the Impacts of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on SMEs Enterpreneurs in High Impact Sectors in the Thai Economic System Deals with the impacts of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on SMEs entrepreneurs in high impact sectors in the Thai economic system. Analyzes six pilot industrial clubs in high impact sectors: machinery industry, food industry, rubber-based industry, packaging and plastic industry, textile and clothing industry, and gem and jewelry industry. Suggests key success factors to each pilot industrial club, summarizing the opportunity-driven and necessi ...Continue Reading Thai 85641
Opportunities and Impacts of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on Ministry of Interior: Study Report Provides background of ASEAN and the establishment of ASEAN Community (AC). Focuses on Thailand's preparation in entering ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Studies the opportunities and impacts of AEC on Ministry of Interior.Recommends strategies in order to prepare for entering AEC in 2015. Deals with organizational strategic preparedness building, area-based management, capacity building for integrated regional administration and development, ...Continue Reading Thai 85626
Strategic Plan for SMEs of Production Sector in Entering ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) under the Project on Strengthening SMEs of Production Sector to Support ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Deals with strategic plan for SMEs of production sector in entering ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) under the project on strengthening SMEs of production sector to support AEC. Mentions framework on issue analysis and focus group discussion. Notes the techniques which are used to analyze competency and competitiveness e.g. focus group interview, SWOT analysis, gap analysis, industry analysis, critical success factors, and TOWS matrix. Analyzes ...Continue Reading Thai 85622
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