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New Facet of European Union and 25 Member Countries Analyzes the European Union's role and the world, tracing its historical development to globalization period. Considers the European Union's role in United nations, and its relation with the United States and with countries in Eastern Europe, and ASEAN. Introduces the European Union's member states in terms of geography, population, historical background, government, economic conditions, security, and international relations. Covers 25 member ...Continue Reading Thai 71876
Southeast Asian Affairs 2006 Provides the political and economic overview of Southeast Asia in 2005, covering information on the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) and the Mindanao's growing role as the regional terrorist crossroads. Analyzes Japan's policy towards East Asia and East Asian community-building. Contains 11 country reviews, dealing with major development and significant problems in each individual country. Mentions the events in Thailand under Thaksin's regime, noting hi ...Continue Reading English 70880
Collective Action Problems and Regional Integration in ASEAN Yoshimatsu, Hidetaka Examines how states attempt to overcome collective action problems for promoting regional integration, concerning two kinds of dilemma : collaboration games and coordination games. Highlights ASEAN members' responses to the problems, citing the slow progress of market integration in the 1990s, and the harmonization of standards for the integrated market English 70747
The Search for Regional Architecture: The Role of ASEAN as Strange Attractor Simanjuntak, Djisman S Discusses the role of ASEAN as a strange attractor in an East Asian integration, considering the old virtues of pre-crisis development of Southeast Asia, post-crisis initial condition and return to high growth, seeds of conflicts in the second wave of globalization, and the reinvention of regional trade and investment liberalization. Considers the crisis economies of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, and the breakdown of the East Asian develop ...Continue Reading English 70429
Framing the ASEAN Charter: An ISEAS Perspective Gives an overview of the background, as well as reviews the attribute, diversity, cooperation, and agreement of ASEAN community. Puts together some ideas for the proposed ASEAN charter which would establish the association and delineate their respective function, responsibilities, rights and limitations, the relationship among the organs, and their decision-making processes. Analzyes the ASEAN charter by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ...Continue Reading English 69905
Towards an ASEAN Economic Community: Vision or Reality? Hew, Denis Examines the concept and rationale for establishing an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), regarding the lessons from the development of European Economic Community (EEC). Assesses the High Level Task Force (HLTF) action plan on the AEC, focusing on economic integration, elimination of barriers to trade, and advice on trade disputes. Examines key issues on ASEAN economic integration, looking at the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), ASEAN Framework Agre ...Continue Reading English 69737
Roadmap to an ASEAN Economic Community Introduces roadmap to an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), addressing issues pertaining to the AEC and alternative approaches towards achieving this end goal. Studies the AEC in terms of concept, costs, and benefits. Looks at institutional reforms to achieve ASEAN economic integration, discussing the AEC from ASEAN's transitional economies. Considers the roles of AFTA in the AEC, looking at foreign direct investment (FDI) and the free movement o ...Continue Reading English 69372
New Era of Diplomacy: People Are the Core Reviews Thailand's foreign affairs under Thaksin government, focusing on dual-track policy, pro-active diplomacy and forward engagement. Indicates good relationship with neighboring countries, and cooperation among ASEAN countries to recover from Asian economic crisis. Mentions Thailand's role on establishing the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) and Asian Bond, related to the strategy on enhancing partnership with various countries. Covers info ...Continue Reading Thai 68082
Institutional Change in Southeast Asia Studies determinants to the adjustments and implementation of institutional change and various differences between countries in Southeast Asia region. Considers the important role of transitional costs in the context of institutional adjustments and transformation. Evaluates educational reforms and challenges facing Southeast Asia, giving the experiences of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Looks at the importance of technological developmen ...Continue Reading English 67714
Asia Yearbook 2003/2546 Reviews the political, economic, and social conditions, as well as foreign relations of Asian countries in 2002. Presents the profiles of 12 countries in Southeast Asia, 6 in East Asia, 4 in South Asia, and 5 in the Middle East. Covers the situation of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the aspects of security, economic, and politic Thai 67183
ASEAN Economic Community: Pros & Cons for the Thai Economy Considers how ASEAN leaders issued the Bali Accord II to establish an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2020. Aims to enhance broader and deeper economic cooperation among ASEAN members to become a common market and integrated manufacturing base with free flow of goods, services, investment, skilled labour, and freer flow of capital by 2020. Reveals an agreement among ASEAN members to accelerate liberalization in trade and services in 11 pilot ...Continue Reading Thai 66822
Developing Indicators of ASEAN Integration-A Preliminary Survey for a Roadmap, Final Report Dennis, David J Identifies indicators of important parameters in intra-ASEAN trade, investment and services, especially financial services, which will measure progress towards the goal of an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2020. Examines barriers to ASEAN economic integration and the progress of harmonization of ASEAN policies and institutions. Presents various types of indicators used in the study, noting the selection criteria for indicators and the use of ...Continue Reading English 66551
Southeast Asian Affairs 2004 Addresses a broad range of domestic and political issues from a regional perspective, noting ASEAN issues, Southeast Asian economic performance, its relations with China, and terrorism problems. Contains 20 articles of country surveys with such major themes as international conflict and cooperation, political stability, and economic growth and development. Mentions Thailand under Thaksin regime, regarding the war on drugs, Asian cooperation, re ...Continue Reading English 65879
The Changing Landscape: ASEAN Going Forward, Section VIII Describes strategic goals and critical pathways of ASEAN towards 2020, considering the challenges of building an even more peaceful and united ASEAN community. Examines ASEAN's co-operation in a wide variety of areas in the future, especially, the security and economic fields, potential of ASEAN-10 relating to human rights and democracy issues. Considers ASEAN vision 2020 and the Hanoi Plan Action (HPA), analyzing how the broad ASEAN 2020 visio ...Continue Reading English 64711
ASEAN: Institutional Redesign and Dynamics, Section II Compiles 14 articles under the session on institutional redesign and dynamics of ASEAN. Provides historical background of ASEAN, covering the early Southeast Asian political systems, post-colonial Southeast Asia, post-war regional cooperation, the formation of ASEAN, institutional framework and recommendations for change, and the structure of decision-making. Describes ASEAN institution building, including ASEAN during the crisis, the ASEAN wa ...Continue Reading English 64704
The 2nd ASEAN Reader Siddique, Sharon Contains excerpts from scholarly writings published since the early 1990s, concentrating on documenting events and issues from 1990 to 2003. Deals with ASEAN in terms of international ASEAN developments such as the expansion of ASEAN's membership, the elaboration of an ASEAN vision 2020, the implementation of AFTA, the founding of ARF, and the ASEAN formal and informal summits. Provides introductory background essays on the Southeast Asian regi ...Continue Reading English 64703
ASEAN Summit: Taking the Helm McBeth, John Reports on the annual summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Bali, Indonesia in early October 2003 in the Shape of China's premier and a host of Chinese business executives. Analyzes the China-ASEAN Free-Trade Area. Provides its important economic role as a competitor for investment in the region. Presents the views of ASEAN leaders about China's influence on regional economy. Covers the concept of security community, ...Continue Reading English 64252
Southeast Asia: A Tango Speeds Asean Integration Vatikiotis, Michael Analyzes how Singapore and Thailand have forged a new approach to economic cooperation that could lead to real integration of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Aims to save the regional bloc from economic irrelevance. Deals with the leading way of Singapore's Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong and Thailand's Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Covers the ways to speed up integration, to start to liberalize, and to forge bilateral ...Continue Reading English 64228
Towards a Single Economic Space Deals with bilateral contractual agreements for trade and investment liberalisation, considering a broad range of economic partnership and cooperative activities. Looks at five key contractual relations in the form of Framework Agreements, noting ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (FTA), the ASEAN-Japan FTA, the ASEAN-India economic cooperation, the AFTA-Australia and New Zealand (CER) Closer Economic Partnership (CEP), and the ASEAN-US economic cooper ...Continue Reading English 63545